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Please answer these questions below in 350 words max each. Please attach each APA reference page corresponding question.

1. Consider the settlement in U.S. v. Halifax and the Corporate Integrity Agreement entered into by Halifax Hospital Medical Center, which addresses methods for preventing Anti-Kickback violations. What measures required by the Corporate Integrity Agreement do you believe will be most effective in preventing future violations? Which, if any, do you think will be least effective or ineffective in preventing future Anti-kickback violations? Explain your reasoning.

2. How would you translate the OIG’s 2005 Special Bulletin on Joint Ventures to help a hospital understand its latitude for entering into joint ventures with physicians? What is a potentially problematic contractual arrangement? Do you think the guidance is too restrictive or not restrictive enough? Why or why not?

3. What is a Medicaid Integrity Plan? Who is responsible for creating and maintaining it? What does it cover?

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