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In a fully formed essay, first briefly summarize (about one page is fine) the argument Juan Flores’s makes in his "The Structuring of Puerto Rican Identity" essay that we read in the first week of class about the “four moments” immigrants/migrants to the city go through and the model he suggests as an alternative to the melting pot. You don’t need to do any analysis (your own commentary on the ideas) in this part; just accurately summarize the key points. Next, apply Flores’s model to two different poems from Pietri’s Puerto Rican Obituary book. Your goal in this part of the paper is to show how Pietri’s characters either do or do not match Flores’s model for how immigrants adapt to city life. Use specific examples from the poems to support your arguments. Finally, describe how Pietri presents city life for the characters in the poems you chose from him in your conclusion.

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Poetry: Juan Flores and Pietri
In, “The Restructuring of Puerto Rican Identity in the U.S.”, Juan Flores talks about the
experiences of a Puerto Rican Chicano immigrant to New York. The author details about the four
moments that immigrants to the city normally experience. The first moment is here and now (the
state of enchantment). It relates to the immediate perception that Puerto Ricans have about New
York once they land in the city (Flores 186). The city was unconducive for them. The second
moment is enchantment (Flores 187). It formed a, somewhat, dream-like feeling to the Puerto
Rican immigrants. For instance, there was a sharp contrast between the imagined luxury of Puerto
Rico and the culture barrenness of New York. Therefore, the Puerto Ricans had to adjust to the
new conditions that they faced. For instance, they had to learn to adopt a life of solitude.
The third moment is return/re-entry back in NYC (Flores 189). In the moment, Puerto
Ricans have managed to infuse their culture into the city. The city is comprised of run-down
structures with dilapidated buildings. The conditions are hostile for the immigrants. For instance,
the winters are cold with n form of heating. There also a lack of economic and political opportunity
for the Puerto Ricans in New York. As a result, they did not have a chance to improve their
situations as they would have wished. Therefore, most of them have the chance to clearly identify

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with the city and feel at home, as opposed to the first time when they were arriving at the city. The
situation enables them to find fun living in New York. They also have the chance to engage in
various activities that are o...

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