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Chapter 9: 1. Describe the strengths and weaknesses of the Weisbord Six-box Model. List and describe the nine change levers of Tichy’s Technial, Political, Cultural Framework. Chapter 11: 1. What are the transformational factors in the Burke-Litwin model? What type of change do they create and what part of the organization do they change? 2. List six (or more) characteristics of an adaptive culture, according to Kotter andHeskett (1992). What did they learn about adaptive organizations that makes being adaptive desirable? Chapter 12: 1. Two requirements for launching an organization change effort are a sense of urgency and a vision for the future. Explain why these two requirements are so important. Assignment 4 – Due October 28, 2018 by 11:30 pm CST (15 pts.); Discussion Forum (2.5 pts.) Chapter 13: 1. According to Bass (1998), describe the different characteristics of charismatic leadership, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation, and individual Chapter 14: 1. What are the four phases of organization change (in sequential order) and what activities need to take place within each phase?
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Organization Change
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Chapter 19.1
Weisbord Six-box Model
The Six-box organizational diagnosis framework is aimed at assessing the functioning
of an organization. The model conceptualizes organizational structure and design. It aims at
supporting vital corporate functions like internal competition, performance assessment,
rewards and remuneration, career growth among other managerial duties (Yousefi & Sajadie,
2014). The model obeys the system approach relying on input and output concept.
Strengths of the Six-box model
One of the main strengths of using the Marvin Weisbord model is that it applies to
any business or organization. The model cuts across all the organizations regardless of size or
industry of operation. The cross board model assesses the operations of any organization
based on purposes, structure, relations, leadership and essential mechanisms (Yousefi &
Sajadie, 2014). The first step in the analysis is determining the purpose of using the model.
The step gives a chance for identifying the organization and industry of operation.
The other strengths of the models are that it helps an organization to categorize its
operations by potential problems. Organizations have different areas of operation and
problems in the organization may be originating from a particular department. The model can
be implemented in the suspected department without necessarily interfering with the
operations of the entire organization. The ability to categorize helps managers to understand
specific areas where the action is needed. The model offers a guide for change.
The six-box model is diagnostic. The six models are the essential elements for every
organization. Thus it easily identifies where the organizational problem lies for practical
solutions. For example, leadership is a central tool for every organization. Effective



leadership has the power to create conducive interactions in an organization. This indicates
how the six models are depended and interlinked in solving identifying troubles in corporate
The weakness of the Six-box model
Diagnosis should be through a collaborative effort. All the organizational departments
and processes should be scanned for potential problems. Contrary to the collaborative effort,
the six box model is based on isolation of critical organizational areas of operation for
assessment (Yousefi & Sajadie, 2014). The operation assessment should focus on the entire
organization and not a specific area.
The other weakness of the Weisboard six-box model is that it is highly subjective.
The approach is based on the assessor’s points of view with no tangible evidence to support
recommended solutions on assessment (Chan & C...

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