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Find a recent media or news article on the Internet concerning budget issues a police agency or other public sector agency is currently facing.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper where you:

  • Give a summary of the article
  • Outline the type of operating budget utilized by the chosen agency
  • Discuss challenges faced by leaders in the article in working through the budget issues
  • Summarize how you as a criminal justice leader would work through the specified budgetary issue you outlined

Include at least two academic sources in your paper, including one from the University Library.

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Running head: BUDGET ISSUES

Budget Issues
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Budget Issues
In some instances, budgeting has been a challenge caused by either some minor or major
underlying factors which limit achievement of what was initially planned. Both budget issues
have been common and evident not only to government and private budgeting which are brought
to the limelight, but it has also been a case for individuals. Budgeting issues may include running
out of financial resources before the planned duration of funding or financing, issues of cash
flow, communication issues, and income being exceeded by expenses (Mikesell, 2014).
Although budget issues are broader than the suggestion of this list, it is important to note that
there more common budget issues which have been documented to more frequent than the
others. The budget cut is one of these major issues. The paper thus partly provides a summary of
a real case that has ever been reported to substantiate the case of budget issues.
Summary of the article
Virginia state police facing manpower shortage is a WDBJ article written by Roanoke,
Va outlining one of the budget issues that were facing the state of Virginia in the year 2016 as far
as polici...

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