Why had nothing comparable to the rise of Islam happened in Arabia before?

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This course is study of The Rise of the Islamic Civilization. This essay question is to be answered using evidence in primary sources that will be attached in the files section. All evidence needed and used to answer the question are in the primary texts that will be attached. Knowledge of the early Islamic and pre-islamic area is needed. This includes the military conquests etc. done throughout arabia and beyond and the spread of Islam through these conquests with Muhammed and that rightly guided caliphs after him. And please cite the evidence and include work cited with MLA formatting. Also narrative and historical writing should be something to think about. All files include historical sources accounting for empires and what is needed to answer the question

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The Rise of the Islamic Civilization
Why had nothing comparable to the rise of Islam happened in Arabia before?
The history of Islam greatly depends on deep analysis of the different political, religious,
economic, social and different cultural developments associated with the Islamic civilization.
There are varying findings concerning the origin of Islam whereby a great number of historians
indicate that Islam originated from Medina and Mecca as early as the 7th century while the
majority of the Muslims believe that Islam was started by prophets like Adam and Moses and not
Muhammad. Research indicates that Islam was initially spread through the different military
conquests of the Arab Moslems and these happened following the beginning of Islam and did not
last long. These did not initially win strong control over a great number of people but by the end
of the eleventh century, the Islamic empire had gained more control over the majority of the
Moslems (al-Mulk, 71).
The spread of Islam by means of missionary teachings, merchant influence and through
pilgrims was relatively different in making. The different exchanges that were made these
different personalities had a great impact on the natives hence influencing them to convert into
Islam. It is believed that as the different Islamic ideas were spread by missionaries and merchants
along their different routes, they gradually interacted with the original local cultures hence
changing the entire interpretation f the Islamic religion among Arabs. It is also very important to
acknowledge the fact that not all military expansions associated with Islamic history were Arabic
or Muslim in nature (al-Mulk, 98).
Research indicates that there were also forces led by the Abbasids whereby a great
number of non-Arabs and non-Moslems were participating in different government activities.
Even after the demise of Abbasid Caliphate, great number political entities had already emerged
most which were led by non-Arabs and non-Moslems (Ishaq, 43). The new different political
entities headed by non Arab Muslims continually fronted different unique interpretations of
Islam in a bid to expand and consolidate their political powers in many regions of Arabs.
This essay seeks to examine why nothing compares to the rise of Islam happened in
Arabia before. The essay assesses the nature of political, economic, social, religious and other
aspects prior to the Islamic civilization and how they relate to Arabs after the Islamic
Political conditions before Islam

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In relation to politics, research indicates that before Islam, Arabia was not well org...

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