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Comparing Media Messages

Go online and find an example of a commercial for a product that is not healthy, such as fast food or an alcoholic beverage. Analyze the message of the advertisement. To do so, address the following questions:

  • What kinds of things is the product being associated with in the advertisement?
  • How do the people in the advertisement appear?
  • What are the physical qualities of the individuals in the advertisement?
  • Are there any indications of the health risks associated with the product?
  • Sum up the message of the images in one or two sentences.
  • Does thinking about these elements change how you see the advertisement? Explain your answer.

Answer each question in complete sentences. When you have completed this part of the exercise, find a public service announcement (PSA) that deals with a health-related topic. Address the following questions:

  • What behavior is encouraged or discouraged by the PSA?
  • What kinds of images is the PSA using to get this message across?
  • What are the physical qualities of the individuals in the PSA?
  • Sum up the message of the PSA in one or two sentences.

When you have answered these questions in complete sentences, write a brief paragraph explaining what the advertisement and the PSA have in common and how they differ. Explain how analyzing messages can help consumers make good choices about health. Be sure to include a link to the advertisement and to the PSA with your assignment.

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