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I need you to re write and change a little bit the texts with other words. Sometimes you can't change a phrase, it's fine. But I need to see a diference of each text that has changed. They can't see that I copied. Is easy work but I need good work cause I need an A on this assignment, please good work I pay good.

Need everything on a Word with the picture above and the text down to know which text is it.

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The History of Creation

The Rome Empire distributed water to homes to enable people to use the water, and it
was the reason as to why politics came into play in Rome.

Before the age of the ancient societies, people were not aware that they could control the
use and access of water. The society changed when they realized what they would do with the
resource through controlling its use and access. Hany Dynasty’s government was able to control
the supply of water to ensure that all people had equal access and would even solve disputes by

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regulating it. The government was able to grow strong accumulating wealth through the control
of water.

Emperor Claudius, under the Rome Empire, constructed an aqueduct, drainage, and a
harbour to control the useful resource while it would be given to people. Though people wanted
the empire to distribute the water in the city, Emperor Augustus refused, but on the contrary,
Claudius distributed the water in the city as a show of how the kingdom was rich.

The body parts of the Gods converted into the sun, moon, rivers, and the mountains when
they transformed. Because the Gods are at a higher intellectual, human beings try to give them a
sense of mysteries. Human beings started to believe in Gods when they found out that many
things are unreasonable and not being able to explain them.

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The three documents are similar in that they were the only ones awake on the earth. Life
existed in the sky since heaven and earth were one. According to the Pan Gu and Nu Wa creation
myth, Pan Gu was living in inside an egg. The land and the sky were separated as a result of his
stretching hence breaking the egg and releasing matter to the universe. When comparing the
myth to the Australian creation myth, the father of All...

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