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Analysis Outline Activity: Fill This Out Yourself for Your Own Essay Engaging and Informative Title I. intro—brief introduction of your text (1 page) A. Catchy opening (makes your readers want to continue—engages them in your essay) B. Summarize the essay 1. Author 2. Audience 3. Analysis C. Thesis: what do you have to say about this text that connects its author, its audience, and its content? An example might read: The propaganda cartoon “The Ducktators” employs racial slurs, familiar symbols, and humor to persuade American civilians to buy war bonds during World War II . I. Introduction A. What do you get in return for helping others? Is it fame, fortune, or emotions? The answer depends on the reasons for your actions. B. Summary 1. Thai Life Insurance 2. Consumers of insurance products, animal lovers, individuals who like helping others, and lovers of children 3. Analysis of the rhetorical strategies that the author used in the video to persuade the audience. C. Thesis The author of this advertisement used ethos and pathos as the main rhetorical strategies to persuade the target audience on the value proposition of the organization’s products and services, as well as the positive impacts of the decision on others. II. first main section—the author of the text (1 to 2 pages) A. Who is the author of your text? (Pertinent but not excessive biographical info) B. Why did the author create the text? C. How do the author’s personal experiences affect the text? D. What is the author’s reputation or status: is s/he well-known already? Where? Did the text make the author famous? Infamous? What audiences would this author naturally speak to? E. How does the author reflect social or cultural ideas? II. Creator A. Thai Insurance is one of the leading insurance organizations in Thailand. B To persuade new and existing consumers on the value of their products. C The content of the video reflected the experience of the author regarding the marketing of its product and the perception of consumers on the relevance of insurance products. D The author is a reputable organization in the region, which was enhanced by the content of the content of the video. E The use of a child, homeless dog, and elderly woman all represented the vulnerable members of the society that require the help of others according to the collectivist culture F The author of this video responded to the issue of inequality in the society through the content of this advertisement. III. A. B. C. D. E. F. F. Is your author responding to a historical movement, or does the author represent ideas from a particular period of time? G. What does the reader of your paper really need to know about the author? What is most important for understanding the text being examined? second main section—the audience of the text (1 to 2 pages) Who is the intended audience for the text? How do you know? (discuss context clues: where and when the text appeared, the genre of the text, the language in which it is written, the content) Is there an excluded audience? Who? How do you know? (Is the text deliberately offensive to a certain group? Inaccessible to them? Why?) What is the audience’s relationship to the author? (Fans? Subjects? Rivals? Parishioners?) In what ways did the audience react to the text – what emotional responses occurred? (e.g. anger, acceptance, disbelief, etc.)? If you can’t document this, then talk about how the intended audience would likely have responded, based on their values and characteristics. What type of reaction do you think the author intended to elicit from the audience? Are there any documented responses that the audience had to this text? (e.g. did people boycott something because they saw this ad, or buy a certain product because of this song?) G The author is corporate organization that promoted social responsibility in the society. III. Audience A Consumers, dog lovers, and other members of the public who are skeptical about the relevance of the products to their lives. B The content of the video did not exclude any category of the target audience. C Consumers and competitors D The use of the pathos would likely result in the acceptance of the message in the video E Acceptance of its reputation as a caring organization that would deliver the needs of the audience F While it is difficult to ascertain the documented response the audience to this , the high number of likes that was received by the video is evidence of the level of response IV. third main section—an analysis of the text itself (1 to 2 pages) A. What meanings/messages/themes do you get from the text? How? (Use textual evidence to support your claim.) B. Could there more than one interpretation? If so, how do these differ or overlap? C. Zero in on the content of the text, whether it is primarily words, visual images (a painting), or a combination (as in a film or t.v. show). What is interesting, significant, unique, or memorable about the content? Is it ground-breaking? Controversial in some way? Beautiful? Technologically innovative? Smart? Emotionally powerful? Why? How? This is the body of this section. Look closely at pieces of the text and explain what you see to your reader. D. Is this text explicitly persuasive? Is it effectively so? If it’s not explicitly persuasive, what is the subtler tone? How is that tone effective? Is there some underlying persuasion? (ie. a sad song wants to persuade the listener to feel sad, even if the lyrics don’t actually say that.) IV. Analysis Observe V. conclusion—brief summing up and/or personal insights about the text, author, and audience (1 page) V. Conclusion A When people spread joy and happiness they receive immense love and happiness The starting scene where the man helped the woman to push her truck The scene where the man gave all his money to the beggar The ability of the images and sound of the vide to create powerful emotions in the audience was the most interesting part of the production. The soul song, the expression of despair and sadness on the faces of the people that the man helped contributed to the persuasive power of the video Analyze Support for others is essential for improving society The support people give other can contribute to the attainment of their dreams The author relied on the strength of pathos to deliver the message to the audience and increase their potential to accept the content. The quality of the sound, the images and settings for all the scenes in the video were used as explicit persuasive techniques to convince the audience that the joy and happiness that is experienced by other through acts of kindness can improve our emotional wellbeing. A. B. C. D. Rephrase Author Rephrase Audience Rephrase Analysis Restate and support thesis B Thai Life Insurance succeeded in persuading their prospective customers regardless of their demographics with the content of this advertisement C The organization of the sound and images were effective explicit persuasive techniques D The effective use of the rhetorical strategies contributed to the high rate of acceptance of the content of the video. ...
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Surname 1
Analysis of Video Ad
What do you get in return for helping others? Is it fame, fortune, or the satisfying feeling that
you helped someone? While the answer depends on the reasons that influenced the decision to
lend a helping hand, the advertisement of Thai Life Insurance showed many dimensions of the
outcomes or effects of our kind gestures towards others. Companies use video advertisements as
a persuasive tool to retain the loyalty of current customers and attract the interests of prospective
consumers to the value proposition of the products or services that are produced by the company.
The primary goal is to show the target audience the potential of the company's products or
services to help them to solve their problems or improve their quality of life. It is this premise
that informed the use of the persuasive techniques by the company's advertisement to persuade
both new and existing consumers of insurance products, animal lovers, and individuals that enjoy
lending a helping hand to other members of the community, as well as lovers of children. The
author of this advertisement used ethos and pathos as the primary rhetorical strategies to
persuade the target audience on the value proposition of the organization's products and services,
as well as the positive impacts of their purchasing decision on others.
Thai Life Insurance is one of the leading insurance organizations in Thailand that is
reputed for using the real-life examples to illustrate the value and potentials of its products and
services to the lives of consumers in a different part of the world. The organization

Surname 2
commissioned Ogilvy & Mather to illustrate the different ways that the company helped their
consumers solve their life issues through the decision of the young man in the video to place a
plan under the flow of the water and helped the old woman to the move her stuck food cart onto
the location of her business. Also, Thai Life Insurance discussed not just the financial benefits of
the products but the impact of the decision of on the beneficiaries such as the senior woman that
received a bunch of bananas from the young people and the homeless family that used his
donations to send the daughter to school. The author of his video advertisement used the content
to raise awareness on several issues that affect vulnerable people in the world and how the action
s of unsung heroes continue to change the lives of people in our communities.
An understanding of the needs of the target audience of any advertisement material is
critical to the successful attainment of its purpose including the communication of the values of
the products or services. In the case of the video under review, Thai Life Insurance structured its
contents towards the needs of not just its consumers but a wide range of viewers including critics
of insurance services and its competitors in the industry. Therefore, the utilization of the
elements and principles of the selected persuasive techniques was aimed at helping the audience
to accept its reputation as a caring organization that would deliver the expectations of the
members of the public that are interested in its services. While it is difficult to ascertain the
documented response the audience to this messages and content of this video, the high number of
likes it received is evidence of the level of positive to the information that was shared by its
Meanwhile, the analytical review of the rhetorical strategies showed that the author
focused on the extensive use of appeal to emotions and its credibility to persuade the target
audience of the importance of its content. First, all the acts of kindness of the unidentified man to

Surname 3
others in the video represented pathos, which is required to appeal to the human side of the
viewers, especially the reactions from the observers of the various efforts to bring happiness to
the lives of the people that might not repay his generosity. Secondly, the sound and graphics of
the different scenes in the advertisement were structured to increase its appeal by stimulating a
calming feeling in them since the video lacked dialogue. Thirdly, the author relied on the
strength of its credibility and integrity as reputable insurance to deliver the message to the
audience and increas...

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