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Task 4

Setting Strategic Direction

How many strategic plans have you looked at? How many have you seen put into action. You may be called on one day to put a strategic plan into motion. Where would you start. In this module you will begin to see strategic plans in action.

Course Outcomes explored in this module:

                      • Differentiate between directional strategies, adaptive strategies, market entry strategies, and competitive strategies
                      • Explain the value chain in identifying organizational strengths and weaknesses
                      • Describe organizational mission, values, vision, and strategic goals


Explore The Way Disney Runs a Hospital
                      • Explore the Florida Hospital for Children website
                      • Explore Fred Lee's Patient Loyalty website (author of the book If Disney Ran Your Hospital)
                      • Think about what Disney did differently in the Hospital.

*Final Project Component

Complete Parts 5 (Describe final project organization) & 6 (SWOT and Root Cause Analysis) for the Final Project. Upload below.

Cite your resources at the end of your work. Use Word.doc and attach it into Task 4.

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Final Project Project Background Throughout the course you will do substantial research through tasks, discussions, and hands on lessons that directly relate to a component of the final project. The goal of this class is to explore the many facets of strategic planning in health. You will meet leaders, inventors, and dreamers from the field. You will be introduced to world problems that have been solved through the strategic planning. Our hope is that you will be inspired to make a difference in the world using the tools and skills learned throughout this course. The discussions introduce world problems that utilize strategic planning used to solve those problems. The tasks ask you to explore different strategies and Heath systems. This is to get a taste of what people have accomplished through the years. The lessons are where you pull together everything you have learned to design your own solution. There will be several hands on activities that help you prepare for your final project. The final project- Solve a world problem using science and technology Unleash your creativity and dream big. Design a strategic plan to solve a current problem in the world of health. The final project will consist of 2 parts: The Final Presentation and the Final Paper. The Final Presentation This is where you will demonstrate to the class, both visually and orally, what you have learned. You may choose any of the following platforms:  A Poster Presentation  A Traditional Presentation  Build an App  Other (with permission of your professor) The Final Paper You have worked all term on assignments that have led to this final moment. It is now time to pull the final paper together. Please use proper APA formatting. You should include: Executive Summary/ Abstract (~1 Page) 1. Write overview of the following: • The health problem and solution; • The strategic plan; • Implementation and monitoring; and • How your plan will bring a solution to the problem. Problem Description (~1-2 Pages) 2. Introduce the problem and setting, include: • A description of the health problem; • A description of the community affected; • An overview of organizations currently solving like problems; and • Discuss available options currently used in the community to solve the problem and why they are not successful. 3. Proposed Solution, including: • Describe your proposed solution; • Describe how your solution is unique; • Describe what affect you foresee the solution having on the health problem and community involved; and • Identify an organization you will work with to solve the problem. 4. Conclusion. The Strategic Plan How will you strategically plan to solve your problem (and get to the proposed solution)? (~2-4 Pages) 5. Identify an Organization that can assist you in accomplishing your proposed solution. You will play the role of assisting this organization in designing, implementing, and monitoring the Strategic Plan. Describe the organization and why they are a good fit to solve the health problem in this particular community. 6. Complete a Situational Analysis, including: • SWOT analysis and • Root Cause Analysis; 7. Evaluate the organizations’ Mission, Vision, and Values • State the current mission, vision, and values. • Evaluate and redraft the mission, vision, and values to accomplish the strategic plan. 8. Outcomes & Objectives a. Evaluate current Goals (Outcomes) the organization has and determine whether these need to be adjusted to meet the new strategic plan. Add additional goals. i. Does the organization you have chosen to solve the problem currently have goals to accomplish this task? ii. In order to solve the problem, do goals need to be added to the strategic plan? List or diagram these goals and give a brief explanation. b. Evaluate current Objectives and determine whether these need to be adjusted to meet the new strategic plan. • How will you know you are accomplishing the goals stated above? • 2 objectives have proven to be essential to strategic planning in health-What motivates People and Creativity and Innovation in Health. What role do these two objectives currently have in the organization? How can your strategic plan incorporate more of these 2 objectives? 9. Develop Targets and Indicators. Cost, Implementation, Monitoring (~2-4 Pages) 10. Determine, diagram, and discuss the cost and feasibility of the strategic plan to solve the problem; 11. Design an Implementation Plan; 12. Design a Management Plan; 13. Develop a monitoring and evaluating tool to track the targets and indicators; 14. Make recommendations for continued development; and 15. Conclusion. Réflexion and Recommandations (~1 Page) Reflect on your journey to solve world problems in this course.
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Strategic Health Planning




Strategic Health Planning
World health organization is one of the organizations that have focused on the research of
typhoid in its treatment and prevention measures. The research of the spread of the bacteria and
the rates of infection is essential as it helps in focusing on the forces that encourage the
correction of the status in the community and the assessment of the acute spread of the bacteria.
The multiplication of the organism Salmonella typhi creates the need to focus on the dilemma
that the society faces and the strategic measures that encourage the reduction of the spread in
Bangladesh. The World health organization understands the severity of typhoid in the
Bangladesh and aims at the creation of awareness in the community making it an organization
that is important in the enhancement of the strategic plan.
The implementation of the strategic plan is through...

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