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1. Snapshots of a Wedding (google to find PDF)

2. Sweat

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Name _________________________________ I.D. Number _______________________ Unit 1 Evaluation Evaluation 01 Multicultural Literature ENGH 015 061 This evaluation will cover the lessons in this unit. It is open book, meaning you can use your textbook, syllabus, and other course materials. You will need to understand, analyze, and apply the information you have learned in order to answer the questions correctly. To submit the evaluation, follow the directions provided. Part A: Multiple-Choice Select the response that best completes the statement or answers the question. _____ 1. In “Snapshots of a Wedding,” what do the hoe, the shawl, and the kerchief symbolize? a. b. c. d. _____ 2. In “Snapshots of a Wedding,” how does Neo change after her aunt talks to her? a. b. c. d. _____ They represent prosperity for the newly married couple. They represent the expectation of wifely subservience. They are the wedding gifts received by the couple. They are not important elements to the rituals of the wedding. She becomes more confident in her ability to be a good wife. She decides that she does not want to marry Kegoletile. She befriends Mathata and includes her in their family gatherings. She becomes anxious about greeting people and marrying Kegoletile. 3. In “Snapshots of a Wedding,” who has the final say as to whether Neo and Kegoletile should be married? a. b. c. d. _____ Mathata Neo’s father the aunts the village 4. In “Snapshots of a Wedding,” why did Neo think that she was better than most of the people in her village? a. b. c. d. Unit 1 Evaluation She had completed high school. She was a tribal princess from a royal family. She had been to the city and studied at a university. She was beautiful, and many men wanted to marry her. ENGH 015 _____ 5. In “Snapshots of a Wedding,” how is Mathata different from Neo? a. b. c. d. _____ 6. In “Snapshots of a Wedding,” why is Kegoletile marrying Neo instead of Mathata? a. b. c. d. _____ He loves Mathata but will marry Neo. He does not want to get married to anyone. He cannot tell Neo that he is not as wealthy as she thinks he is. He is not in good health and will not make a good husband. 8. In “Snapshots of a Wedding,” why do the people of the village dislike Neo? a. b. c. d. _____ Mathata does not want to marry Kegoletile. Neo is pregnant with Kegoletile’s child. Neo is educated and will work at a well-paying job. Mathata is already married to another man. 7. In “Snapshots of a Wedding,” what is Kegoletile’s internal conflict? a. b. c. d. _____ Mathata is beautiful and always happy. Mathata is more educated than Neo. Mathata is from a wealthy family. Mathata is rude and has no manners. She is haughty and arrogant. She is uneducated and stupid. She is not from their village and is different. She is pregnant and unmarried. 9. In “Snapshots of a Wedding,” which of the following items are symbols used in the wedding ceremony? a. b. c. d. a ring, a dress, and a veil a mat, a shawl, and a kerchief a glass, a hat, and a chair an egg, flowers, and a tree _____ 10. In “Snapshots of a Wedding,” how long does Kegoletile take to prepare for his married life with Neo? a. b. c. d. Unit 1 Evaluation a week a month a year two years ENGH 015 Part B: Matching Match each character from “Snapshots of a Wedding” with the correct description. a. Neo b. Kegoletile c. Mathata d. Neo’s Aunt _____ 11. “She was a very pretty girl with black eyes like stars; she was always smiling and happy; immediately and always her own natural self” _____ 12. “ . . . had endless opportunities before her—typist, bookkeeper, or secretary” _____ 13. “ . . . a woman of majestic, regal bearing slowly approached the bride” _____ 14. “ . . . seemed to go through a secret conflict during that year . . . ” _____ 15. “She developed an anxiety to greet people and also an anxiety about securing Kegoletile as a husband . . . ” Part C: Multiple-Choice Select the response that best completes the statement or answers the question. _____ 16. In “Sweat,” how do the town’s people feel about Delia? a. b. c. d. They think that she is getting what she deserved by marrying Sykes. They pity her because she was once beautiful, and many men admired her. They don’t really care about what happens between Sykes and Delia. They dislike her because she is mean and spiteful toward them. _____ 17. In “Sweat,” what does Delia mean when she says, “ . . . whatever goes over the Devil’s back, is got to come under his belly. Sometime or ruther, Sykes, like everybody else, is gointer reap his sowing”? a. b. c. d. Unit 1 Evaluation Sykes is a good man, and he will be rewarded by God for his good life. Sykes is a good farmer who will harvest a good crop in the fall. Sykes will be a good Christian because he attends church regularly. Sykes will get what he deserves because what goes around comes around. ENGH 015 _____ 18. In “Sweat,” which of the following statements shows that Sykes is the antagonist of the story? a. b. c. d. _____ 19. Sykes kicked all of the laundry around after Delia had sorted it and threatened her. Sykes is upset that Delia does laundry for white people. Sykes knows how to drive an automobile, so he is “biggety.” When Sykes was courting Delia, he was very attentive and afraid that he would lose her. In “Sweat,” by the time the story takes place, how long have Delia and Sykes been married? a. b. c. d. one year five years ten years fifteen years _____ 20. In “Sweat,” how does Delia try to rationalize continuing her relationship with Sykes? a. b. c. d. She takes comfort in the fact that she has her home even if he doesn’t love her. She confronts Bertha and tells her to stay away from her husband. She asks the men of the town to take Sykes out to the lake and whip him. She finds another man named Moss to take her husband’s place. _____ 21. In “Sweat,” when was the first time Sykes beat Delia? a. b. c. d. He beat her before they were married. He beat her two months after they were married. He beat her after they had been married five years. He started beating her after he met Bertha. _____ 22. In “Sweat,” which of the statements below best describes the reason for the title “Sweat”? a. b. c. d. It is hot in the summertime in Florida and everyone sweats. Sykes works so hard that he sweats from his labors. Delia sweats to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads. Bertha thinks it is “no sweat” that she is taking Delia’s husband. _____ 23. In “Sweat,” when the village heard about Sykes’ snake, they came to see it and ask questions. What were their opinions about the snake? a. b. c. d. Unit 1 Evaluation They were impressed that Sykes caught such a big rattlesnake. They were frightened of it and stayed away from it. They thought Sykes was going to get rich by selling the snake . They feared for Delia’s safety because of the snake. ENGH 015 _____ 24. In “Sweat,” what did Delia do when the snake bit Sykes? a. b. c. d. She called the ambulance right away to try to save him. She killed the snake with a garden hoe and saved Sykes’ life. She ran to get Bertha to help Sykes because she was a nurse. She did nothing and waited under a tree in the yard until he died. _____ 25. In “Sweat,” the fact that Sykes brags about his ability to handle the snake and then is killed by the snake is an example of a. b. c. d. internal conflict. situational irony. direct statement. character empathy. Part D: Matching Match each statement below with the type of conflict. a. internal b. external _____ 26. Bertha comes to their home and calls Sykes out into the yard while Delia is inside the house. _____ 27. Sykes gave Delia her first brutal beating two months after they were married. _____ 28. Delia hears Sykes’ screams and sees him crawling to her for help with his neck swollen and one eye open. _____ 29. Sykes kicks the laundry piles Delia has sorted and stands in her way when she tries to re-sort them. _____ 30. Delia decides that she will let her faith protect her from Sykes because he will eventually reap what he has sowed. Unit 1 Evaluation ENGH 015 Part E: Multiple-Choice Select the response that best completes the statement or answers the question. _____ 31. In “The Beautiful Soul of Don Damian,” which character actually thinks that Don Damian has a beautiful soul? a. b. c. d. his wife the doctor his mother-in-law the maid _____ 32. In “The Beautiful Soul of Don Damian,” what does the soul think about the people surrounding Don Damian’s bedside while he is in the coma? a. b. c. d. They all show that they truly love and care for him. They are genuinely concerned that he will suffer in his last moments. They are hypocrites who say one thing but are thinking something else. They are professional and polite while each of them does his or her job. _____ 33. Don Damian’s mother-in-law encourages her daughter, Don’s wife, to do what? a. b. c. d. Show some emotion and grief that her husband is dying. Be strong and keep her emotions under control for the sake of the children. Leave the room so that she will not have to witness his suffering. Pray that he will recover from his illness and return to her. _____ 34. In “The Beautiful Soul of Don Damian,” the priest is present in the sickroom for what reason? a. b. c. d. He is truly believes Don Damian had a beautiful soul. He is there to provide spiritual comfort to the family. He is there because he lost his watch in Don Damian’s sick room. He is Don Damian’s brother and a concerned member of the family. _____ 35. In “The Beautiful Soul of Don Damian,” why does the soul question whether or not it is beautiful? a. b. c. d. Don Damian had not always been fair in his treatment of people. Don Damian was a good-looking gentleman and enjoyed his wealth. Don Damian’s wife loved him and was faithful to him, but he was not grateful. Don Damian had done many good deeds for others during his lifetime. _____ 36. In “The Beautiful Soul of Don Damian,” what makes the soul return to Don Damian’s body? a. b. c. d. Unit 1 Evaluation It wants to punish Don Damian for the cruel things he has done. It feels lost and out of place without Don Damian’s body. The priest’s prayers were answered, and so it returned. It could not stand the fact that it was leaving Don Damian’s wife alone. ENGH 015 _____ 37. In “The Beautiful Soul of Don Damian,” how does Don Damian’s wife react to the fact that he will live? a. b. c. d. She is overjoyed and thanks God for saving him. She is stunned and almost terrified that he will live. She is grateful for the doctor’s miracle in saving her husband. She is weeping and hugging the priest because she is so relieved. _____ 38. Why is the fact that Don Damian will live an example of situational irony? a. b. c. d. It had been foreshadowed earlier in the story. He will be alive but have no soul. He has traded his soul to the Devil in exchange for a long life on earth. The guests claim to mourn his death but are unhappy when he lives. _____ 39. In “The Beautiful Soul of Don Damian,” why does the priest think that Don Damian will reconsider his contribution to the church? a. b. c. d. He will explain to him how his prayers helped him return from the dead. His wife will be so happy that he is alive that she will convince him to donate. His mother-in-law is a very religious woman, and she will speak for the church. Don Damian will become more religious after his near death experience. _____ 40. In “The Beautiful Soul of Don Damian,” when the doctor says that he would have done the same thing even if he didn’t have a penny, what does he really imply? a. b. c. d. He is a good person who believes that saving people is his duty. He knows that Don Damian does not have the money to pay him. His only hope is that Don Damian will have a complete recovery. Don Damian will most likely pay him very well for his services. _____ 41. In “The Beautiful Soul of Don Damian,” what does the soul learn about the people in Don Damian’s life? a. b. c. d. They all care about his welfare and happiness. He has only one loyal friend who truly loves him. His family is very supportive and concerned about him. The doctor and the priest are selfless people. _____ 42. In “The Beautiful Soul of Don Damian,” what is the setting of the story? a. b. c. d. Unit 1 Evaluation It takes place in a church. It takes place on a ship. It takes place in a sickroom. It takes place in a large city. ENGH 015 _____ 43. From which point of view is “The Beautiful Soul of Don Damian” told? a. b. c. d. third person first person second person third person omniscient _____ 44. What is the significance of the following quote from “The Beautiful Soul of Don Damian”? “Suddenly the mother-in-law took her daughter by the arm and led her out into the hall, to talk to her in a low voice. The soul heard her say, ‘Don’t behave so shamelessly. You’ve got to show some grief.’” a. The mother tells her daughter to try to appear unhappy that Don Damian is dying. b. The mother is trying to comfort her daughter in her time of grief. c. The mother is suggesting that her daughter should not be so emotional, and she should quit crying and carrying on so much. d. The mother is trying to control her own emotions and those of her daughter during the sad occasion. _____ 45. Which of the following statements best explains this quote, “The old housemaid, who had served Don Damian for more than forty years, looked up with streaming eyes.” a. b. c. d. The maid is happy that Don Damian is dying because she will inherit his money. The maid is the only person who is truly upset that Don Damian is dying. The maid is crying because she thinks it is her fault that he is dying. The maid is looking forward to working for Don Damian’s wife. Part F: Matching Match each statement below with the character being described. a. Neo (“Shapshots of a Wedding”) b. Kegoletile (“Snapshots of a Wedding”) c. Delia (“Sweat”) d. Sykes (“Sweat”) e. Don Damian (“The Beautiful Soul of Don Damian”) _____ 46. “ . . . he had always been a fine example of a well-to-do gentleman, perfectly dressed and exceedingly shrewd in his dealings with the bank . . . ” _____ 47. “He crept an inch or two toward her—all that he was able, and she saw his horribly swollen neck and his one open eye shining with hope.” _____ 48. “ . . . he had about him an engaging humility and eagerness to help and please that made him loved and respected by all who knew him.” Unit 1 Evaluation ENGH 015 _____ 49. “She was young and soft then, but now she thought of her knotty, muscled limbs, her harsh knuckly hands . . . ” _____ 50. “She walked around with her nose in the air; illiterate relatives were beneath her greeting . . . ” Carefully check your answers on this evaluation and make any corrections you feel are necessary. When you are satisfied that you have answered the questions to the best of your ability, transfer your answers to an answer sheet. Please refer to the information sheet that came with your course materials. Unit 1 Evaluation ENGH 015 Unit 1 Evaluation ENGH 015
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