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Select one of the health care providers of service identified in your Week Three assignment, Health Care Providers and Products Paper. (Military and Veteran services)

Prepare an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes that discusses the Military and Veteran services

Include the following in your presentation using slide headers to clearly identify each topic listed below:

  • Briefly identify the selected health care service provider selected from your Week Three assignment. (Military and Veteran services)
  • Identify and describe two different services or products they provide.
  • Identify the roles of various stakeholders and emerging roles within the health care service provider selected.
  • Explain how the services or products are financed or paid.
  • Identify current and future trends that may impact this provider of health care services.

Cite at least three peer-reviewed or scholarly references (which may include your textbook) to support your information. For additional information on how to properly cite your sources, check out the Reference and Citation Generator resource in the Center for Writing Excellence.

Format your presentation references according to APA guidelines. Your presentation must include an introduction slide, conclusion slide, and a reference slide. Slides should have no more than 6 bullet statements and details should be in the speaker notes. Points will be deducted for slides that are too crowded and difficult to read. Graphics are encouraged.

Website URL's listed as a reference will not be considered a suitable reference and will not be counted towards the assignment grade. References must be in APA format in order to count towards a grade. Please see the Citation and Reference Generator located in the Center for Writing Excellence for assistance in creating APA formatted references.

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Running Head: HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS AND PRODUCTS Health Care Providers and Products Jonathan Schellhorn Professor Paul Dereadt HCS/235 10/08/18 1 2 HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS AND PRODUCTS Health Care Providers and Products A health care service provider is an individual or an organization providing services which are curative, preventive or rehabilitative to the community. Individuals can check their health status and seek treatment from a healthcare service provider. This paper talks about two types of healthcare services, rehabilitative services, and veteran services. Rehabilitation services and veteran services provide health services to the section or whole of the community to be specific, in the United States. Rehabilitative Services These are services that aid in regaining physical or mental abilities of a patient who have been severely physically injured and require therapy. Rehabilitative therapy helps patients relearn how to return their body to functioning as it used to prior to their injury with the help of exercise and other rehabilitative services. After a physically traumatic life changing event patients tend to also require the help of a psychologist to help combat the depression that typically follows injuries with life changing implications. There are instances where a patient may not be able to participate in civic life, education or in the labor market because, of the mental or physical abilities they might have lost due to impairment caused by injury, diseases or improper treatment, (Frontera et al. 2018). Patients who suffer from physical or mental disabilities have to learn to alter what their new normal life will become. For some patients, they may never be able to physically or mentally get things back to how they used to be prior to their injury; while others may gain full strength and mobility in just a matter of months. Some of these situations are permanent or take a long period of time before they get completely become accustomed to their new lifestyle. For the lucky ones, they only have to take a very short period 3 HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS AND PRODUCTS of time in rehabilitative care to be completely cured and return their lives back to normalcy. For example, a patient might have had an accident that had severely impaired their arm and in turn, developed into a long-term mental illness from the trauma they had to endure. This is why patients require help from the rehabilitative staff during this extremely difficult time in their life, because it is not only about helping them cope with the physical changes, but also the mental challenges that accompany it. The objective of rehabilitation is to assist individuals to control the working of a body that works differently or to avoid secondary complications by maintaining high-level of health. There are many disabilities that might drive an individual to require rehabilitation services. Some of the disabilities include injuries and trauma, diseases and conditions, surgery and prolonged treatment, and drug addictions. Major cases reported to the rehabilitation centers are as a result of drug abuse e.g. cocaine, and bhang. Rehabilitation measures undertaken in the rehabilitation centers like Delta Memorial, target the structures and function of the body, activities, environmental factors and other personal factors. The use of rehabilitative medicine aids in bringing back the normal functioning of the patient’s body that underwent the injury. Rehabilitative therapist improves functions through the diagnosis and treatment of the specific health conditions that impair their patients. These health care providers also prevent treatment complications and impairments through the use of specialized physicians like Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapist, Orthopedist, Psychologists and Physiatrists who typically work in rehabilitation centers. At the rehabilitation center the health care providers sets daily goals for the patients so they can focus on the small victories, so they can overcome all the battles they will face before they are cured. For some long-term rehabilitation patient’s, they will be able to return to a normal life with little, to no 4 HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS AND PRODUCTS physical or mental complications; for other patients they may return home only to remain under the watch of a caregiver. Military and Veteran services The Veteran Affairs Administration (VA) provides a lot of different services and benefits for the men and women who have put their lives on the line to protect this great Country. The VA is the largest integrated healthcare system operating in more than 1,400 care sites which include; community clinics, hospitals, counseling centers, community living centers, and many facilities. The Veteran Affairs enrolls the veteran of the United States armed forces (Military) for a range of services and programs provided by the VA (Green, et al. 2016). A military Veteran qualifies to receive the VA benefits after they are discharged or released from active military service under conditions other than dishonorable. The veterans are also able to receive financial compensations and other forms of services when they have been medically retired from their branch of service due to injuries sustained during their service to their Country. The benefits are extended to their dependent and to their survivors even after their death. The most important benefits to the Military Veteran include the financial compensation, pension, education assistance, home loans, and life insurance covers. |Military veterans and their dependents can visit any of the community clinics, hospitals, or counseling centers to receive veteran services. To be precise, one of the best service provided to the veterans are the burial and memorials provided to them for their great sacrifice and honor to this Country at one of the national cemeteries in the United States. The Veteran will be provided with services such as headstone and markers, Presidential memorial certificate, 21-gun 5 HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS AND PRODUCTS salute, honor guard, a folded American flag for the family and interment at no cost to the Veterans family. Conclusion Rehabilitative and Military and veteran services are two of the most influential and essential health care providers not only to the armed forces, but to anyone who may have been severely injured. Rehabilitative centres should be spread out across the Country in every city across America to provide care to the patients and veterans who desperately need it without having to travel long distances. The rehabilitative services should be included in the military and veteran services for the countless sacrifices the men and women had to give to protect this Country at no additional costs. 6 HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS AND PRODUCTS References Frontera, W. R., Silver, J. K., & Rizzo, T.D. (2018). Essentials of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation E-Book. Elsevier. Green, B. N., Johnson, C.D., Daniels, C. J., Napuli, J.G., Gliedt, J.A., & Paris, D.J. (2016). Integration of chiropractic Services in Military and Veteran Health Care Facilities: a systematic review of the literature. Journal of evidence-based complementary & alternative medicine, 21(2), 115-130. Niles, N. J. (2015). Basics of the U.S. Health Care System (2nd ed.). Retrieved from ...
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Military and Veteran Services: Veteran
Health Administration

VA -largest integrated healthcare system
Operates more than 1200 healthcare facilities

172 are VA medical centers
1,062 are outpatient satellite sites

Healthcare sites include; community clinics, hospitals,
counseling centers, community living centers, and many
VHA has an annual budget of $68 billion

Military and Veteran Services: Veteran
Health Administration

Serve approximately 9
million veterans
Employs more than 300,000
full time healthcare
professionals and allied

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