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Put yourself in the role of a consultant. You have been hired to propose a wireless solution for a small company. The background information on the company is contained in the attachment to this assignment. Based on that information, your reading, and any other source materials at your disposal, provide a simple design for a secure wireless network. In your design, include a list of the security features that you would enable and why you would enable them. Your files need to be in formats compatible with Microsoft Office products, so they can be easily viewed.

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Name _______________________________________ Purpose: Gain experience in configuring a Wireless Local Area Network consisting of multiple access points. Instructions: Read the narrative below and produce a network drawing and list of security features that you would plan to implement. Background: Your group has been hired as secure networking consultants by Forever Young Cosmetics. Their corporate headquarters, manufacturing plant, and distribution center are in a single 250,000 square foot structure located in St Louis, MO. They want to use IEEE 802.11n capable wireless devices to track inventory and shipment and to provide laptop access to the Internet for their employees. They want to provide total wireless coverage of their entire building with the maximum wireless security possible using commercially available devices. Your task is to provide a preliminary recommendation for a secure wireless infrastructure that would support their needs. They currently have a wired Local Area Network with approximately 250 hosts that is connected through a firewall to a single high speed Internet connection provided by Comcast. Deliverables: 1. A one page Visio diagram that overviews your proposed wireless infrastructure. The diagram doesn’t have to depict all of the hardware, just the logical components that will make up the network. For example, a single laptop Icon can be used to simulate laptop users and single switch and computer icons can be used to represent their existing wired network. You are free to choose any Visio symbols you wish, as you will be graded on content, not style. For the purposes of placing wireless devices, you may consider the building as a perfect square. Please indicate the quantity of wireless devices on your drawing, and include controllers and firewalls, if necessary. Please note: As stated in the first week of this course, Visio is available to you for free from the Microsoft Academic Alliance. If you are unable to obtain it, please contact your professor. 2. A list of security features that would be enabled in the network and an explanation of the type of protection, strengths and weaknesses that they would afford.
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