Internet Paper issues from past classes

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Internet Paper


Length: 2-3 pages

Times New Roman, 12pt font, 1" margins, double spaced

50 points possible

As we study gender roles and social change, it is important to understand the agencies and organizations that work to either maintain the status quo or work to facilitate social change. To investigate these entities and the issues with which they work, I want you to select an issue and find an organization on each side of the debate. The instructions that follow will provide you with a framework with which to present the issue and its many sides.

Pick one of the following topics or suggest a topic of your own. If a topic you are particularly interested in is not on this list come see me! As long as there is a gendered aspect to the topic you can use it with prior approval.

  • Mail order brides
  • Same-sex marriage
  • Divorce
  • Bigamy and polygamy
  • Cohabitation
  • Parenting
  • Fathers’ Rights
  • Housework
  • Other


  1. Find two websites (organizations) that have conflicted viewpoints (opposites sides) from each other on your issue. Answer the following questions for EACH organization:
  1. What is its name? Who founded it? When and why did they start the organization?
  2. What does the organization do? How is it funded? How many members do they have?
  3. Who is most likely to be a member? Who is least likely?
  1. Address the following gender issues:
  1. What are the key issues of each side? What are their arguments for their side?
  2. What legislation has passed or failed to pass which relates to this issue?
  3. How is gender a key concern in this debate?
  4. Which sociological perspective would best fit each side of the debate? Why?
  1. Your paper should have an introduction, a conclusion and three sections with bold headings. The first two bold headings should be the names of the organizations and the third one should be called Gender Issues.
  2. At the end of your paper, you should cite the web address of the sites you used.
  3. Remember to keep your paper focused on how your issue is specifically related to gender roles, norms and inequality.

Here are some tips from last semester that can help with your internet papers.

  1. Do not leave out sections of the paper that were included in the directions:

  1. Your paper should have an introduction, a conclusion and three sections with bold headings. The first two bold headings should be the names of the organizations and the third one should be called Gender Issues.
  2. At the end of your paper, you should cite the web address of the sites you used.
  3. Remember to keep your paper focused on how your issue is specifically related to gender roles, norms and inequality.
  4. See the example posted for more.

  1. Your assignments are submitted through safe assign so you can check for plagiarism. When I open your safe assign report and there are multiple areas flagged that are directly taken from another source without a single change or quotation mark that is considered plagiarism. I will take 50% off of your grade for plagiarism. I strongly suggest reviewing the multiple resources I have added to this course under the course resources tab in Blackboard if you are confused about this.

Because I am offering a reminder about these things, you will not be able to correct your papers after the due date.

Internet Paper issues from past classes
Internet Paper issues from past classes
Internet Paper issues from past classes
Internet Paper issues from past classes
Internet Paper issues from past classes
Internet Paper issues from past classes

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Student Example Internet Paper 4/8/15 Marriage equality has been an ongoing struggle for both those that agree and disagree with this issue. Some people believe that marriage is only meant to be between a man and a woman, while others believe that it is a human rights issue. - The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property o TFP Student Action was originally founded in 1960 by Plinio Correa de Oliveira, but the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property, which is the American branch, was founded in 1973. TFP Student Action was founded as an anticommunist organization that was inspired by Catholic beliefs. o TFP Student Action is an organization for college students where their traditional beliefs and moral values are defended. They are funded by donations, and they specifically say that they are not government funded. TFP Student Action boasts that they have 75 full-time volunteers and that they have more than 120,000 members nationwide. o Those most likely to be members would be college students that are most likely Catholic and share in the traditional views of this organization. Those least likely to be members would be those that are gay or that do not share in these “traditional” belief systems. - NOH8 o NOH8 was founded by Adam Bouska and his partner Jeff Parshley in 2010. The organization was originally founded in response to Proposition 8 which banned same-sex marriage in the state of California, and then later went on to defend equality and to fight against discrimination and bullying. o This organization used photographs of everyday people to celebrities as a silent sign of protest against Proposition 8. They are able to financially sustain themselves with money that they make from photo shoots and independent donations. Also, they have close to 33,000 faces and they are quickly growing. o Those most likely to be members of this organization would be those that agree with marriage, gender, and human equality. Those that would be least likely to join would be anyone that does not agree that marriage, gender, and human equality are human rights. - Gender Issues o The American Society for defense of Tradition, Family, and Property list 10 reasons for their stance against same-sex marriage: 1) It is not marriage, even if you call it marriage, because marriage I meant as a promise or covenant between a man and a woman. 2) Marriage is rooted in nature, therefore, samesex marriage violates what they consider to be natural. 3) It denies a child either a mother or a father because both parents would be of the same gender, so essentially it ignores the child’s best interest. 4) It validates homosexual lifestyle, including those that are bisexual and transgender. 5) It takes away focus from the moral wrong in order to make something a civil right. They compare this to racial equality, but go on to claim that they are two different issues. 6) It does not create a family, but makes a sterile union because same sex couples could not reproduce without the assistance of a donor of some kind. 7) It defeats the states purpose of benefiting marriage and does not create a beneficial atmosphere for raising children. 8) It promotes acceptance of same-sex marriage on everyone. So by legalizing same-sex marriage the state is promoting it. 9) It is the beginning of a sexual revolution and who will stop legalization of incest, bestiality, pedophilia, or any other “unnatural” behavior? 10) The most important reason: God’s offended. ( o Although NOH8 was founded in response to Proposition 8, they now say that it can be used more broadly and that it can mean something different to each person. Their main focus is to stand against any kind of discrimination and bullying. o Proposition 8 was passed in California in order to ban same-sex couples from getting married. However, since then same-sex couples have the freedom to marry in 37 states, Washington DC, and in some counties in the state of Missouri. o Gender is a key component of this debate because the freedom to marry whomever you want, just like every other freedom we have fought for, affects all of us and it will affect everyone that comes after us. o I think that the functionalist perspective would be fitting for both. People who are anti-same-sex marriage would argue that same-sex marriage would promote an immoral lifestyle which would cause other people to follow suite. If that happened then it would be a domino effect starting with weakened morality followed by legalization of incest, bestiality, pedophilia, or any other unnatural behavior. Also, while children might have two parents and may even be in a loving home, they would be deprived of either a mother or a father. However, people that are for same-sex marriage and that have the same philosophy as NOH8, might argue that acceptance of other people regardless of their physical, sexual, or any other differences would create an environment of peace and equality in our society. Gender inequality is a major issue that plagues all of us. Legalization of same-sex marriage happens to be fairly equal amongst males and females because either everyone can or no one can. It is a human issue not just an issue for men or an issue for women. I am strongly pro-human rights and equality amongst us all, so reading and writing about the first organization, TFP Student Action, was very difficult for me. I believe that it is a beautiful thing to be able to accept another person regardless of their physical or sexual qualities, and also to be accepted in that same way. Works Cited (n.d.). Retrieved April 8, 2015, from About. (n.d.). Retrieved April 8, 2015, from Internet Paper Introduction: It is unsurprising that thirty seven states out of fifty states in the US have now lifted the ban on same sex marriage in the name of marriage equality and freedom. With states as conservative as Kansas legalizing same sex marriage (as of Nov. 12 2014), it is evident that the fight for marriage equality is reaching an end. What’s also clear is that the issue is prevalent enough for societies to re-consider some presumptions and for movements such as ‘Freedom to Marry’ to form and fight for ‘equality nation-wide’. On the other hand, opposing movements and organizations such as religious groups have also formed to resist reformations to legalize same sex marriage and one of the harshest organizations is the WestBoro Baptist Church. Westboro Baptist Church: Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) is an organization that was established in 1955 by Fred Phelps who actually died last year (2014). WBC’s primary aim is apparently to preach against all sin, however, they are specifically against homosexuality and they see America’s tolerance of it as the reason why God is ‘punishing’ them by inflicting misfortunes such as AIDS/HIV viruses, the incident of 9/11 and so on. WBC consist of around 40 members and they perform daily demonstrations in public areas against homosexuality by holding posts that say things like ‘God hates fags’. WBC have been taking actions such as anti-gay picketing since at least 1991 when they started picketing at Gage Park (Topeka). Today, WBC actually pickets at 6 locations every day and they have reported to have picketed in 50 US states and at least 50,000 events nation-wide (Burke). WBC’s source of funding was solely provided by Fred Phelps and his congregation (which were mostly his family), along with any money they would win from winning civil lawsuits. Additionally, WBC don’t accept donations and they never solicited, however, the way they are classified as a non-profit organization means that they are not taxed and any money they won from civil lawsuits was directly poured into the organization as a church. WBC is a family based religious organization that consists of Fred Phelps, his children, their spouses, and his grand-children and a few other families that make up the rest of the count. The most likely people to be members of WBC are Fred Phelps children (9 out of 13 remained in the church) and spouses’ families. Anyone else from society regards WBC as the most obnoxious and harsh hate group that exists today, and that is why they only have 40 members at most. Freedom to marry: Freedom to marry (FTM) was founded in 2003 by Evan Wolfson who is now the president of the organization. Evan Wolfson is an American civil rights attorney who has launched the FTM campaign which engages in legislative lobbying for the aim of achieving marriage equality nation-wide (at a Supreme Court level) and to create a mass of public support for FTM. So far, FTM have been successful in the legalization of same sex marriage in 33 states. FTM’s field strategies include growing groups of ‘first responders, business leaders and clergy who show the diverse majority of support for marriage’. Prior to oral argumentations at the Supreme Court, FTM flood national TV and national media with depictions of families who were hurt by the discrimination; FTM would also print ads and make online campaigns to get all possible support. FTM includes two entities which are ‘Freedom to marry, inc.’ and ‘Freedom to marry action, Inc.’ which FTM uses both to achieve its goals while fulfilling legal requirements. FTM regularly makes fundraisers such as ‘Win more states fund’ and they accept contributions /donations. Contributions to any entity are all pooled toward achieving the same goal of legalization of same sex marriage nation-wide and candidates who run for public office do not receive any funding. FTM features 1346 ‘voices for equality’, a lot of which are government officials, entrepreneurs and politicians. Considering that 37 states out of 50 now recognize same sex marriage means that 72% of Americans live in counties that recognize and license same sex marriage. The most likely to be a member of FTM are liberals and people from the LGBT community; the least likely to be members are conservatives and religious people. Gender Issues: The WestBoro Baptist church regards same sex marriage as America’s ‘number one moral issue’ and sees it as completely contrary to bible doctrine which states that marriage is only supposed to be between one man and one woman. Additionally, they see a ban of same sex marriage as not only a ‘preservation’ of god’s standard, but that its best for ‘health, safety and welfare’ of people. Furthermore, WBC believe that tampering with the Scripture’s definition of marriage (one man and one woman) ruins the symbol of ‘Christ and his bride, the church’. While WBC focus on the religious aspects of same sex marriage, FTM regard it as a civil rights issue in that everyone in America should have the right to marry who-ever they love, focusing on the expressive aspect of marriage which is commitment. Freedom to marry emphasizes on the way in which many committed gay couples cannot secure their relationships with their loved ones because they are being discriminated against even though marriage matters to gay people as much as it matters to everyone else. Additionally, the name ‘freedom to marry’ targets the constitutional guarantee of ‘equal protection and the right to marry’ for everyone. Moreover, FTM emphasize that marriage only requires the two components of love and commitment and that any other factor such as religious recognition of the marriage should not matter. The defense of marriage legislation (DOMA) of 1996 stated that no state is obliged to accept the validity of same sex marriage even if another state recognizes the validity of their marriage. Another legislation that passed for same sex marriage is the State Marriage Defense Act which passed in January 9 2014 and meant that the federal government would recognize the validity of a marriage based on the person’s legal residence rather than the validity of where and when they get married. Gender is a key concern in this debate because there is a huge community of people in every society that has gay, lesbian and transgendered individuals that can love others in exactly the same way that any typical couple can and that hence will have the same desire to marry. To ignore members of the LGBT’s desires to marry simply because they don’t have the same gender ideologies and don’t want to participate in the ‘traditional’ way of marriage is unconstitutional. The legalization of same sex marriage seems logical from the perspective of marriage for love, where as the functional and opposite perspective suggests that the purpose of marriage is to simply regenerate the population and to socialize the young rather than ‘love’. The functional perspective matches more with WBC’s perspective on the matter as they deem it harmful to society. Conclusion: Regardless of whether same sex marriage betters society or hurts society, the government cannot rid a group of people from the expressive dignities of marriage as that would be unconstitutional and discriminatory against a group of citizens who are no less qualified or less capable than any other loving person from society. The reason that most religious affiliations such as WBC would be opposed to same sex marriage is simply because all of us have deeply held ideologies about what is natural and unnatural. Ultimately, the fact of the matter is that the only thing a ban on same sex marriage will do is stop LGBT couples from reaping the benefits of being ‘married’ (such as government benefits), but it will not change their desires to be together and hence we must follow the constitution in accepting everyone equally. Citations page Wong, Curtis M. "Westboro Baptist Church Files Brief Against Challenge To Kansas' Gay Marriage Ban." The Huffington Post., n.d. Web. 12 Apr. 2015. Southern Poverty Law Center." Westboro Baptist Church. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Apr. 2015. EVAN WOLFSON, Founder and President | Freedom to Marry." EVAN WOLFSON, Founder and President | Freedom to Marry. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Apr. 2015. Roadmap to Victory | Freedom to Marry." Roadmap to Victory | Freedom to Marry. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Apr. 2015. Just the Facts." Just the Facts. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Apr. 2015. ...
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