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Running Head: Individual Assignment III University of the Cumberlands Individual Assignment III September 9th, 2018 Student’s Name Running Head: Individual Assignment III Abstract An abstract is a single paragraph, without indentation, that summarizes the key points of the manuscript in 150 to 250 words. For simpler papers in this class, a shorter abstract is fine. The purpose of the abstract is to provide the reader with a brief overview of the paper. Running Head: Individual Assignment III Individual Assignment III This is where the body of your paper begins. The major components of your paper (abstract, body, references, etc.) each begin on a new page. These components begin with centered headings at the top of the first page Font should e New Times Roman → 12 pts, and space between sentences should be doubled. You simply can paste your text in this document and format it as the destination. In text citation → (Last name of the Author, Year) Running Head: Individual Assignment III References Ajournalarticle, R. H., Spud, P. T., & Psychologist, R. M. (2016). Title of journal article goes here. Journal of Research in Personality, 22, 236-252. doi:10.1016/0032-026X.56.6.895* B’Onlinesourcesareconfusing, S. O. (2010). Search for answers at apastyle.org and include issue numbers after volume numbers when there is no DOI. Journal of Articles Without Digital Object Identifiers, 127 (3), 816-826. Cmagazinearticle, B. E. (2009, July). Note the last names on this page: Each source type has to be formatted in a different way. [Special issue]. Prose Magazine, 126 (5), 96-134. Dbookreference, S. M., Orman, T. P., & Carey, R. (1967). Google scholar’s “cite” feature is
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Running head: DDOS RESEARCH


DDos Research
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DDos Research
Internet security, computer threats, and cyber-crimes constitute a significant scene with
the current technology; despite innovation being such a big game changer, it has come with it
carrying aspects that are tending to dwarf the system operations. In this research paper, I shall
provide an overview of what Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is, and what it does to
compromise systems. An example of the commonly used DDoS attack is the UDP Flood type,
and the UDP flood is characterized to flood a target system with User Datagram Protocol (UDP)
packets, for instance, the HTTP Flood is familiar to us, Ping of Death and Slowloris are other
examples. The DDoS attack to draw a slow functioning of the target service.
The paper shows how the DDoS slows or even makes it impossible for services to be
delivered by generating wantonly malicious traffics into the target group. The methods it
employs to cripple a system are discussed in the paper at an extensive length; the approaches to
counter-attack the DDoS inversion which perfectly work are, Lighting-Fast Global DNS, Web
Application Firewall, Enterprise-Class Security, and SSL Encryption. With these protective
measures, a system is bound not to be under risk of attack as they help detect any incoming
DDoS attack and send signals before it can corrupt the system. It is healthy to note that criminal
perpetrators using the DDoS are often ready to target high profiled institutions with classified
data such as banks and credit card payment gateways. I would recommend the installation of the
applications that deter these masked faces from compromising our systems be deployed. This
criminal gesture needs to be curbed and eroded at all cost.



The DDoS attack was discovered thirty years ago. After the establishment of the first
DDoS, all countries have been able to witness various modifications which share the same
results of disrupting the accessibility of aimed congregation and services. Besides, there has been
a related advancement in DDoS security technologies and improvement to enhance the antiDDoS relate with the new technology. In 1988 Morris created a self-replicating CPU package;
the program had a significant effect on the internet. He used Trojan computer program which
was identified as it was spreading. The recognition was noticed due to the frequency at which it
utilized the system programs. Morris is not credited with the introduction of the attacks by either
controlling his computers in a centralized way. However, his work has molded the foundation for
the DDoS attacks by using botnets (Eugene, 2016).
The most common methods of DDoS attacks used was done by injecting Trojan virus
using structured vulnerabilities and initiation attacks against the objective using botnets.
Nevertheless, the actual DDoS attack was conducted in 1996 which is referred to as the pinax
attack. The attack affected many business institution programs and caused massive losses. In
addition, some SYN packages were used to make the server inactive for the user’s standard
suggestions. Nonetheless, affected companies were later able to utilize filters on their programs
to prevent the attack traffic. Linux patch presented the idea of SYN cookie defense for SYN
massive attacks. In 2000, Yahoo and Amazon experienced an attack in the US. The internet alias
by Michael utilized an attack tool TFN2 to introduce the distribution attacks to protect all
marketable websites by attempting to governor the internet. The TFN2 presentations attacks



were distributed using botnets which preserved the encryption of communication ideas to
counter-attack detection.
Since 2001, governments and nations have been targeted by their opponents. In 2009,
American government website, which is inclusive of the white house and department forces, was
suffering from the same attacks of botnets. The attack was made by telecom branch of North
Korea which affected twenty-seven government websites. Other organizations which
experienced attacks during the same period include the Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube which
was caused by the Russian.
The DDoS attack is made by making computer programs and resource inactive to the
intended users by affecting the services of a host which is connected to the internet. The
disruption is done by flooding the aimed computer with all the requests, with an attempt to
overwork the system and avert all pri...

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