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This assignment answers three questions. Each question requires three pages, nine pages in total.

Use the materials and articles I provided to answer the questions. The materials and articles for each question are in the Rar Compressed file.

Please use Chicago Manual Style of reference.

Please be sure to cite the sources of the ideas and information expressed in your answers using either footnotes or endnotes. Notes may be numbered continuously through all three of your answers (ie if the last note in your first answer was numbered 9, then the first Note in your second answer would be Numbered 10). Citations for lecture material should appear like this:

Class notes, HIST, Canada at War, "PowerPoint Title."

The title appearing in quotation marks in the above example is the title of one of our lectures.

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1. Select one of the following battles or campaigns and analyze the reasons why you believe it was successfully carried out or why it may have failed: the Battle of the Atlantic 2. Does the effectiveness of a strategy or type of weapon justify its use in wartime if the result is mass destruction of civilian lives and property? Support your position by outlining the course and results of the strategic bombing campaign during the Second World War, making sure to highlight the prominent Canadian role in the campaign. 3. Compare and contrast the experiences of Canadian women during the First and Second World Wars. Be sure to examine women’s participation in both civilian and military contexts. Did one of the two conflicts feature more dramatic changes regarding the social status of women? Or did dramatic change not occur as a result of either war? Support your position with evidence.
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