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pick a character from a movie, cartoon or play and write a resume on it. Try to make it creative.

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RBS RESUME TEMPLATE Str. Cell: (XXXXXX-XXXX Email: i1 EDUCATION: Expected Graduation: May 2018 Bachelor of Science, Finance GPA 3.95 Dean's List, All Semesters 2014 - 2016 Vice President, Rutgers Finance Society RELEVANT COURSEWORK: Corporate Finance, Fixed Income, Future and Options, Investment, Productivity and Operations Management, Business Research Models and Econometrics PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE TD BANK, New York, NY January 2014 - Present Teller Manage daily operations of bank transactions to ensure accurate reporting, and transaction records Exceed expectations through timely reconciliation of daily teller differences to ensure compliance with policies Collaborate with branch manager to resolve conflicts and provide solutions to increase customer satisfaction Foster strong team relationships through collaboration, open communication, and mentoring new team members . September 2013 – December 2014 DUNKIN DOUNUTS, Weehawken, NJ Shift Runner Successfully provided a superior customer experience for a high volume operation offering efficient service Managed daily cash transactions and responsible for reporting data inaccuracies and issues to management Collaborated with team to resolve challenging consumer complaints and support a Educated consumers about products, new offerings, and customer loyalty initiatives to quality service culture increase revenue ADDITIONAL: Proficient in Microsoft Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word and Adobe Acrobat Fluent Spanish and Creole for Autism- 2013
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