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Accreditation of public health programs and organizations is a fairly new concept, but an extremely important one. In keeping with the importance of accreditation of healthcare entities on the private healthcare side, seeking and achieving accreditation lends professional credence to any public health program or entity that achieves it. The accreditation process enhances the performance improvement plans and initiatives of an organization, thereby validating the programs’ usefulness.

For creating a performance improvement plan, you need to gain an understanding of the terminology and guidelines used for accreditation of the state and local public health departments.

Read the following document:

Create a PowerPoint presentation including the following information:

  • Describe the key terms used in the eleven domains of public health (one domain in Part A and ten domains in Part B) that can impact setting targets, goals, objectives, and overall performance measures.
  • Explain each domain in greater detail in the speaker notes area. Include a reference slide in APA style.

Present your work in a 10–15-slide PowerPoint presentation, utilizing a minimum of 3 scholarly sources. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

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This presentation highlights the key terms used
in the eleven domains of public health.

These have a significant impact on:

Setting targets

Goals and objectives

Overall performance measures

This domain focuses on the conduction and the
provision of assessments that focus on the
health issues affecting the population.
The collection, analysis and the dissemination
of the statistical data is useful in developing a
complete assessment.
The community, health assessment, resources
and the health chal...

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