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I want one paragraph for each part as feedback comment to my classmate work at the discussion. First I'll but my answer and example for the feedback that I got to my answer so you can know what is my thought for this assignment then I'll but the classmate answer that you need to give them feedback as a response from me in this discussion,

The discussion question:

Reflect on the first three rounds of your performance in the Mimic Pro Simulator. Watch this video (Links to an external site.)Links to an external get a good sense of how to interpret your results thus far.

My answer:

Mimic Pro Reflection and Discussion

In digital marketing, several factors determine the rate of sales that one makes from various products. As a proactive digital marketer, one must strive to identify the key issues that result in the failure of increased sales of products and services. Typically, there is always a room for improvement in digital marketing through careful analysis of add impressions. The impression that an add makes when users google something related to it determines the rates at which the add is seen by the online user (Ian, n.d). Essentially, as I have learned, successful adds must contain relevant compelling information for attention from online users.

For successful digital marketing, every advertisement must contain relevant keywords. the use of relevant keywords that match the expected words that users could be probably searching results into a match. For instance, for the sale of an iPhone X by a local company to be significant, concerned digital marketers must ensure that the product is accompanied by relevant keywords online. In this case, since the iPhone is new in the market, a digital marketer can choose to add captivating keywords to show that the product is new in the market and that it offers a whole new world experience. Lacing the product with the captivating words likely meets the most probably captivating words that prospective buyers would be searching online (Ian, n.d).

In digital marketing, website headlines are also necessary for determining the sales that the ads make. I would advise my classmates to consider what to put on top of a leading website as it acts as the convincing power to a number of online users and potential customers. For instance, a heading that leads to a website selling home appliances must contain evaluated and market-oriented words so that prospective customers can be more willing to open the site for viewing of advertised products or services. In essence, for digital marketing results to be improved, one has to look both right, left and center to identify the various gaps that determine success.

Answer example:

I couldn't agree more. Topics are the first step to be considered when creating an ad campaign. Not only topics need to be attractive and funny, but also they need to be related to what is within the ad email, or websites. If a marketer wants to achieve the expected goals, the marketer needs to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time in the right way.


The Mimic Pro Simulation was indeed a helpful tool for students to gain more advantages regarding doing what their program wants them to do especially for product marketers. From the video, it offered some help on how students would learn what questions they need to ask, what data they need to inform, and some other ways that can help students to improve their skills in product marketing. Ian, a product marketer, was the one who taught how to become a more improved product marketer. Ian taught to study the information in the content and how one can improve his or her performance more than the others. This involves how the ads are to be improved. Ian taught how the student could look through “Ad Impressions” and “Ad Conversions” on ways to find out the areas where they are struggling with the way they market their product. One example he used was in selling Nikon in which keywords are very significant for Nikon to be sold in a better way.

Keywords, I believe, are one of the most important tools that a product marketer can make use of regarding improving its profits considering every word today plays a vital role especially in today’s time of advanced technology. For instance, Ian observed one seller’s performance, and he proposed how one seller may have possibly used less keyword in selling his products, which was the reason for the low profit he was receiving. One way to improve was, of course, to consider studying the seller’s used keywords and try to improve it. In this area, I was able to realize how using keywords is indeed a very beneficial way of advertising or selling your products. For this reason, it is observed how every keyword is worth a penny so it is important that a seller should be able to use the most beneficial or keywords that are more searched or used by potential customers to look for the products they want. And if it is one of the most used words in finding a product, the seller then should study what products are the most searched and then find a way to have those products included in the ads to advertise or improve the ones that are already in his hands in terms of how it or those are advertised. This way, the seller would be able to make use of his keywords in a more effective way.

Ian also suggested another ways to increase the conversion rate not just by using or playing around the keywords used by the product marketer. The big part was the landing pages that the product marketer sends it to, which tells about where those products are endorsed and this involves the most influential pages that the products can possibly be. Ian observed how some sellers use landing pages that are sometimes not totally related to the advertised product, which could possibly irritate the viewers or somewhat ignore the ads knowing that it does not catch their attention as to how their main interest was the said page, which is not totally related at all to the ad. Ian then suggested that marketers should learn to land their ads to pages that are much related to their products.

Based from what the video taught the last two final rounds in doing the simulator can be improved such as how the ad campaign stats can be improved. One of the tips that I would give for this round involves how to improve the stats and this begins by checking the performances of the conversion rates, sales, and profits, and if there is any possibility that it can be improved, modifying the used keywords can be a good start. Considering that the budget has been checked for the ad campaign, this can help the marketer to look for keywords that are catchier and are fit in the budget, thus improving the ad campaign. The last round involves email campaign, which tells that the larger the mailing list, the better are the odds of making sales. In view of this, a possible tip can involve using an attractive title of emails to be used in campaigning the products, thus allowing the marketer to gain ore possible profits because of the number of mailing list or response to the send emails to the potential customers.


Over the last three rounds, I've been both learnings a lot and enjoying devolving my marketing skills. Thus, I've been doing well so far in Revenue, Reach, and Profits. However, I need to enhance my performance in (ROI). It seems to me that finding lower cost ways to invest is an essential factor that leas to improvements in (ROI) even though it's easier said than done.

Moreover, while doing the first three rounds, one strategy that has helped me to improve my performance is looking at the areas where I was struggling and then focus on enhancing these areas first. Then, I go back, and I try to keep my work up on the well-done areas.

All in all, I would argue that the most important takeaway from my Stukent experience is understanding how the email topic is crucial because it is the first thing the recipient sees, if the recipient does like the topic, the ad campaign is worthless no matter how good contexts, designs, and others efforts putting on the ad campaign are. I am inclined to believe that writing a funny topic, such as "Please touch me," will increase the opening rate.



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