34.Follow the instruction to write 800 words integrative summary and a reflection paragraph.

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Follow the instruction to write 800 words integrative summary


The essay must be absolutely academic which means no "I" language.

You should state what is "CSR" and "Should your company invest in this area" in introduction paragraph around two sentences.

There are two sources required, one is given in the instruction under the topic "REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT AND ASYLUM SEEKERS".

And you need to find another reliable academic source later that year 2014 by yourself

References must be in Harvard style and in alphabetic order.

I have attached an example and marking criteria for you to look at.

Please go through every details in instructions very carefully!

Words count must not be lower and higher 10 percent of 800 excluded references.

All the work must be 100 percent original.

Turnitin report is required.

34.Follow the instruction to write 800 words integrative summary and a reflection paragraph.

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MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE ASSESSMENT TASK Academic Communication in Business and Economics (WACB100) ASSESMENT TASK DETAILS PURPOSE OF TASK There are two parts to this assessment: 1. Integrative Summary (800 words) The purpose of this Integrative Summary is to use evidence from two sources in order to outline the economic and social effects on the business and the community if a company engages in the selected social inclusion issue (listed below). Topic: Refugee Resettlement and Asylum Seekers Source1: Detained children risk life-long physical and mental harm Link: https://theconversation.com/detained-children-risk-life-long-physical-andmental-harm-37510 Source2: self-selected reading from a reliable and relevant academic source. Introduction: Provides a brief background to the issue. Includes a thesis statement explaining the stance that will be developed and possibly detailing the structure of the summary. Body (2-3 paragraphs) Develops separate paragraphs outlining the economic and social effects of a particular social inclusion issue on a business . For each paragraph, evidence is synthesised from both sources, comparing and/or contrasting the positions. Conclusion Answers the question “what does this all mean?” The conclusion should not restate the introduction. N.B. All in-text citations should follow the Harvard referencing style. The same applies to the Reference List that should be included on a separate page following the Integrative Summary. You are required to use the three types of voice discussed in class to cite the evidence that you present. Remember that you should try to avoid including direct quotations. Unit Name: Academic Communication in Business and Economics Unit Code: WACB100 Assessment Task: Integrative Summary & Reflection Social Inclusion Issue: Refer to instructions for your assigned issue Total word count: 950 words 2. Reflection Paragraph (150 words) The purpose of this task is to encourage you to reflect on your own writing and on the steps required to avoid plagiarism. To complete this task, you will need to submit your draft to Turnitin at least 24 hours prior to the due date. Take a screenshot of your submission to record your match overview score. It should be less than 10%. If your match overview score is greater than 10%, look at the report and see where you can make changes to reduce your score. Instituting a CSR policy on cooperative conflict resolution to increase job satisfaction Corporate social responsibility (CSR) involves a company behaving in an ethical and socially responsible manner.1 This is not simply meeting legal requirements but going further and examine the social and ethical implications of corporate conduct. As more corporations begin to implement policies to meet their social responsibilities, they remain rightfully concerned with the best use of the assets that they possess. These assets include inventory, accounts, investments, buildings, and equipment to name a few. Although employees may not typically be considered when thinking of assets, they are one of the company’s assets and, significantly, employee job satisfaction may impact on the financial success of a company (Daskalakis 2017, para. 9).2 Corporate culture regarding conflict resolution is an area where perhaps more attention could be focused. This is because determining the best policies for conflict resolution can enhance employee job satisfaction and lead to a variety of positive results (Choi & Ha 2018, p. 1103). Although not necessarily a legal requirement, increasing employee job satisfaction through implementing improved conflict resolution policies is certainly both ethical and socially responsible.3 Hence, this would seem to be an area where the corporation could benefit from implementing a CSR policy4. This paper will investigate the social effect on employees and the economic impact on the corporation to determine whether the implementation of a CSR policy focused on improving conflict resolution policies would have a positive effect on employees and on the economic success of the corporation.5 1 S – Statement: Topic Sentence = General opening statement 2 Narrowing down to the topic 3 Topic 4 Stance 5 Scope Increasing employee job satisfaction is likely to have a profound impact on the corporate culture within a business.6 Citing numerous studies, Choi and Ha (2018, p. 1103) state that job satisfaction can be considered “one of the most significant factors for determining ... organizational commitment and decreased turnover rate”.7 They also refer to several other studies that conclude that individual employee job satisfaction can be affected by the way conflict resolution occurs (Choi & Ha 2018, p. 1103). Daskalakis (2017, para. 5) refers to the influential journal Fortune that publishes a list of the “100 Best Places to Work for in America” demonstrating that employee job satisfaction is of serious concern to many.8 Therefore, changing the corporate culture by instituting a CSR policy to enhance employee job satisfaction by promoting cooperative conflict resolution would seem likely to have a positive social effect on employees and the business.9 Another factor that businesses are concerned with is making a profit. Consequently, it would be detrimental to the company if the cost of implementing this CSR policy were excessive.10 As Daskalakis (2017, para. 9) highlights, the economic success of a business can be impacted by the level of job satisfaction of its employees and can have a beneficial economic impact on the corporation.11 Desrumaux et al. (2015 as cited in Choi & Ha 2018, p. 1108) concur as 6 S – Statement – Topic Sentence: Links back to Thesis Statement 7 E – Explanation – Usually in writer’s voice this uses direct voice to develop the thesis statement. 8 X – eXplanation – Provides further evidence to support the explanation. “also refer to several other studies” shows the relationship between different sources and shows the link to the argument being made. 9 I – Importance – (Appl. P.I.E.) Prediction – Clearly links back to the Thesis Statement 10 S- Statement – Topic Sentence – Clearly links to the Thesis Statement. 11 E – Explanation – Develops the Thesis Statement. Indirect voice used. they conclude work productivity is profoundly influenced by employee job satisfaction.12 Daskalakis (2017, para. 9-10) underscores the importance of this concluding that customer relationships and innovation are pivotal for enhancing value in the modern economy. Although currently share prices do not reflect the impact of employee job satisfaction on business performance, companies whose employee job satisfaction was high had a significantly higher rate of return (Daskalakis 2017, para. 7).13 This better rate of return demonstrates that job satisfaction does have an impact on the economic performance of businesses.14 Therefore, any action taken to increase employee job satisfaction would be likely to have a positive economic impact on the company.15 So, the adoption of a CSR policy on a cooperative model of conflict resolution, which would enhance innovation and promote the free interchange of ideas, may well lead to increased productivity, and decreased staff turnover, as well as create stronger customer relationships. This would result in a positive economic impact to the corporation. Conversely, a corporate culture that encourages cooperation as a means to conflict resolution can result in innovative and inventive solutions as it promotes the free interchange of ideas (Choi & Ha 2017, p. 1103).16 12 X – eXample – Provides further evidence to support the explanation. Shows the relationship between sources (“concur”) 13 X – eXample – Provides further evidence supporting the explanation. Shows the relationship between the sources and links back to the argument (“underscores the importance of this”) 14 I – Importance – (Appl. P.I.E.) Evaluation - This is an evaluation of the evidence (eXample) provided 15 I – Importance – (Appl. P.I.E.) – Prediction -This gives a prediction based on the evaluation just made. This is a good way of adding “extra value” to your work. Not just looking at the surface of the material. 16 I – Importance – (Appl. P.I.E.) Evaluation/Implication – This provides an evaluation and the implications of the implementation of the topic of the paragraph. It also uses indirect voice to provide evidence for the points made in the writer’s voice In conclusion, implementing a CSR policy which encourages cooperative conflict resolution would be of great benefit to the business.17 A CSR policy promoting cooperative-conflict resolution would likely both increase employee job satisfaction and improve the corporate culture resulting in a more positive working environment. This, in turn, would lead to a positive economic impact achieved through greater worker productivity, decreased staff turnover, and improved levels of innovation.18 This type of CSR policy would not only be beneficial to the company but the business could also serve as a model to other corporations.19 It could increase corporate social awareness and enhance the company’s stature within the business community and in society at large.20 Reference List: Choi, Y & Ha, J 2018, 'Learning to adapt: Organisational adaptation to climate change impacts', Social Behavior and Personality: An International Journal, vol. 46, no. 7, pp. 1101- 10, doi: 10.2224/sbp.6940 Daskalakis, G 2017, 'Keeping staff satisfied really is good business, says new study', The Conversation, 24 November, viewed 17 September 2018, https://theconversation.com/keeping-staff-satisfied-really-is-good-business-says-newstudy- 87660 17 S – Statement – Restatement of the Thesis 18 E/X – Explanation/eXample – Summary of the arguments made 19 I – Importance – Concluding Statement highlighting the validity of the Stance 20 I – Importance – (Appl. P.I.E.) Implication – This provides added value by showing the implications of the implementation of the recommendation ...
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Refugee Resettlement and Asylum Seekers


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Refugee Resettlement and Asylum Seekers


Refugee Resettlement and Asylum Seekers
Wars, conflicts, and internal persecutions are forcing an average of thirty thousand people
to flee their homes daily to neighboring countries or states. It is a situation that is contributing to
the annual increase to the 65millon refugees and asylum seekers that UNHCR recorded in 2016
and source of the global crisis that place enormous pressures on the resources that are available
to the government agencies in the host country. Also, the increasing number of children refugees
and asylum seeker in the world is a further reason why private companies must integrate
resettlement and management of the challenges of this vulnerable population in their corporate
social responsibility initiatives. Therefore, the analytical review of ideas and arguments
presented in two articles showed that several long-term economic and social benefits are
derivable from the active involvement of a private company in the government's resettlement
programs for refugees and asylum seekers.
Refugees and asylum seekers are exposed to various harsh conditions that adversely
affect their mental health during their journey from their countries of origin to the host nations
that provide them protection against...

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