How We Can Loose Weight Without Using Medicine ?

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Reduce your calorie intake. Determine the
number of calories you should consume
daily in order to lose weight. There are a
variety of different online tools you can use
to assess your caloric target. You'll need to
enter your gender, age, weight, height, and
activity level.
Get cardiovascular exercise. In order to lose
weight fast, you need to burn many more
calories than you consume daily.
Cardiovascular exercise is the best way to
torch calories. Choose a variety of different
cardiovascular activities such as running,
cycling, swimming, boxing , and aerobics.
Aim for at least 45 minutes of
cardiovascular exercise 5 to 6 times per
week if you wish to lose weight quickly.
Consume mini-meals throughout the day to
boost your metabolism. When you don't eat
for long periods of time, your metabolism
shuts down to preserve energy. Keep your
metabolism going all day by eating every 2
to 3 hours. Make sure you are eating
smaller portions with these mini-meals.
Tone muscles through weight-lifting
exercises. Additional muscle tone will
further boost your metabolism, helping you
to burn more calories throughout the entire
day. Focus on a different muscle group each
day to get maximum benefits from your
workout .
Avoid sodium. Since sodium causes you to
retain water, you can lose weight quickly if
you avoid it altogether. Avoid processed
foods--including microwavable meals--
which are packed with sodium.
Drink plenty of water. Water helps to flush
toxins and waste from the body, aiding
your weight loss plan. Drink in excess of 64
ounces of water daily.
Eat a nutritious diet. Try to consume fresh
fruits and vegetables as much as possible. If
possible, opt for organic foods that are free
of chemical treatments. Your body will
metabolize and digest natural foods more
easily, aiding your weight loss process.
Cut carbohydrates from your diet. Though
not recommended as a long-term plan, you
can drop a few pounds quickly by avoiding
carbohydrates. Stay away from breads,
pastas, rice, and crackers. Since it takes the
body longer to break down carbohydrates,
you will digest food more quickly if you
avoid them for a few days.

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