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Self-Development Paper

You already possess some qualities, skills, and strengths that contribute to your

natural style of helping. These attributes along with other skills (which you will begin to learn in this course) will help you to become a competent and culturally responsive helper. Your development of essential helping skills will be enhanced if you are able to take a look at yourself, acknowledge your strengths and personal challenges, and build on your natural style. To begin this process, you are asked to write a paper that examines what you bring to the field of helping, including your Keirsey Temperament Inventory results, and your identified choice of career.This papershould be no less than 5 pages in length (not including title page, and any reference pages), in APA format, and turned in hard copy or emailed to meat the beginning of class. This paper is to be written in first person and will only be read by the instructor. I am not looking for personal disclosure as much as for you to engage in a reflective process. You should address the following in your paper:

1. What gives your life meaning, direction, and purpose? What gives your work meaning, direction, and purpose?

2. What is your motivation for taking this class which focuses on the helping


3. What experiences, major events, and/or people have influenced your feelings or attitudes about individual and group helping relationships (either positively or negatively)?

4. What qualities do you possess that will enable you to become an effective

helper? (including the results from the Keirsey Temperament Inventory)

5. What life experiences and strengths contribute to what you bring to helping others? Will these inhibit your work in any way, and if so, how?

6. What are your professional goals and aspirations (i.e., where do you want to be five years from now and what will you be doing?)

7. How do you see your role(s)in your chosen field? How will youknow you

are being effective?

8. How do you think your cultural background (where you grew up, your gender,

race/ethnicity, SES, religious orientation, family’s values, etc.) will influence

the way you approach helpingothers? What biases or predispositions (positive

and negative) do you hold regarding working with certain groups of people,

types of problems, or emotional states?

9. In what ways have you attempted to become more open to experiences, values, and beliefs that are different from your own?

10. What are your goals for this class?

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Self-Development Paper
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As for me, three major things give my life its deepest meaning; my freedom, spirituality
and the opportunity to be of help to others and assist them in getting lifted upward. These three
things keep me going, and even if everything was stripped away from my life, they would
continue sustaining my spirit and enriching me. Since my childhood days, I have always
enriched myself spiritually in different ways like reading the bible and attending religious study
groups. Seeing what parents have done and hardworking they have always been motivating me
to work even harder at school and get my priorities right at every step of my life. This gives me
the direction and footsteps to follow. Lastly, knowing that I have a duty and responsibility to
help others too in bettering their lives gives me the purpose.
In taking this class, the fact that the content to be covered is broad motivates me. In
learning to be of help to others does not just come with effort and sacrifice; it requires one to be
dedicated in learning the broad syllabus which incorporates various skills that are applicable in
helping others. Being professional is not easily defined, and it is a path that requires guidance
and help from persons with a helping heart. Developing others has quite motivated me in taking
this class. I have always felt the urge to help others so that they can develop too and therefore to
me taking this class has been like a dream come true. I am confident enough ...

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