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In 3-5 pages, MLA format, highlight the author’s life. Discuss major turning points in his life and/or his inspiration. If your author received any awards or recognition, either during his lifetime or afterward, include that in your paper. Anything that is of note pertaining to your author should be in your paper. Cover his biography from birth to death. Any major aspects that was essential must be in paper.

DO NOT analyze any of his writings such as; his novels, poems etc.

DO NOT criticize any of his writings either.

This essay must be written in essay type format such as Introduction, Body, then conclusion. Also. please keep and eye on Title/Hook,Thesis, Organization, support, tone, mechanics.

Please include references in MLA format. This page does not count toward 3-5 pages.

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The Life of Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson is a man with many titles to his name. Born in 1743 on April 13,
Thomas Jefferson was the third president of the United States of America. He headed the U.S.
between 1801 and 1809, during which time he participated in several activities that helped the
nation move ahead. The man who was born in Shadwell, Virginia, participated in the drafting of
the Declaration of Independence for the United States, became the first-ever secretary of the state
in 1798, occupied the vice president’s seat in 1797 to 1801, and later became the president in
1801. Among the many achievements that he made, he also managed to purchase Louisiana.
Jefferson died on his bed on 4th July 1826 at Monticello, a place close to Charlottesville,
Virginia. The following piece describes who Thomas Jefferson was as well as the achievements
that he made during his lifetime.
Early Life
The early life of Mr. Jefferson is interesting as it portrays the path that shaped the works
of this great man and how he came to touch so many lives. Mr. Jefferson was brought up in a
prominent family by ...

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