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Directions for Term Paper It should be approximately 6- 10 pages in length, type-written with one inch margins - top, bottom, and sides using a 12 OR 13 point font. Submit your paper with the grading sheet stapled (See next page) to the front page of your Term Paper. Please do not submit your paper inside folders, etc. just make sure it is securely stapled. Put your name in the top right-hand corner of each page. Your Term Paper should be a topic related to psychology, preferably a subject related to Human Development. Some suggestions for choosing your topic. 1. Choose a specific topic and narrow that topic to one or two ideas. Here are some suggestions: "Current treatments for ADHD in children." "Current assessment criterion for Autism" "Language Development of the 'Slow Learner." "Consistency in play activities of 3 year-olds" "Comparing Play activities of 3 year-olds and 5 -year-olds ir 2. You will have greater success preparing your term paper if you narrow your topic. 8 20 points - You sum up with your paper touching on the main points with a final statement and/or summary. 9 20 points - Your paper will be graded on writing quality, which includes, but is not limited to, spelling, use of grammar, sentence and paragraph construction, coverage of the topic, use of references, and the development of the thesis. In summation, your paper demonstrates college level written language skills.. 10 20 points - Your paper includes a properly APA formatted bibliography. 200 TOTAL POINTS NG SHEET Please STAPLE this as the first sheet of your TERM PAPER Name: 1 (10 points). Abstract submitted and reviewed. 2 10 points - INTRODUCTION - State the purpose of your subject in a clear and concise manner. Your introduction should influence and guide a reader directly to the object of your term paper. 3 40 points - You have used at least 5 sources from legitimate publications, at least two are from primary Journal magazines and the remaining from secondary sources, such as Psychology Today, Scientific American Mind and other similar magazines 4 writing 20 points - Your paper uses EXAMPLES to clarify the object of your 5 20 points - Your paper presents a well-structured argument in relationship to the facts and examples you have presented? 6 20 points - Your paper has UNITY - you focus on the topic and omit irrelevant details and digressions. 7 20 points - CONSISTENCY. Your paper avoids abrupt changes in point of view
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Multi-Modal Treatment: Current Treatments for ADHD in Children
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD refers to the inability of a child to
control their impulses and hyperactivity that greatly affects their daily function or
activities. There are various approaches to treating or managing these ADHD symptoms
and one of these is the multimodal approach.
Based on the various related articles, journals, and researches conducted, this study
aims to explore the effectiveness of the multimodal treatment especially when
conventional medication is combined with behavioral treatment. The methods used are
comparisons of the various studies conducted for this multimodal treatment.
The result is the combination of the conventional medication and the behavioral
treatment is more effective compared to other ways of managing ADHD. Children who
are treated using the multimodal approach have been observed that they may require less
medication and shows more significant progress.
The conclusion of this study is using the multimodal treatment combined with
conventional medicine or the stimulant medication is effective in managing the ADHD
symptoms. However, it requires further research in exploring the efficacy and the
appropriateness of this treatment for the children and the adults who have this ADHD
symptom based on the limitations that has been determined in the study.


ADHD, an acronym for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a neurobehavioral
disorder which is described as restlessness, poor attention, and lack of impulse control.
Most of the ADHD children are not performing well in their academic studies and having
difficulties in emotional and social aspects of their life (Mhatre,, 2017). This can
also cause stress in the family or accidental injury (Hinshaw, Arnold, 2016). These
researchers also mentioned that ADHD is not only a societal or even just a psychiatric
label for bothersome behavior but also represents underdeveloped self-regulation that is
accompanied by a lack in vital functions and comorbid conditions like excessive
aggression, anxiety, and depression (Hinshaw, Arnold, 2016).
The multimodal treatment which is discovered an effective way of managing ADHD
among children as well as adolescents...

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