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The ABS and brake lights randomly come on and the go off a couple of days later.
Plugged in to check codes and get trouble codes E6 and E7. Don't know what they
mean. This is on a 1999 Chevy silverado. with v-6 engine.

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If your ABS activates it'll flip the sunshine on. it'll blast off once more once ABS deactivates. you wish to know however ABS works tho'. It pulses your breaks repeatedly each second once you are attempting to prevent your vehicle in restricted traction like snow or water and conjointly below emergency breaking. This keeps your wheels turning enough that you {just} square measure ready to steer the vehicle whereas breaking instead of just skidding to where the burden of your vehicle takes you once you wheels "lock". lockup the wheels merely implies that your brakes have stopped your wheels from turning in any respect that makes it virtually not possible to stear. ABS is intended to stay your wheels from lockup.

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