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Everything is attached below. All of the directions and instructions are in the attached file. I just need the hard part completed (doing the actual research and getting everything together). I am going to record the video.

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58% 10:34 AM N ☆ O mescc.instructure.com Lee he due Sep 23 Home Bookshelf Modules Quizzes This is a graded discussion: 100 points possible Priscilla Pickett Grades Dashboard Courses NetTutor Policies and Information Proctoring Badges Chat 38 Groups Calendar Discussion Board Post 2 Here in the United States, we think that religious persecution like that of the Christians and Hebrews by the Romans as a thing of the past. Something that doesn't happen in the modern world we live in. However, there are many countries that do not allow religious freedom and actively persecute religious groups. Do a web search and find a current news article that details religious persecution Record and post a brief "news video" as a news reporter that summarizes the information. In the summary you, you should include the following 1. What type of religious group is being persecuted and by whom? 2. Where is this persecution occurring and in what manner is this persecution being conducted? 3. What response (if any) has been taken by the any other nations to prevent this persecution or aid the persecuted? If there has been no response, explain why? 4. Make sure your video covers all the basic W's in journalism.. Who, What, Where. When and Why! For help in posting your video, please see this handout Record Video to Discussion Board.pdf Inbox Help After completing this discussion, students will also reply to two of their classmates answers. Students will have one week to answer the discussion question and a second week to respond to their classmates. Example. this discussion topic is due September 23, and then each student will respond to two of their classmates answers by September 30. The grade for this assignment is based on the attached rubric. 15 op Bookmarks Back Forward Home Tabs
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Running head: PERSECUTION



Puritans were being oppressed in England and couldn't completely rehearse their religion,
in the new world to have opportunity to build up the provinces the manner in which they need.
They went to the new world because to be" the city upon a slope", they were exceptionally
sentenced in their convictions, they lived to keep God in their lives constantly, so they were
extremely joined together and network based. Thusly their unmistakable religious standpoint
influenced the advancement of New England's laws. In spite of the fact that there was
detachment of chapel and express, their laws depended on the good book, as was their general
Oppression is happening significantly in the Muslim ruled nations. Christians being let go
from employments for expressing their convictions, or denied positions since they restrict samesex marriage, or had their business focused on, or fined, or close down, this section would be
many pages long. This is going on, and it is going on now. Indeed, even liberal pundits like Bill
Maher and others are starting to perceive that Christian pushing back was somewhere around a
piece of what cost Hillary Clinton the race. Christians are sick of being focused for essentially
accepting what Christians have accepted for a long time—that marriage is between one man and
one lady, and that Christians must act as per their inner voices. You can overlook their
encounters in the event that you'd like. Be that as it may, they are being heard at the polling

For quite a long time Bangladesh has gotten inundations of Rohingya escaping from
Buddhist-dominant part Burma, where they are censured by numerous as illicit workers and
endure precise separation. Bangladesh was at that point home to 400,000 Rohingya before the
most recen...

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