Use the .pdf file CSI 03 to answer questions 21-28.

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Use the .pdf file CSI 03 uploaded below to answer questions 21-28. .... Forensic Science ! :) THANKSS

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Non Emergency Line: (407) 348-2222 Emergency Line: 911 SEARCH ( (  ( ( Forensics Technician Position: Forensics Technician Division: Criminal Investigations Salary: $35,100 – $51,120 Deadline: Until Filled JOB DESCRIPTION: The Forensic Technician performs technical work in criminal identification matters to include photography, collection and preservation of evidence, processing for latent fingerprints, examining biological substances, and physical documentation of crime scenes. The employee will work with investigative units both within and outside the agency. The Forensic Technician can be called upon to testify in court, hearings and depositions, and may participate in Sheriff’s Office recruitment and community activities. The employee will perform any other duties that may be assigned. See Job description in Human Resources for further information. REQUIREMENTS: Must possess a valid Florida driver’s license. Must have Bachelor’s Degree in Forensic Science or a biological discipline to include coursework in molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry and statistics to satisfy FDLE requirements. The degree earned must be from a regionally accredited college or university. Must be able to be cross-trained in the Preliminary DNA Pre-Screening Laboratory. Must have good verbal and written communication skills and the ability to express oneself clearly, concisely and effectively. Must be able to work nights, weekends, holidays, and provide 24/7 on-call support on a rotating basis. Must be able to push or lift up to 50 pounds; bend, stoop, twist, kneel, crouch and have repetitive motion ability, and be able to walk, sit or stand for long periods. Must be able to work in limited service locations as attics, crawl spaces, under vehicles. Must be able to distinguish colors. Must be able to tolerate strong or foul odors. FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT THE OSCEOLA COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE 2601 E. IRLO»BRONSON MEMORIAL HIGHWAY Translate KISSIMMEE, FL 34744 407-344-5240 OSCEOLA COUNTY SUPPORTS THE AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT OF 1990. APPLICANTS WITH A DISABILITY MAY REQUEST REASONABLE ACCOMMODATIONS THROUGHOUT THE JOB APPLICATION PROCESS BY CALLING 407-348-1130. REQUESTS FOR REASONABLE ACCOMMODATION TO THE JOB APPLICATION PROCESS MUST BE MADE FIVE (5) DAYS IN ADVANCE. EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER About Osceola County About ( Elected Officials ( Press Room ( Online Services ( Public Records Request ( Getting Around Agency Directory ( Phone List ( Search County Websites ( Download Our Mobile App ( Contact Us ( Contact Us Have a question? Call us! (407) 348-2222 (tel:14073482222) © 2018 Osceola County, Florida Translate » u CSI 03 Use the .pdf file CSI 03 to answer questions 21-28. D Question 21 0.25 pts What is the job title listed on this job posting? o crime scene investigator O criminalist forensic technician O crime scene technician forensic laboratory technician forensic scientist forensic pathologist forensic archaeologist O none D Question 22 0.25 pts What are the minimum diploma/degree and/or experience requirements for this position? Note that some positions may not require experience, or may have multiple answers because different degree levels require different experience. high school diploma or equivalency O associate's degree (2-year) o bachelor's degree (4-year) o advanced degree: master's or PhD (doctoral degree) OMD (medical doctor) D Question 23 0.25 pts Are any specific degree names (majors) given as required or preferable as part of the educational requirements? If yes, select all that apply. If no, select "none" from the list of options below. forensic science or forensic science related criminal justice or criminal justice related chemistry or chemistry related biology or biology related natural science related physical science related anthropology or anthropology related archaeology or archaeology related field none U Question 24 0.25 pts Are there any specific college courses required for applicants to this position? Select all that apply or "none" if none are listed. general chemistry organic chemistry analytical chemistry molecular biology biochemistry genetics statistics none Question 25 0.25 pts Are any of the following mentioned/required for applicants to this particular job? Select all that may apply or "none" if none are required. background check polygraph (lie detector) driver's license none U Question 26 0.25 pts Are any of the following skills or skill sets mentioned/required for applicants to this particular job? Select all that may apply or "none" if none are required. communication (written and/or oral) computer and/or software teamwork or ability to work with others leadership flexibility or adapts to change punctual O none u Question 27 0.25 pts Which of the following duties are included in this post? Select all that apply. Note: Read the entire document. Some of these duties may be mentioned somewhere in the post that is not in a specified "job duties" section. Also, some of these duties do not match the wording of the post exactly, but you should be able to deduce that "examine evidence" is the same things as "analyze evidence". take photographs or videos search for and/or collect evidence or specimens preserve evidence or specimens transport evidence or specimens process/examine/analyze evidence or specimens process, enhance, file, and/or examine fingerprints attend autopsies perform autopsies photograph and/or fingerprint prisoners prepare/write reports or records testify test/maintain equipment or instruments participate in and/or conduct trainings or teachings quality control/audits/accreditation general lab duties - prepare reagents, clean glassware, etc. none Question 28 0.25 pts Many of these job postings have special requests, requirements, or warnings for job applicants. Select all that apply to this specific post. Note: these requirements may be scattered throughout the listing, so make sure you read carefully. lift up to 50 pounds may work using a respirator work in constricted or limited spaces no tobacco use of any kind indoor and outdoor work work days and nights, long hours, or always on call work in adverse/unpleasant conditions like bad weather, etc. contact with prisoners exposure to disease, chemicals, other hazards may work in dangerous locations may work in high places may work with dead bodies or at scenes of violence can distinguish colors (not color blind) can meet DNA pre-screen lab requirements can handle bad smells none
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21. Forensic technician

22. Bachelor’s degree

23. Forensic science or forensic science related

-Biology or biology related

24. molecular biology

25. d...

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