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Write a page or more documenting your "norm busting" experience. Your paper should have the following characteristics:

a) Title your page with the norm you challenged. (eg elevator etiquette)

b) Typed, single-spaced, with an 11 or 12 point font and no more than 2 pages in length. Proper grammar, spelling, and writing are expected and will affect points.

c) include info on:

Which norm did you decide to break?

A brief description of what you did.

Briefly describe your thoughts, concerns, and feelings while breaking the norm.

Describe how other's reacted when you broke the norm.

Describe how easy/difficult it was to break the norm.

Good luck!

List of Norms to Break

1) Break elevator norms: face wrong way, sing a song, tell jokes, have a picnic, study, etc.

2) Proximity norms: Sit/stand too close/far from people (friends and family only)

3) Walk backwards (You can do this with a friend to make sure you are safe.)

4) Eat non-finger food with your fingers (e.g., pasta, soup, salad)

5) Wear clothes backwards/inside out

6) Flip-flops with socks

7) Refuse to talk directly to others

8) Sit in back seat of the car when there’s only two people

9) Walk with umbrella open on a sunny day (not unusual for women to do)

10) Avoid eye contact

11) Smile, say “hi” to everyone (good for someone who doesn't normally do this. There are lots of places where being friendly is the norm.)

12) Always answer “how are you?” with an elaborate answer

13) Talk too loudly or too softly

16) Carry stuffed animal/doll to restaurants, friend’s house, class, etc. Or talk to an imaginary friend (anyone know the movie "Harvey" staring Jimmy Stewart?)

17) Sing in odd places (I personally sing in Trader Joes because they are always playing the hits of the 70s and 80s, LOL. If you are wondering, people ignore me.)

18) Wear sunglasses indoors or stare up at the sky.

19) Wear holiday clothes on wrong day

20) Intense eye contact with others (friends and family only)

21) Impersonate a celebrity

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