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I need someone (preferably a female) to complete a powerpoint presentation on the bubonic plague. I need a female because there is a narrative that has to be accompanied with voice. I also need slides of the presentation and a written script. More details are in the file I have uploaded.

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Week 5 - Interactive Assignment The Social World: Presentation Thus far, we have considered the major themes of social psychology: social thinking, social relations, and social influence. In this interactive assignment, we will integrate knowledge from all three areas to provide a comprehensive analysis of a social movement, issue, event, or idea. To inform your thinking on this topic, begin by reading “The Self System in Reciprocal Determinism” (Bandura, 1978) and “Social Action” (Synder & Omoto, 2007), and peruse The Stanford SPARQ Solutions Catalog (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. In addition, review “Ten Simple Rules for Making Good Oral Presentations” (Bourne, 2007) and “Ten Simple Rules for a Good Poster Presentation” (Erren & Bourne, 2007). Then, identify a current or historical social movement (e.g., the Tea Party, Black Lives Matter, the Reformation, etc.), issue (e.g., gay marriage, school choice, abortion, slavery, etc.), event (e.g., the 2016 Presidential election, the Rwandan genocide, the Bubonic Plague, etc.), or idea (e.g., democracy, the nuclear family, peace, etc.). Create a multimedia presentation (e.g., a video, poster, etc.) that depicts the selected topic in enough detail that classmates, even with no prior knowledge, will gain a basic understanding. (For additional guidance, review a guide for creating Presentations (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., available through the Ashford Writing Center.). Your presentation should apply psychological insight from at least two of the three areas covered thus far in the course (social thinking, social relations, and/or social influence) to analyze relevant social factors. In your presentation, interpret social psychological theory and research, including the concept of reciprocal determinism in relation to this social movement, issue, event, or idea. Describe research methods used to investigate relevant phenomena and summarize actual or hypothetical applications of social psychological insight. Employ knowledge from social psychology to identify specific careers or disciplines that might be especially well suited to addressing the underlying issues in your example. Be sure to maintain an objective stance. (In other words, if you select a social issue, avoid sharing your opinion regarding the “right” or “wrong” view. Your classmates should not be able to determine your personal views based on what you post.). You must include a both a multimedia component (e.g., link to or embedded PowerPoint, screencastPreview the document, video recordingPreview the document, etc.) and a transcript or other written component that fully explains the audio or visual elements. Please utilize APA style to format your transcript or other written component. Upload the completed assignment (including both the multimedia component and the written component) into Waypoint. Next week, you will share your presentation with your classmates in a discussion forum. Utilize a minimum of five credible scholarly sources to inform your thinking on the topic, in addition to required course resources as applicable. Additional credible references are encouraged. Note to Students: This assignment requires that you produce a visual presentation, supply a spoken audio narrative, and to listen the audio narrative of others. Note you are also asked to provide a transcript of your presentation. If you have a documented disability accommodation that might interfere with your ability to complete this assignment, you may contact your instructor to develop a comparable alternative assignment. If you have other issues that you feel may be a barrier to your ability to complete this course or this assignment please contact the Office of Access and Wellness at: ...
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Hello. This is what I have done so far. let me know of nay changes you might want so that I can make changes before submitting the final answer


Week 5 - Interactive Assignment: A Written Script
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Overview of Bubonic Plague
Bubonic Plague is one of three clinical forms of plague that is caused by bacterium
Yersinia pestis. It was first found in Eastern Roman Empire and it was first named the Plague of
Justinian after Justinian I, who was infected by the plague. The first pandemic of bubonic plague
caused more than 50 million deaths (Spyrou et al, 2015). The second pandemic of Bubonic
plague that occurred in the Late Middle Ages (1340-1400) in Europe caused the death of a third
of the population. The third pandemic of bubonic plague that occurred in Eastern Asian in mid19th century claimed lives of more than 80000 people.
Applying social thinking, social relations, and social influence to Bubonic Plague
From social relations point of view, bubonic plague became a huge calamity because of
close social cohesion among people who were severely affected. Since the social relation is a
pattern of interaction among individuals, the Bubonic plague spread to various part of the world
because of social interactions among the people. The most people who were affected by the
Bubonic plague were family members who have a close social relation (Malikhao, 2016). It is
evident from the case of bubonic plague that social interaction can promote the spread of
infectious diseases like bubonic plague. As social relations become closer, bubonic plague and
other infectious diseases become a huge challenge.
From social thinking which is more concerned with what individuals do when interacting
with others, the nature of social thinking dictates how people perceive the spread of bubonic
plague in the world. Traditional thinkers believe that bubonic plague spread as a result of
biological warfare. Biological warfare mainly refers to the spread of the plague as a result of



armies catapulting diseased corpses (Dean et al, 2018). The modern thinkers believe that bubonic
plague spread as a result of the rat flea. The different social thinking offers a full justification that
social factors such as movement and interaction of people contributed to the spread of diseases
like bubonic plague.
From social influence point of view that revolves around obedience, compliance, and
conformity, treating and diagnosis of bubonic plague ...

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