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Write a press release and a fact sheet as detailed, to publicize the unveiling unveiling its newest car, the Halooz Cobra V8 on November 30 , at the dubai autodrome

I will attach file that has information about company and its car and I will also attach a powerpoint that says how to write a press release and a fact sheet further more every sentence SHOULD NOT BE MORE THAN 20 WORDS AND SHOULD BE IN ACTIVE NOT PASSIVE VOICE

The presentations are there to help you know how to write and the word doc is the information that needs to be used while in the media alert you can add sponsors and who of your choice

the press release is 4 paragraphs

paragraph one: is 6 to 8 sentences that answers 5 question what , where , why , who ,when and how and important facts.

Paragraph 2 is 4-6 sentences that has the key background information

Paragraph 3 is 2-4 sentences that add additional facts to the once in paragraph 1

Paragraph 4 is 2 sentences that has the ending.

The event fact sheet is a page

the media alert is a page

please ask me if there is any further information you need to know

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4 October 2018 Fact Sheets Fact Sheets--Purpose •typically accompany a news release, media advisory or feature story •provides a list of facts in bullet or outline format that a reporter / editor can use as a quick reference when writing / considering a story •we are going to concentrate on bullet format •a fact sheet should be able to provide the basis for an entire story--i.e. gives a reporter / editor all the necessary facts regarding topic at hand Fact Sheets--Types •three main types of fact sheet 1.fact sheets in advance of an event 2.fact sheets concerning your client / organization 3.fact sheets describing a new product Fact Sheets--all formats •uses formatting very similar to a Media Advisory •single asymmetric two-column page •purely about facts •A4 format •1 inch margins all around Fact Sheets--all formats •following elements are also included •logo / letterhead •fact sheet heading •contact information •contact information is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT •the information MUST be identical to that found on any other accompanying document •ie: press release, media alert, etc…. Fact Sheets--Formatting for Events •include the following information •name of the event •name(s) of sponsor(s) of events •location •date and time •purpose of the event •expected attendance •list of VIPs / celebrities attending •any other noteworthy / special details of the event Fact Sheets--Formatting for Client / Organization •include the following information •organization’s name •products or services produced •if commercial organization: annual revenues •total number of employees / volunteers •names and short bios of top executives / leaders •markets / publics served •position in its industry •any other noteworthy / special details Fact Sheets--Formatting for Product •include the following information •name of the product •production process •price •availability •how it serves customers’ needs •special / unique / innovative features •any other noteworthy / special details Sample of the fact sheet ******Fact Sheet****** What The Department of Mass Communication Public Relations Competition. Sponsors ! Department of Mass Communication ! College of Arts and Sciences ! Office of Development and Alumni Affairs Location ! Room CHE 109, on the lovely campus of the American University of Sharjah, University City, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates When Purpose Attendance ! The presentations will take place on 30 May, 2011, from 16.00—19.30 ! To determine the winner of the first annual MCM Public Relations Campaigns Team Competition. ! Dozens of students from CAS, friends, and families are expected to be on hand. Special Guests ! Peter Heath, Chancellor of the American University of Sharjah ! Mark Rush, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Special Details ! Members of the winning team will be awarded new Ferrari Scuderia 430s and Apple MacBook Air Computers. ! Six teams will be making PowerPoint presentations to a panel of distinguished judges and their fellow students. Contact Harris Breslow, Bandersnatch Communications +971 (06) 515 2388 or hbre 11 October 2018 Writing Media Alerts What is a Media Alert? •A media alert is an alternative format for PR writing used to communicate an event through the media in advance of the event •A media alert is a quick, at-a-glance summary of your event, which gives reporters, editors and producers all the information they need to decide whether or not to cover your story. •A media alert is designed to be used as is, from the document that you send to the press Where to Use a Media Alert •Media Alerts are Found in the Following Locations: •events calendars found online, in print, or broadcast directly from the copy supplied on radio or television •are typically found on a webpage/printed page/broadcast segment with a number of other media alerts are How to Write a Media Alert •Media alerts are typically one page (or less) and focus on the following information: •an attention grabbing paragraph that summarizes your event •clear identification of all event details (5 Ws) •some value-added detail that makes it worth people’s time to go to the event Example of a Media Alert CONTACT: Harris Breslow, Bandersnatch Communications, MEDIA ALERT – Launch of New Home for Orphans [This is the only place where you skip a line] The Sheikh Dr. Sultan Charitable Foundation is inaugurating a home for orphans with an open house event that is free to the public, the media and all interested organizations. The event will include an opening ceremony, during which Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammad Al Qassimi, Ruler of Sharjah, will officially open the home; a free buffet lunch, and a tour of the facilities. Guests will be able to meet the head of the new home for orphans, as well as the architect who designed the new home. Who: • Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammad Al Qassimi, Ruler of Sharjah, • Dr. Sara Quereshi, PhD, MD, FRCS, a world-renown specialist in infant surgical procedures • Frank Ghery, Pritzker Award-winning Architect and designer of the new facilities What: The thirty-minute opening ceremony will launch the home, followed by a one-hour free buffet lunch for all guests, and guided tours of the facility for all who wish to see the fantastic architecture. When: 20 October 2013, at 1.00 PM Where: In the main lobby of the new facility, on University City Road, beside the east entrance gate to University City. Parking is free, at the new Orphan’s Home. Bonus: The first 50 people to attend will receive a free coffee table book of Frank Ghery’s work. W RITING A PRESS RELEASE N EWSWORTHY  Is your news "newsworthy?" The purpose of a press release is to inform the world of your news item. Do not use your press release to try and make a sale. A good press release answers all of the "W" questions (who, what, where, when and why), providing the media with useful information about your organization, product, service or event. If your press release reads like an advertisement, rewrite it. S TRONG  LEAD Start strong. Your headline and first paragraph should tell the story. The rest of your press release should provide the detail. You have a matter of seconds to grab your reader attention. Do not spoil it with a weak opening. T HE  MEDIA Write for the Media. Online media may pick up your press release and run it in their publications with little or no modification. Journalists, however, may use your press release as a springboard for a larger feature story. In either case, try to develop a story as you would like to have it told, even if your own words will not be not used. N OT EVERYTHING IS NEWS  Not everything is news. Your press release may not be ‘newsworthy’. Before you write: Think about your audience. Will someone else find your story interesting?  Let's assume that you have just spent a lot of effort to launch a new online store. Announcing your company's opening is always an exciting time for any business, but the last thing the media wants to write about is another online store. This is old news and uninteresting. Instead, focus on the features of your online shopping experience, unique products and services. N OT EVERYTHING IS NEWS  Not everything is news.  Answer the question, "Why should anyone care?" and make sure your announcement has some news values such as timeliness, uniqueness or something truly unusual. Avoid clichés such as "customers save money" or "great customer service." Focus on the aspects of your news item that truly set you apart from everyone else. W HY ARE YOU WRITING YOUR PRESS RELASE ?  Does your press release explain or demonstrate? Use real life examples about how your company or organization solved a problem. Identify the problem and identify why your solution is the right solution. Give examples of how your service or product fulfills needs or satisfies desires. What benefits can be expected?  Use real life examples to powerfully communicate the benefits of using your product or service. If you are reporting on a corporate milestone, make sure that you attribute your success or failures to one or more events. If your company has experienced significant growth, tell the world what you did right. Show the cause and effect. FACTS  Stick to the facts. Tell the truth. Avoid fluff, embellishments and exaggerations. If you feel that your press release contains embellishments, perhaps it would be a good idea to set your press release aside until you have more exciting news to share. Journalists are naturally skeptical. If your story sounds too good to be true, you are probably hurting your own credibility. Even if it is true, you may want to tone it down a bit. A CTIVE VOICE  Pick an angle. Try to make your press release timely. Tie your news to current events or social issues if possible. Make sure that your story has a good news hook.  Use active, not passive, voice. Verbs in the active voice bring your press release to life. Rather than writing "entered into a partnership" use "partnered" instead. Do not be afraid to use strong verbs as well. For example, "The committee exhibited severe hostility over the incident." reads better if changed to "The committee was enraged over the incident." Writing in this manner, helps guarantee that your press release will be read.  Economics of words. Use only enough words to tell your story. Avoid using unnecessary adjectives, flowery language, or redundant expressions such as "added bonus" or "first time ever".  If you can tell your story with fewer words, do it. Wordiness distracts from your story. Keep it concise. Make each word count. G OOD WRITING SKILLS  Beware of jargon. While a limited amount of jargon will be required if your goal is to optimize your news release for online search engines, the best way to communicate your news is to speak plainly, using ordinary language. Jargon is language specific to certain professions or groups and is not appropriate for general readership. Avoid such terms as "capacity planning techniques" "extrapolate“ [infer or project] and "prioritized evaluative procedures.“  Avoid the hype. The exclamation point (!) is your enemy. There is no better way to destroy your credibility than to include a bunch of hype. If you must use an exclamation point, use one. Never do this!!!!!!!!!!!! F ORMATTING A PRESS RELEASE W RITING THE PRESS RELEASE  Mixed case. NEVER SUBMIT A PRESS RELEASE IN ALL UPPER CASE LETTERS.  This is very bad form. Even if your release makes it past PRWeb's editors (highly unlikely), it will definitely be ignored by journalists. Use mixed case.  Correct grammar usage. Always follow rules of grammar and style. Errors in grammar and style affect your credibility. T HE FORMAT  More than one paragraph. It is nearly impossible to tell your story in a few sentences. If you do not have more than a few sentences, chances are you do not have a newsworthy item.  For Immediate Release or Embargoed by the Source: they have to be at the top.  XXX: Don’t forget the x’s to indicate the ending of the press release. S AMPLE For Immediate Release Contact: Anoud Albloushi Double-A Sharjah 0567234557 Halooz Automotive To Unveil Its Newest Car Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 04 October 2018— Halooz Automotive will unveil its newest car in their 50th anniversary. The unveiling of the car will occur at 14.00 on 30 November 2018 at the Dubai Autodrome. The unveiling ceremony will include a display of race cars used by Dragon Racing that is in Dubai and wholly owned by Emiratis. Jacques Villeneuve, the first Canadian to win the Formula One driver’s championship will be a special guest at the ceremony. During the ceremony members of the press will be given the opportunity to take a ride in the Halooz Cobra V8. “We are test driving the Cobra V8 at the event,” said Adnan Halooz. Halooz Automotive is a wholly owned subsidiary of Halooz Heavy Industries. Halooz Automotive is the first company that produces a commercial passenger car that employs a downforce configuration in its design. The Halooz Cobra V8 is the most successful GT Car in terms of preorders in the history of automobile manufacture. The car is based on the latest aerodynamic research and is configured in what is known as a ground effects configuration. The Halooz Cobra V8 is completely constructed of carbon fiber components, which provide --more— C ONT Halooz Automotive To Unveil Its Newest Car, Page Two OF SAMPLE greater structural integrity than aluminum. This contributes to the fuel efficiency of the car Halooz. Children under ten years of age who attend the unveiling will each receive a 1/18 scale model of the car. In addition to the free model, each child under ten who attends the unveiling will receive a ride in the new car. The projected first delivery of the car is 1 April 2020 to Sebastien Vettel, a lead driver on the Ferrari Formula 1 team. In the case of rain, the event will be moved to 21 December, at 14.00, at the Royal Air Wing of the Dubai International Airport. Halooz Automotive is the first company that produces a commercial passenger car that employs a downforce configuration in its design. Halooz Automotive annual revenues have grown by a compounded annual growth rate of 7.5% per year over the past decade. --end-- MCM 369 Fall 2018 Halooz Children’s Products Press Release / Event Fact Sheet / Media Alert / This assignment is due, IN MY EMAIL ONLY, on Thursday October, by 5:00 PM YOU MUST NAME YOUR FILES IN THE FOLLOW FASHION: LASTNAME-HCPRELEASE LASTNAME-HCPFACT LASTNAME-HCPALERT Brief: Your client is Halooz Children’s Products. Halooz Children’s Products is a division of Halooz Heavy Industries. Halooz Children’s Products is a manufacturer of coloured pencils and crayons, as well as a huge range of children’s toys. Halooz has a long history in this market sector, and has sold millions of coloured pencils and crayons to generations of children all over the GCC. Recently Halooz has noticed that their sales have gone down in the UAE due to the entry into the market of new competitors. The company wishes to recapture its lost market share, and wants to do so by reminding children of just how much fun it is to use a Halooz coloured pencil or crayon. As well, Halooz is introducing four new colors to its already large existing inventory of colors in order to increase sales. Halooz has decided to publicize these new colors with a coloring fair for children aged three to six, at Toys ‘R US in Dubai’s Festival City, on 5 December 2018 from 8:00 AM until 6:00 PM. SOME KEY FACTS:  Halooz Children’s Products has been in business since 1963  Halooz Children’s Products was founded by the Sara Halooz, the wife of Ahmed Halooz, the founder of Halooz Heavy Industries, Inc. Sara was disappointed in the range of children’s toys available on the market, and founded the company with Ahmed’s help.  Sara and Ahmed had 4 children: Reem, Suad, Ali and Mohammed. The children were the original testers of all of the original toys manufactured by Halooz Children’s Products.  All four children went on to become executives in Halooz Heavy Industries conglomerate: o Reem, President and CEO of HCP o Suad, President and CEO of Halooz Aeronautics o Ali; head designer at Halooz Women’s Wear, a leading manufacturer of ready to wear women’s business clothes o Mohammed: The current CEO of Halooz Heavy Industries  Halooz crayons and coloured pencils each come in 64 colors—the new colors bring the total to 68  Halooz crayons and coloured pencils each come in three different sizes in order to fit a child’s hands and be as child friendly as possible  Halooz crayons and coloured pencils are child safe; a child can actually eat a crayon or coloured pencil without getting sick in any way  Halooz is located in Abu Dhabi, and has been since it began business  Halooz also manufacturers coloring books for children aged 2-10. These coloring books are made of special paper that allows children/parents to erase the coloring so that children can reuse the pages in the coloring book over and over.  Halooz also creates cartoons, and one of its cartoon characters, Puff the Magic Dragon, loves to color  Puff the Magic Dragon first appeared in Halooz promotional literature in 1965, and became an instant hit amongst children and adults, alike. Since his first appearance Puff has had his own cartoon series (“The Magical Adventures of Puff ‘n Stuff”); his own movie series (Puff ‘n Stuff I-IV); three record albums of Puff and his friends singing children’s songs; and a line of children’s dolls that continue to be hugely popular amongst children, even today.  Halooz also manufactures the Halooz Magic Eraser, which can remove Halooz crayon and coloured pencil marks from any wall surface or furniture fabric—the eraser only works on Halooz coloured pencils and crayons  Halooz has a children’s testing centre in Abu Dhabi. The testing centre is used to observe children playing with prototypes of new Halooz products under the supervision of trained child education specialists.  The testing centre features 4 play rooms for children to play with various toys. The rooms are designed to meet UAE child safety standards, implimented in 2009.  All testing centre rooms are equipped with a two-way mirror. On the other side of the mirror is an observation room with video cameras, so that the children may be observed and taped while they play. This helps Halooz product designers perfect their designs.  Halooz has a special colouring room for children. The room has child sized tables and chairs, a huge selection of Halooz crayons and coloured pencils.  The colouring room has a selection of colouring books that are published by Halooz Children’s publishers.  Puff the Magic Dragon lives at the Halooz Testing Centre, and children who test products at the centre are given a tour of his home (four rooms designed to look just like his house in the cartoon and the movies), meet with Puff and have cake and ice cream in his house, after they play with the toys that they are testing. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION NOT FOUND IN THE PREVIOUS ASSIGNMENT • Puff the Magic Dragon will appear at the event as a special event • Puff will perform three songs from his latest CD, More Songs by Puff • Nancy Ajram, famous pop singer and singer of children’s songs will also attend • Nancy Ajram will sing a series of children’s songs for the children and there parents from 11.00-12.00, during the event • A free lunch will be given to the child who attends • I used to love singing Puff the Magic Dragon when I was a little boy • There will be a colouring contest open to all children who attend—>children will be asked to draw a picture of Puff’s house using Halooz crayons and coloured pencils • Nancy Ajram and Puff will judge the competition • The child who wins the competition will be gven a tour of Puff’s home at the testing centre. He or she will spend the day with Puff, have lunch at Puff’s house and will take home a souvenir bag from the visit containing all of Puff’s movies and compact discs as well as a complete collection of crayons and coloured pencils, a magic eraser and a complete collection of colouring books. • Nancy Ajram will bring the winning child to the stage and sernade the child with one of her children’s songs. • • • • • • • • Every child who attend the event will receive a free gody bag containing a box of crayons and a box of coloured pencils, each containing the new colours. Parents who accompany their chi ...
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Running head: PRESS RELEASE


Press release
Student’s name
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Anoud Albloushi
Halooz Automotive to unveil its newest car model Halooz Cobra V8
Halooz Automotive will unveil its newest car model called model Halooz Cobra V8 on
November 30 between at 14.00 at the Dubai Autodrome. The unveiling ceremony includes the
display and parading of race cars which were used by Dragon racing in Dubai, a model which
was also designed and developed by Halooz Motors. The special guest of the ceremony will be
Jacques Villeneuve, the first Canadian to win the formula one champion. During, the event, the
selected guests and the press will be given the opportunity to take a ride in Halooz Cobra V8.

Halooz Automotive is a fully owned Subsidiary of. Halooz Automotive will go down in
history as the first motor company to manufacture a commercial passenger car which employs
down force configuration in its design. The Halooz Cobra V8 care is the most successful GT car
regarding pre-order in the history of the automobile manufacturing. It is one of the most
luxurious and comfortable passage vehicles and self-contained. The Halooz Cobra V8
commercial vehicle is based on the latest aerodynamic research and is configured in what is
known as ground effects configuration. The vehicle also has airbag a unique feature which is
only found in personal cars. Halooz Cobra V8 is fully made of common fiber components which
provide it with the strength to stand high impacts.



The event will be preceded with brief speeches from the company's management and the
guests. However, mostly involves ride testing Halooz Cobra V8 and taking photographs. In case
the day is rainy, the event will be moved to the showroom of the Dubai Autodrome.
The event will be a historical event which will see the launch of the first commercial care which
employs down configuration in its design. Halooz automotive is dedicated to producing more
high-quality cars, and we look to launch more and more new designs.

Running head: MEDIA ALERT


Media Alert
Student’s name
Course number ...

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