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I uploaded 3 files for each question.

1- Then complete Lab 2.2 and summarize your results in a word document which is what you will upload here.

Upload your assessment results to Canvas. It's self assessment test

2- Assess Your Environment:

Asses how technology impacts your environment

What are three things you would/could do to make your environment more relaxing and healing?

Name the location you are assessing

Describe the environment in as much detail as possible

What aspects do you find relaxing? Why?

What aspects do you find stressful? Why?

3-There is an actual point in time when your thoughts initiate stress response

You can choose a positive thought

The positive perception will stop stress response

You have prevented unhealthy and unproductive stress

Review and apply the POPP formula for prevention for one day

What cue did you use?

Describe the events throughout the day that would normally initiate the stress response

Explain your experience with applying the POPP Formula

Reflect on how applying the POPP formula affected your day

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Hello buddy,Here you go, kindly check it it out. Feel free to hit me up in case you need any edits.

Part 1
LAB 2.2 Stress Profile
I. Assessment Results

Resting heart rate 60-80 beats per minute
Breathing patter: Effective
Both abdomen and chest: Effective
Respiration rate 15-18 breaths per minute

2. Symptoms of Stress
1. Rapid heartbeats
2. Insomnia
3. Headaches
3. Perceived Stress Scale
My total score is 17
This puts me in the moderate perceived stress level
4. Inventory of college students’ recent life experiences
My total score is 51
Hassles rated “3”
1. Being let disappointed or let down by friends
2. Long waits to get services at stores, banks among others.
3. Important decisions about education
4. Important decisions about future career
5. Being taken for granted

5. Ardell Wellness Stress Test
My score is 30
The interpretation of my score indicates that I have mastered the art wellness in approaching
life as well as the ability to efficiently and creatively deal with circumstances and events.
6. Student Stress Scale
My total score was 244
Based on the score, my chances of experiencing stress-related health change in the near
future is 50/50% chance.
7. Stress Vulnerability Questionnaire
My total score was 45
The three behaviours that I should work on to minimize my vulnerability to stress include:
1. Taking time to exercise aerobically for 20 minutes or at least three times a day;
2. I should learn to say “no” to extra commitments when I am already pressed and
3. My re...

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