Tooth Formation Written Assignment describing the development of the tooth (odontogenesis), from initiation to eruption.

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Tooth Formation Written Assignment

Up to four pages long describing the development of the tooth (odontogenesis), from initiation to eruption.

Use Times Roman, 12-point font

Font is consistent throughout document

Entire document double-spaced

Margins 1” from the top and bottom

Left and Right margins 1.25”

Idea is to use your own words. Do not copy verbatim from books, or online sources!

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Written Homework Assignment

Written Homework Assignment


This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeOrganizationOrganization

40.0 pts

The paper allows the reader to formulate a clear picture of tooth development through each stage with proper order of development.

30.0 pts

Writing is effective with minor problems. The concepts are clear but not totally developed or timing less than accurate.

20.0 pts

Significant and relevant information is missing regarding the formation of a tooth.

40.0 pts

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Grammar is used correctly.

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1 error in grammar

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2 errors in grammar

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Spelling is correct.

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1-2errors with spelling,

10.0 pts

More than 2 errors in spelling.

20.0 pts

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20.0 pts

Appropriate length and format is used.

15.0 pts

One error in the length and format.

10.0 pts

More than one error in the length and format.

20.0 pts

Total Points: 100.0

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Tooth Development
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Tooth Development

Tooth development is an activity that takes place in stages with closely related activities.
Some disturbances are experienced at each stage that affects the physiological process from
taking place. Tooth development and their natural alignment in the jaw are referred to as the
dentitions which have both primary and permanent dentitions. Primary dentition develops in the
prenatal period which consists of 20 teeth that are later shed off. Through the shedding off of the
primary teeth, the jaw matures and grows to allow the growth of the permanent teeth that
gradually develop to consist of 32 teeth for an adult (Hillson, 2014). Odontogenesis has no
definite time when it starts or ends, but the stages show different events are involved in
developing structures.
Initiation stage is the first that starts in the 6 to 7 weeks in the prenatal development
where primary dentition begins. At first, the mouth of the embryo is lined with ectoderm where
towards the late of the seventh week, the oral epithelium grows to produce dental lamina that
forms in the midline of both arches as they continuously develop (Koch et al., 2017).
The second stage is the bud stage which begins at the eighth week of prenatal
development. The stage is characterized by the presence of tooth buds without the prec...

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