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What type of degree should I earn besides international studies if I want to join the cia clandestine services
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Suggested Degrees To Become a CIA Agent

  • Associate's in Criminal Justice
  • Associate's in Criminal Justice - Homeland Security
  • Associate's in Corrections, Law Enforcement, Private Security
  • Bachelor's in Criminal Justice
  • Bachelor's - Crime Scene Investigation
  • Bachelor's - Cyber Crime
  • Bachelor's - Homeland Security
  • Bachelor's - Law Enforcement
  • Bachelor's in Criminal Justice Administration
  • Bachelor's in C J: Homeland Security and Emergency Management
  • Bachelor's in Criminal Justice: Homeland Security Technology & Cyber Warfare
  • Bachelor's in Public Safety - Criminal Justice
  • Bachelor's in Public Safety - Emergency Management
  • Bachelor's in Public Safety - Homeland Security
  • Bachelor's in Public Safety - Security Management
  • Master's in Criminal Justice
  • Master's in Administration of Justice and Security
  • Information Systems Security Certificate
hope it well help..

Jul 2nd, 2013

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Nov 30th, -0001
Feb 23rd, 2017
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