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I was wondering two things about the show-  First, in the preview for the upcoming episode, Callie says she is on probation, but isn't she actually on parole? I know that until now neither of those terms have been said in the show, but when I saw the preview I hadn’t ever bothered to officially learn what they mean, so I looked up the words. Multiple places say that PAROLE is when someone is released early from jail, while probation is when a convict is "released" from custody with strict requirements without going to jail. But in the show Callie was in juvie for a period of time, so unless I don't understand something about the legal aspects, couldn't she only be on parole now? Just curious, thanks. Since apparently Callie was released early with restrictions, I am also wondering how it could be possible that her case was reviewed and she was deemed eligible, BECAUSE clearly the judge/court must have deemed her guilty and lying (she implied to Brandon that she tried to explain what really happened but no one "cared"/believed her) in order for her to be sent to jail. So while it may not be totally clear, I'm also wondering, what do you all think happened there? Thanks again!

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Parole :
1.Penology .
the conditional release of a person from prison prior to the end of the maximum sentence imposed.
such release or its duration.
an official document authorizing such a release.
2.    a. the freeing of a prisoner before his sentence has expired, on the condition that he is of good behaviour
   b. the duration of such conditional release
3.    a promise given by a prisoner, as to be of good behaviour if granted liberty or partial liberty
On Parole :
a. Conditionally release from detention
b. informal  (of a person) under scrutiny, esp for a recurrence of an earlier shortcoming

Probation :


1.the act of testing.

2.the testing or trial of a person's conduct, character, qualifications, or the like.

3.the state or period of such testing or trial.


a.a method of dealing with offenders, especially young persons guilty of minor crimes or first offenses, by allowing them to go at large under supervision of a probation officer.

b.the state of having been conditionally released.

5.Education . a trial period or condition of students in certain educational institutions who are being permitted to redeem failures, misconduct, etc.
On Probation :

a. under the supervision of a probation officer
b. undergoing a test period
3. a trial period, as for a teacher, religious novitiate, etc
4. the act of proving or testing
5. a period during which a new employee may have his employment terminated on the grounds of unsuitability

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