three pages assigment, one for potential topic, two for the actual topic

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Hi, Proff

this is 3 pages(or 2 and a half) assignment

I need the first page( or half a page) by tomorrow please

the first page is( it doesn't have to be a page half a page is alright) is about potential topic you would write about, I added a description in a word document

the second two pages is writing about the topic, I also added a word document for it

they should be separate in deferent word document.

you can use ebscohost or cq researcher or any other similar websites.


What are three potential topics that you would enjoy researching and writing about for the second half of the semester? For each topic you list, write a few sentences explaining why the topic interests you, your personal stake in or connection to the issue, and what you currently already know about the topic. Of these three topics, which one most interests you? Based on what you currently know about the topic, what do you think is the biggest problem concerning or caused by the issue? From what you know about the issue, what exactly is causing the problem? If you aren't sure, what do you think might be causing the problem? What information would you need to find via research in order to locate potential solutions? NOTE: please remember to format this and every assignment according to MLA format conventions and include a header, use Times New Roman font, and double space the document!
PLEASE DON’T WRITE ABOUT PETS, JOBS OR ORGNIZATION. Choosing a Research Topic For the second half of the semester, we will select a current, relevant issue to research; this topic will be our focus on Papers 3-5 (a proposal, a research report, and an editorial). So, you will need to choose a topic that interests and intrigues you, since you must write about this topic for Papers 3, 4, and 5. This issue can be a campus issue (WVU or national), local (WV or where you are from), national/US issue, or even a global issue. We will be doing extensive research on the topic, so it is important that you select an issue that highly interests you. I would like you to, however, avoid the following topics: capital punishment/death penalty, abortion, steroid use/doping/testing in sports, gun control, animal testing, lowering the drinking age, euthanasia, illegal immigration, gay marriage, smoking and/or smoking bans, legalizing marijuana The reasons I’d like you to avoid these topics are that they are 1. Unwinnable based on values/morals/beliefs rather than fact-based evidence, 2. They are old, tired clichéd issues, and/or 3. They are topics that lend themselves to copy and paste research and therefore plagiarism Settled topics to avoid: childhood vaccinations (they don’t cause Autism!), supplements/alternative medicine (they simply cannot substitute for modern medicine), same sex marriage in the US (it’s legal in every state, which will not change at this point). Please make a mental note of these topics! If you do not, and go ahead with any of these issues, you will have to start over and redo any work submitted. We will look at some of the WVU Libraries databases like Points of View Reference Center and CQ Researcher for topic ideas. When applying for internships, jobs, or graduate school, a writing sample is often required, so be sure to choose an appropriate, unique topic. Here are some brainstorming questions to help us get started thinking about potential issues to focus on: • What are some problems related to your major or intended career field. For example: Standardized Testing (education majors); sexism in technology (computer science majors); foster care rules (social work)? • What ares ome hobbies What problems or issues relate to these hobbies? For example, if one of your hobbies is reading, you could research the differences between physical and e books; if one is video games, you could research e-sports. • What are 2-3 art forms you are a fan of? What issues relate to these art forms? For example, sexism in comics/video games; misogyny in hip hop; the portrayal of gender roles in film. What was the last argument or debate you had about an art form? What was the argument about and what was your position? Have you read or heard any interesting arguments about art forms recently? For example, a movie or album review takes a position about the strength of an artistic text. • Where are 2-3 places you have lived? What are some problems that relate to each area? For example, if you live or have lived in Morgantown, the issue of parking, transportation, and traffic. WV, fracking, mountaintop removal, the decline of the coal industry and its effect on the state, the opiate crises. • What are some organizations you are or have been a part of? What are some problems within these groups or organizations? • What are some jobs that you have had? What issues relate? For example, the current minimum • • • • wage. Pets you have had? For example, city bans on pitbull ownership; use of therapy animals; puppy mills/unethical breeding; rescue pets/organizations. what are some issues that affect you concerning your gender, race, and/or sexual orientation? What are some issues/problems that effect your family members? For instance, if you have a mother in the armed forces, the issue of veteran care. If your father is a teacher in WV and you are on his health insurance, you could focus on the current teacher strike/PEIA insurance issues. What are some issues/problems concerning places you’ve gone to school? What are some issues/problems faced at WVU? What are some issues/problems facing higher education in the US, such as rising tuition costs, student debt and predatory student loan companies, binge drinking, etc.
Paper 3: Research Proposal After choosing a topic and conducting some initial research on your topic, we will write a research proposal, which is a short summary of your research and thinking processes, written after you complete initial research about your problem. The purpose of a proposal is to explain clearly what topic you chose to research, to show you research so far (at least two sources), and to outline a plan to finish your research. The specific, primary audience of this paper will be me, since I must approve your topic idea and plan for moving forward on your research, and will give you feedback to help with your research process; however, the tone of the proposal must still be academic and formal. The proposal should be about 2+ (meaning at least two full pages), follow MLA 8 format rules/citations, and should follow the following structure: Topic: In a word or phrase, what is the topic you have chosen to research for the second half of the semester? What made you choose this topic? What about the topic interests you? What is your personal stake in the topic? Have you done any previous reading on the topic? At this stage in the research process, what do you know about the topic? After reading your preliminary sources, what information do you still need to know about the topic? Jot down at least 5 - 7 questions in a logical order to help focus the remainder of your research. Stakeholders. Who are some specific groups of people who have a stake in the topic? Note at least three groups that are connected to the topic, and tell what their stake in the topic is and their general viewpoint. What is your personal stake in the issue? Which stakeholder group do you belong to? Besides the stakeholders who are most directly affected, who else is most likely to be aware of the theme and issue? How will they know about it? What is their interest in it? Preliminary Research. In a sentence or two, provide a brief overview of the research you have gathered so far. Cite the first few sources (at least two) that you have consulted below. Where/how did you locate these sources (for example, the WVU Library main search engine, a specific database, google search, etc.)? What information about the topic do these sources provide? Here, I would like you to write a brief summary of each source underneath each citation. Research Plan. What is the next step at this point in your research process? Remember that your research should have a variety of different types of sources from different search engines. Where do you plan to look next for information: the library main search tool “Summon,” various library databases (Ebscohost, JSTOR, Points of View, CQ Researcher, etc.), an open internet search? Based on the nature of the issue, what types of sources – periodicals (newspapers/magazines), scholarly journal articles, books, websites, personal interviews with experts, videos, documentaries, etc. – would be most useful to you based on your topic, and why? Assignment Requirements - use of headings (see above) to organize your proposal - topic: choosing a current, relevant topic in which you have a personal stake, discussing why the topic interests you, what you already know about it from preliminary and previous research - posing 5-7 questions about the topic that are arranged in a logical progression - evidence of preliminary research using high-quality sources (at least two) - citing and summarizing at least two preliminary sources in MLA 8 - identifying at least three specific stakeholder groups affected by the problem and their respective viewpoints on the issue - forming a specific plan for finishing research that explains where you plan to look for additional sources and what types of sources most likely to discuss your particular topic - length: 2+ pages - editing: proposal should be free of grammar errors and typos - MLA format: proposal is in 12-point, Times New Roman font, double spaced throughout, with one-inch margins on all sides, and the correct header on the first page. Citations must use MLA 8 rules and all verbs that refer to texts must use the present tense. All short works (titles of articles, short videos, etc.) must be put in quotation marks while long works (titles of newspapers, magazines, journals, books, movies) must be italicized/underlined, both in citations and in the text of the paper. - adherence to formal, academic tone and avoiding slang, abbreviations, informal language, use of second person “you,” and using authors’ last names.

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School: University of Maryland


Research Proposal on Global Warming and Climate Change – Outline

1. The topic I have chosen to research on is the impacts of global warming and climate
change in America.
2. I prefer this topic because global warming is a worldwide environmental issue that has
raised concern in the contemporary society.
3. It is of interest to me because everyone experiences it, and I have noted its effects from
the different areas I have lived.


1. The primary stakeholder is the government whose responsibility is developing policies
that act against or for the increasing global warming.
2. Industries and individuals who emit greenhouse gases directly to the atmosphere.
3. The United Nation and Environmental Organizations who are in charge of creating
awareness, regulating, monitoring and assessing the changes and effects
4. I fall into the stakeholder group of the citizens


Preliminary Research
1. Greenhouse gases are the primary contributors especially carbon emitted from industries
2. The temperatures and precipitation rate have undergone changes due to global warming
thus climate change is triggered by an increase in the global earth’s temperatures by 1.5
to 2°C or above.
3. The two articles written by Karmalkar and Bradley in 2017 and Aizebeokhai in 2009
provides vital information on the topic as explained in work cited location below.

4. I located these two sources from an open internet sea...

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