Examine the intersection of our personal experience, cultural lives, and critical reception of your selected pieces

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Cendrowski LIT 2000 Personal, Cultural, and Critical Essay #2 in response to a selected piece of prose from our course schedule 1. How do we dissect prose, a genre seemingly defined as “not poetry”? a. We don’t. b. We try, but ultimately fail, because life is a series of linked failures. c. With extreme care and delicacy, over the course of multiple revisions of an academic essay that is ultimately doomed for the recycle bin. d. By throwing ourselves into a new form of writing, one that gives us the options we need to get messy and escape with thoughts intact. Multiple Choice, like many of the works we’ve read in this unit, is a book about options. As readers, we’re allowed to choose which answer we select (and what we interpret)—or, indeed, whether we select/interpret anything at all. And there aren’t any wrong answers; there’s no answer key in the back, no interview where Zambra tells all. There’s just these questions, and a list of paths through them. This is, I propose, how all prose functions. Whatever prose has come to mean to you, it’s undeniable that the process of reading prose (or, perhaps, any form of literature) involves choice-making. Do we allow ourselves to unpack strange meanings? Do we accept a narrator at their word? Do we choose to read this homework at all? No matter what we’ve come to do and believe, we’ve learned one thing for certain: medium matters. And for prose, a genre that attempts to shirk attention of its medium, it matters all the more. That’s why for this Personal, Cultural, and Critical essay, we’ll be using a different medium: the blog. Hosted at https://fall2018lit2000.wordpress.com/, our class’ blog will be a way for us to examine the intersection of our personal experience, cultural lives, and critical reception of our selected pieces with a mixture of text, image, and external links. Blogs are a space that prioritize working through ideas, rather than knowing things for certain. The central questions to ask yourself for this assignment is: “What elements of my personal life and cultural experience interact with the presentation, subject matter, and tone of my selected piece? And how can I use a new medium (the blog) to explore those options? Cendrowski LIT 2000 Personal, Cultural, and Critical Essay #2 Points of Evaluation I will be looking for the following: • Your ability to synthesize (aka weave together) your specific, personal experiences, a reflection on the culture we live in, and an analysis of specific parts of the text itself. You should use specific textual, personal, and cultural references in constructing your analysis. • Your use of the medium you’re writing in. A blog affords things (hyperlinks, images, bold & italics & the exclamation point, etc.) that a traditional essay doesn’t, and I’ll expect you to use those advantages to benefit your ideas. • Your effort to accept and incorporate peer feedback, and to respond directly to each others’ work. Another affordance of a blog is the ‘comment,’ and I’ll be looking for at least three comments from everyone on each other’s work. These comments should be thought out and fully respond to the posts they address. In revision, writers should attempt to address questions or concerns that were brought up in the “below-the-page” conversation. • Your effortful completion of basic project requirements: your blog post should be at least 750 words (before edits responding to your peers’ comments). The first draft of these papers should be considered “middlestate” artifacts, not final products.
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The “Girl Child” has Redefined Societal Gender Roles - Mohammed Al-Alawi
Call it civilization or revolution, but societal gender roles and expectations have changed
in contemporary society. The society has progressed from the male-dominated era where men
exercised superiority over women. It’s everywhere around the world, and there is no single day I
fail to hear the awakening of the media and social organizations supporting the girl child and the
need for the creation of gender equality. I defend the girl child because I believe neglecting them
could present serious consequences and affect their advancement.

Gender equality
Well, I can’t dispute the fact that these changes have promoted the advancement of
women. Listening to my grandmother’s stories, its sound so funny that in their generation,
women were expected to remain in the private sphere and take care of the home and children
while men ventured in the public domain to work and study. I believe this was discriminative to
women as they couldn’t get the opportunity to advance and explore their potentials. Espinoza
Jennifer in her poem, “It Is Important to Be Something” asserts this point by highlighting the
struggle women go through regarding these societal roles. Interestingly, these roles have changed
which has seen women going through education, working, and getting into power. It seems the
women have progressed in the struggles to eliminate gender discrimination and inequality.
It’s essential to note that every society outlines its roles and expectation for each gender,
and mine is not an exception. Espino...

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