Chi-Square tests

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Chi-Square Tests

Use the attached dataset ("practice.sav") to perform a chi-square test of independence to compare the differing opinions toward death penalty (variable name = “cappun”) by various racial groups (variable name = “race”).

  • What is the research question?
  • What is the null hypothesis?
  • What is the research hypothesis? (Non-Directional)
  • Basic descriptive analysis of the variables used (e.g., mode, % for each group, etc) in a paragraph form. (Don't just include a number of SPSS tables and not talk about it.)
  • State the rationale for applying a chi-square test of independence in this investigation using appropriate readings and resources in Module 8. (Please cite specific references.)
  • Write out the results in an APA format.
    • Example: A chi-square test of independence was performed to examine the relationship between gender and like/dislike of American Idol. The relationship between these variables was significant, X2(1, N=120) = 3.92, p = .048. Female students at CUC were more likely (62%) than their male counterparts (44%) to like American Idol. The size of the effect was small with a phi value of .18."
    • Be careful to state the % of "favor" and "oppose" death penalty within each racial category, not the % of different racial groups within "favor" and "oppose" death penalty categories. (An important distinction!)
  • Please include appropriate tables from the SPSS output used in your analyses.

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See attached

Chi-Square Analysis

Research Question
For this paper, the research question of interest was:
Does opinion toward death penalty for murder differ depending on one’s race?
Null hypothesis: There are similar opinions toward the death penalty for murder among the
various racial groups
Research hypothesis: There are differing opinions toward the death penalty for murder among
the various racial groups
Description of variables
For the analysis, the variables of interest were ‘race’ and ‘favor or oppose death penalty for
murder’. The sample size was 575 although there were 64 missing responses for the death
penalty question. The race variable had three categories White, Black and Other. Based on the
frequencies calculated, ...

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