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Cause and Effect essay on topic "Role of education in racism and discrimination". Please include at least two sources.

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Cause and Effect Essay Prompt Choose an issue about the causes or consequences of a trend, event, or other phenomenon. Write an argument that persuades an audience to accept your explanation of the causes or consequences of your chosen phenomenon. Within your essay you should examine alternative hypotheses or opposing views and explain your reasons for rejecting them. The following topics are not acceptable: Effects of drinking or smoking, causes or effects of abortion, effects of cell phone use and driving, cause or effect of global warming, bullying, obesity, exercise, eating unhealthy. Requirements: 1. Paper needs to be 3-5 pages. 2. Must incorporate two outside sources. 3. Do not use contractions. 4. Do not use personal pronouns (I, you, we) unless you are using a specific personal experience. 5. Paper needs to be MLA format ...
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Role of education in racism and discrimination
The physical struggle against racism and inequality may have been achieved decades ago,
but there is no dispute that inequality has not been objectively dealt with. The battle for equality
continues to be seen in the attitudes, ignorance, and use of words which all reflect a lack of
tolerance and understanding for the uniqueness of each ethnic group. It also needs to be argued
further that race has now shifted from its white/black paradigm to a reflection of matters such as
individualism and indifference which characterizes modern America. Education has been one of
the main tools through which the people have come to learn that opportunities can be
determinant to the level and influence that any ethnic group can access. Therefore, education has
a central role in ensuring that the historical injustices which had been perpetuated can be
addressed for a shared sense of nationhood and belongingness.
Education needs to ensure that the school curriculum can reflect on giving a balanced
account of the contributions of all minorities and migrant communities in the US. It has been
observed that “conclusions about a cultural mismatch in the negotiation of the talk are based on
observations of children both at home and at school” (National Research Council, 87). It means
that there is a relationship between the familiarity in the home and the schools, which implies
that this needs to be cultivated in the school curriculum. The idea needs to be said is that there
has been a situation in which the curriculum can document in the importance of all communities

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in the US, and beyond. For instance, there has been sporadic mentioning of the role of immigrant
communities in the US history, and most of these contributions have been from a negative light.
For instance, other than slavery, the African-Americans have not been known for any other
significant contribution in the US history. However, a look at the African-Americans, who trace
their roots from the African continent, these are people who had a clear community, traditions,
values, and rites which they had been accustomed to before being sold into slavery. These
communities had a clear leadership structure, a definition of the different rites of passage and
other elements which define a community. In most instances, the idea of inclusivity in the school
curriculum has not been implemented, and this needs to change. Education has been used as a
way through which the dominant races have subdued and repressed the narratives of the
minorities. It implies that these minorities are only accorded very little mentioning, and in most
instances, their cultures are only compared, mentioned, rather than given an authentic disposition
on the people. In light of the economic and social unrest in the US, there is a need to bring such
aspects into the light because it acts as a subtle reminder to al...

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