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Human Resource Management: Building a Capable Workforce


Week 2 Assignment 1

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Application: Human Capital

Human capital refers to the combined knowledge, skills, and ability of a workforce to perform labor functions and is a vital part of strategic human resource management. Employees, i.e., human capital, are assets that could improve in value with some investment by the organization. Consequently, when an organization's assets increase in value, the entire organization gains worth. Yet, many employees have resources within them that are rarely, if ever, tapped and used.

For this Assignment, review this Week’s Resources. Review Chapter 2 of Human Resources Management for Public and Nonprofit Organizations. Focus on the concept of human capital as it relates to strategic human resource management. Review the "Strategic Human Resource Management" segment on the course media. Think about what makes human resources strategic. Consider how human resources have changed from a largely administrative function. Identify a government or non-profit organization and focus on its use of human capital and strategic human resource management.

The Assignment:

Analyze the impact of human capital on strategic human resource management in the government and non-profit organization you selected. In your analysis:

  • Explain the mission of the organization.
  • Describe at least 2–3 strategic goals or objectives of the organization.
  • Explain the skills and competencies agency personnel need to manage and implement in the agency’s present and future strategic goals, objectives, programs, and services.
  • Explain the need for review, redesign, or implementation of human capital programs and activities to attract, retain, develop, and motivate the types of employees that will be needed.

Be sure to support your Assignment with specific references to the resources and other current literature in the Walden Library. Use at least three scholarly sources from the library that were published within the past five years to support your paper.

Your Assignment must demonstrate both breadth and depth of knowledge and critical thinking appropriate to graduate-level scholarship. It must follow APA Publication Manual guidelines and be free of typographical, spelling, and grammatical errors. The Assignment should be 3–4 pages in length (double-spaced), not including the title page, abstract, and references.

Submit your Assignment by Day 7.

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Strategic Human Resources Management
Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society
Institutional Affiliation




Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society
Organization description
The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS) is an American non-profit
organization founded in 1904 and headquartered in Virginia, United States. The organization
provided emergency financial assistance to all active duty and retired Navy and Marine Corps
personnel as well as their families. It is important to note that this non-profit organization offers
assistance with the necessary living expenses and other utilities including food, medical bills,
funeral expenses, rent, emergency transportation, and other essential living expenses and
emergency utilities (NMCRCRS, 2018). Depending on the financial need of the individual, the
organization assists in the form of loans or grants.
The strategic human resources management is an essential approach to managing the
human capital of the organization with the aim of supportin...

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