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You are the leader of a small group of engineers who were issued a request for proposal (RFP) for the implementation of a WAN solution that will connect 3 local offices of a corporation. These local offices are located in Los Angeles, New York City, and Chicago and have a fully functioning LAN. The WAN must be connected leveraging technologies offered by a switched network. Write 2–3 pages explaining the following:

  • Which switched network are you and your group proposing? Why?
  • Explain how traffic will flow across the connectivity between LANs based on the selection you have made.
  • Diagram your LANs and how they are interconnected by the WAN.
  • When you finish your document, create a brief PowerPoint presentation to show your proposal to your prospective clients

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WAN Connectivity

Managed Switches

▪ The managed switches will be the best type of switches that would be
applicable in the connectivity of the three distant offices.

▪ The managed switches are categorized into the enterprise and smart switches
(Kavoussi et al. 2018).
▪ The smart switches have limited capabilities or features but however, they are
the best in terms of speed in LAN connectivity and usually have a high

▪ The enterprise switch will be the most preferred choice regarding the
connectivity of the LANs to WAN in the three local offices that are in New
York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles.
▪ The reason behind this form of the network switch is that it has a wide
spectrum of management features that are required in WAN connections.

▪ Enterprise switch supports several nodes and much more switches as well as an
increased bandwidth (Kavoussi et al. 2018).
▪ However, the enterprise switches are expensive because of the associated

Traffic flow across LANs in managed switches
▪ Packet switching is useful in controlling the traffic of data flow on the
network via three approaches namely fragment-free, cut-through and


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