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if want to coding about a customer details or inward material or issues material how can i do start coding in JAVA ?

please explain (i am new guy in this field) 

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First, do you have any experience in Java? Do you have any experience in programming? If you do you should already be able to look at the problem at the programmer's view and to be able to break it down into parts. Now if you have experience in Java programming, you should be able to create code for each part. Thats the basics of solving problems; create an algorithm and make the code for each step. Now looking from what you have here, it seems as though you have not properly highlighted your problem. I shall still try to tackle it nevertheless.

If you are programming about consumer details, the first thing you are going to need is a database and code to reference that database. Since Java is object oriented, you can create a method in a separate class to accept the names and and information in an array and have them linked to the same key in the array. Then you can create another method to prompt the user to enter the name and information after and you can also put in the instructions in there as well to direct the information to the little database method that you made previously. If you wish I can create an example code for you in Java.

If you have no experience here are some sources where you can go to learn Java:

Go here to learn Java programming from scratch. You will learn quite quickly.

You can check up Lynda Java Tutorial as well if you happen not to understand the previous tutorial.

Go here to learn basic object oriented programming concepts. Java is an object oriented programming language so this is important!

Go here and you will learn how to write an algorithm.

More on algorithms:

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