BLOG POST:Your job is to develop public relations materials to support his initiative.

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Park Ranger Public Relations has been hired by Homer Simpson to promote a new extreme sport known as “Iron Cross.” Simpson is CEO of a company called Radical Sports Unlimited. Your job is to develop public relations materials to support his initiative. (Additional details can be found in the FS17 Scenario Brief.)

Simpson has assigned your first task: begin establishing interest in Iron Cross by developing a blog post.

Your post will be distributed through RSU’s Facebook page “RadSportsUnltd.” This fictional page is maintained by Park Ranger PR and provides a means for Simpson’s company to promote sporting events and inspire conversation among athletes and fans.

Your post must describe Iron Cross and Simpson’s plan to stage the first race in Traverse City, Michigan. It should explain who Simpson is and describe his company. It should include key details about the event and the location. The goal of this post is to stimulate conversation about Iron Cross, generate interest in the new extreme event, get people to “like” RSU’s Facebook page and drive traffic to its website (

Successful posts will incorporate the web-writing techniques discussed in lecture, the textbook and the supplementary readings. Such techniques include:

 An article headline that is self-explanatory and informational

 An article overview that tells readers what the article is about

 At least three distinct sections, each of which has a self-explanatory, informational subhead and a section overview that tells what that section is about

 No chunky, long paragraphs

Prepare your post as a Microsoft Word-compatible file and attach it to the D2L dropbox.

This assignment includes fictional information. Radical Sports International does not exist. “RadSportsUnltd” is a fictional Facebook page. “” is a fictional website.

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FS18 Scenario Brief: Iron Cross Our scenario for Fall 2017 will assume you are an account executive for a fictional public relations agency known as Park Ranger Public Relations. Leslie Knope, APR, is your boss. Her contact information is and her phone is 123-456-7890. Your responsibilities include media relations, event promotion and other duties as assigned. We will further assume that your main client is Radical Sports Unlimited. This fictional company plans and promotes races and exhibitions worldwide that fall into the category of “extreme sports.” In the past, RSU has staged skydiving competitions, snowmobile races, mountain bike events and other such things. Homer Simpson, RSU’s CEO, has developed a new concept he calls “Iron Cross.” Iron Cross is an endurance race that combines the brutal distances of an Ironman triathlon with the brutal strength demands of CrossFit and the “healthy-happy” focus of a Color Run. In a single day, contestants will swim 2.4 miles in outdoor venues, bike 112 miles and run 26.2 miles. Embedded in those events and distances will be a number of obstacles, strength exercises and other challenges along with opportunities for spectators to splash contestants with paint, ice and other substances. For example, during the run stage contestants may be challenged at various intervals to stop and do a set number of pull-ups, or weighted squats, or work their way across monkey bars, or be plastered with pink paint. Simpson is promoting this as the most unique and demanding endurance event on the planet. Only elite athletes will be able to complete the course. Those who do will join a small pantheon of the fittest, toughest and happiest competitors in the world. Simpson wants to stage the first-ever Iron Cross in Traverse City, Michigan. Your task is to help Simpson promote his new concept by developing public relations tools as assigned. THIS SCENARIO IS ENTIRELY FICTIONAL. THERE IS NO SPORT CALLED “IRON CROSS,” AND RADICAL SPORTS UNLIMITED IS NOT A REAL COMPANY. PARK RANGER PUBLIC RELATIONS DOES NOT EXIST.
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