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Hey there! I'm a member of a pretty awesome Harry Potter Forum called the Pottermore Fan Forum ( 

And the Head Moderator of the site has asked me to code something to make the 'Capsule Collectors Club' easier. Maybe take a look at the topic before reading on... ( 

So she asked me to make a 'Automatic Version'... Maybe read this part of her post and it'll be clearer. I added some []'s for some stuff you won't understand! :)
"Actually, first of all, let me ask you something. How good are your web coding skills? I've been thinking about automating the CCC [Capsule Collectors Club>. Here's what I want for the forum, in no particular order:
-Collections are visible in the users' profile. If the user has 'accept trade requests' enabled [this is one of the things that have to be made of cours], it should be possible to send a trade request.
-Users can manage their collection in their User Control Panel [obviously they have one]. They should be able to either enable or disable trade requests, they have to be able to buy a token [in CSS. it's possible to buy a token of it's kind, etc.], use a token, view trade requests, view their CCC log [has to be made like the other stuff]... anything that falls under managing their figurines [the stuff that you buy].
-Users should automatically be awarded a token every two weeks, or every week if they're VIP [some guys are VIPs]. Tokens should be able to stack [noo idea where]; this is different from how it is right now, but ultimately fairer to the user.
-When buying a token, the points amount should automatically be taken from their Gringotts account [where there 'points' are stored], and it may NOT go into minus
-Administrators should be able to edit a users' collection (similar to how admins can edit anything in a users' profile in the ACP)
-Certain special tokens should be awarded automatically
-Moderators should be able to award tokens (normal ones and special ones) and figurines to users
-When a users sends a trade request, they should be able to select the figurines they'd like to trade (both from the other users' collection and their own collection). Similar to how the website ChickenSmoothie handles trading. Users should be able to include a message when trading, too. 
-People on a users' Foes list [there is one] should be unable to send a trade request. Individual users should be able to be blocked from trading."



The forum runs on phBB.

~Larsie1 - - 

Mar 16th, 2018
This is not HTML.. you can probably achieved what you want by using PHP, jquery, and ajax. Most importantly all capsules must be stored in the database so that it can be access by php script via ajax whenever the user is log on, and can manage them in the user's control panel.

What they want is easy to achieved in PHP. However, you may want to spend your time studying the phpBB coding standard and syntax. The best place to learn how to modify or write an extension for phpBB is own their site.

The programming logic flow for the trader/collector is exactly the same as the friend request script... where members can accept or deny requests from other members.

This is not something you can really achieved overnight, you will have build the project as an stand alone application and then slowly integrate it to the phpBB forum script..
Jul 3rd, 2013

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Mar 16th, 2018
Mar 16th, 2018
Mar 17th, 2018
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