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Q1- All of the following statements about data mining are true EXCEPT: A-understanding the business goal is critical to success. B- understanding the data, eg., the relevant variables, is critical to success. C- building the model takes the most time and effort. D- data typically needs to be preprocessed and/or cleaned before use. Q2- Which broad area of data mining applications partitions a collection of objects into natural groupings with similar features? A-association. B-classification. C-visualization. D-clustering. Q3- Market basket analysis is a useful and entertaining way to explain data mining to a less tech-savvy audience, but it has little business significance. A-True. B-False. Q4- Which broad area of data mining applications involves forming rules to distinguish between defined classes? A-associations. B-visualization. C-classification. D-clustering. Q5- Predication problems where the variables have numeric values are most accurately defined as: A- classification. B-regressions. C- associations. D-computations.
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Q1:C. building th...

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