What problems will the rapid growth of population bring to mankind?

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Assignment: Research Paper Task: Write a research paper of 1500-2500 words on a topic chosen by you. Basic Concept of the Term Paper: Your research paper should be 1500 to 2500 words long (the equivalent of approximately 5-10 double-spaced, typewritten pages), not counting citations or pictures. It is a 'research paper. Its main purpose is to show the reader that you have thoroughly researched a topic. As such, your research paper should cover the topic in enough detail to give the reader the impression that you fully understand it. Try to say a lot about a little. In other words, rather than being overly general, saying a little about a large topic, try and choose quite a specific area of a wider topic and cover it in detail. You are practicing writing something to submit at university. Hence, it should be, or be close to, university level. Therefore, it needs to have reasonable grammar, punctuation and presentation. Spend time checking it for mistakes. Important Rules: Originality: You can use referenced sources to provide you with the information you use in your paper, but the language should be entirely your own. Your paper must be original work, not submitted in anywhere else in whole or part by you or anyone else. All the rules about plagiarism apply to this assignment. Independence: You may not work with anyone else to produce this paper. Sources: The term paper is a research paper-you are expected to synthesize your own understanding of the topic, although that understanding may be based on information collected elsewhere. Visit the library. If you use the web, remember that the web is entirely unedited and contains a great deal of misinformation. You must cite your sources in the body of your paper wherever appropriate and you must include a list 'References' at the end of your paper. This list should include any sources cited in your paper. Please make sure that your paper has a proper title page, page numbers, footnotes and a reference list in alphabetical order. Expectations: You are expected to work on this paper during your whole UBP, spreading the workload over the three months rather than just completing it in a mad dash at the end. If you run into problems in your research and writing during this time, you should contact your supervisor about it Organizing your time in carrying out this assignment is very important. Below is a guide to writing your research paper. Stick to it or else you may find yourself running out of time at the end. Timeline: First Module: a. Choose a TOPIC (e.g. 'globalization', 'pollution') b. Refine it to find a specific focus (e.g. 'globalization's influence on traditional cultures', 'air pollution in China') c. Conduct RESEARCH into this topic d. Create a plan of your research paper Second Module: e. Write the FIRST DRAFT f. Revise this draft g. Submit your draft to your research paper supervisor (3rd week) Third Module: h. Revise your draft in accordance with the feedback i. Submit a FINAL DRAFT to your research paper supervisor (3rd week) Note: Your essay should show a clear progress from First Draft to Final Draft. Papers that do not show any, or little, difference between drafts will be penalized.
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