Select Topic for a written 1500-2000 word (4-6 page) paper

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i provide the instruction and rubric in the file below.

the topic will be " human behavior/economic impacts on Marine ecological environment"

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Biology 20 Rubric for Final Draft of Writing assignment (100pts) 2018 How we use this rubric: For Excellent, Above Average, Average and Below Average quality: if you meet ALL of the criteria in a cell you get the points for that cell; otherwise you will get points for the cell below. For Unacceptable quality, if you meet ANY of the criteria in the cell, you get zero credit. Grammar 0-1 grammatical mistakes. An excellent “A” paper has… An above average “B” paper has… An average paper “C” has… A below average “D” paper has… An unacceptable “F” paper has… Content & Organization Paper is well thought out with an introduction and conclusion. Body of essay is well organized; each paragraph is a complete paragraph, i.e., a Demonstrates control of language, minimal of 3 sentences. including appropriate word choice and Body of essay is logically organized and ideas are connected with clear sentence variety. transitions. All assignment information #1-5 is covered. Facts presented are relevant to the essay. 0-1 spelling errors All five primary sources are cited correctly within text and in Literature 27-30 POINTS Cited section. 36-40 POINTS 2-3 grammatical mistakes. Introduction or conclusion missing. Body of paper is organized; each paragraph is a complete paragraph, i.e., a minimal of 3 sentences. 2-3 spelling errors Facts presented are relevant to the essay. Most assignments information #1-5 is covered Most primary sources are cited correctly within text and in Literature Cited 24-26 POINTS section. 32-35 POINTS Comprehension Facts presented are correct. 4-5 grammatical mistakes. 3-4 facts presented are incorrect. Introduction or conclusion not present. Body of paper is not well organized; most paragraphs are complete paragraphs, i.e., more than 3 4-5 spelling errors sentences. Body of paper is organized and ideas are connected with some transitions. Most facts and assignment information #1-5 is presented are relevant to the essay. 21-23 POINTS Most primary sources are not cited correctly within text and in Literature Cited section. 28-31 POINTS 6-7 grammatical mistakes. Introduction or conclusion not present. Body of paper is not well organized; paragraphs are incomplete paragraph, i.e., less than 3 Has poor control of language, including sentences. appropriate word choice and poor Body of paper is not well organized and ideas are somewhat connected sentence structure with some transitions. Facts presented are somewhat irrelevant to the essay. Assignment information #1-5 is missing from paper. 6-7 spelling errors Primary courses are not cited within text and incorrectly in Literature cited 18-20 POINTS section. 24-27 POINTS 8+ grammatical mistakes. Introduction and conclusion not present. Body of paper is not organized; paragraphs are incomplete paragraph, i.e., less than 3 sentences. Has no control of language, including Body of paper is unorganized and ideas are not connected with transitions. appropriate word choice and poor Facts presented are irrelevant to the essay. Most information #1-5 is not sentence structure and variety. covered. Primary sources are not cited within text and incorrectly or absent in the 8+ spelling errors Literature Cited section. 0-17 POINTS 0-23 POINTS Comprehends the material. 27-30 POINTS 1–2 facts presented are incorrect. Comprehends the material. 24-26 POINTS Somewhat comprehends the material. 21-23 POINTS 5 facts presented are incorrect. Somewhat comprehends the material. 18-20 POINTS 5+ facts presented are incorrect. Does not comprehend the material. 0-17 POINTS Biology 20 – Written (100pts) assignment. Your Task: Select Topic for a written 1500-2000 word (4-6 page) paper from topics outlined below. Written paper: Write a 1500-2000 word (4-6 page) paper on an ecological topic in which you will discuss how science influences and is influenced by complex societies, including political and moral issues. Your lab instructor must approve your topic. General broad topics may include; how humans impact ecosystems, sustainability of resources, economic impacts on ecosystem resources, habitat destruction and/or fragmentation and its impacts on wildlife, human impacts on animal behavior, human population growth and increased environmental impact, global climate change, scarcity of fresh water supplies, how wildlife biodiversity contributes to productivity of ecosystems, energy sources and the impacts to ecosystems, and waste generation and its impact to the ecosystem. A good place to get some ideas for a topic is to look at the “issues” section in each chapter of the text. Your job is to choose a general topic and then focus on one specific area of that topic. This paper should by word-processed, double spaced, 12-point font and is graded on content (include the information outlined below in bold #1-5), as well as, grammar and clarity of your thoughts. You need to include a minimum of FIVE primary sources from which you obtained your knowledge for the paper. You will list all of your cited sources at the end of the paper using APA format in a Literature Cited section. The Literature cited section does NOT count towards the 1500-word count minimum. A primary source is a paper that comes from a peer reviewed scientific journal and written by the person/persons doing the research. Be mindful of plagiarism, and make sure to cite all information correctly. See the syllabus and the library assignment for more details on what plagiarism is and how to avoid it. In your paper, include the following information: 1. Describe the issue and its ecological impact; be specific. 2. Discuss the methods used by the researchers that led them to their conclusions on the topic. In other words, how did they conduct their studies? 3. How was the science influenced by society both politically and morally? 4. Use your knowledge that you have learned about scientific inquiry to question the existing explanations of your chosen topic. 5. Describe any additional questions that remain on this topic. Research Methodology Following the library assignment and reviewing the below example, you will be proficient in using a search engine to find information you need on any subject. As most of you know, search engines are applications that allow a user to search the internet for documents that match specified parameters entered by the user. You can access numerous search engines on 1 the internet, including Yahoo, Firefox, Excite, HotBot, Dog Pile, Mamma, and Magellan. For this search, we will start with Google Scholar (which is more specific for scientific information than just Google). Using a Search Engine Access Google Scholar by clicking your Internet Explorer program and typing . The search engine should appear and you can do a simple search by entering a key word or phrase and hitting the search button on the screen. You may see that a simple word or phrase may yield thousands of hits that show up on your screen. Scrolling through these can be very tedious, so it is best to limit your search. Google allows you a number of ways to narrow your search. Begin first by clicking on “Advanced Search” in the box next to the search box. Limit your search by checking the appropriate boxes on the page that is present. Scroll down further and check any of the boxes that may be appropriate. Unless you are fluent in other languages, you should also select documents written in English. Try your search again. Did you get fewer hits? Other tips you should know: 1) The more words you enter, the more specific your search. 2) Google uses Boolean operators which must be in capital letters (and, or, not). a. and will retrieve documents containing both words typed in your search b. or will retrieve documents including either key words entered c. not will retrieve files not containing the typed keyword following the Boolean operator 3) Double quotes around specific phrases will reference results containing the actual phrase. 4) There are Custom Search Folders developed by Google found to the left of your search entries each time you perform a search. All of your hits are automatically categorized under meaningful sections that may help limit your search. You can access each section by clicking on individual envelopes Due Date and point value: The assignment is worth 100 points total. You will upload your paper to Canvas. It is due in your specific lab section by the end of lab during the week of October 22-24, 2018. We will provide you access to criterion in your lab section. Please visit the following URL to use and setup your account on criterion; Criterion is an online writing evaluation service that enables students to get feedback on their writing prior to submitting a final document to your instructor. 2 ...
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Human Behavior/Economic Impacts on Marine Ecological Environment
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Human Behavior/Economic Impacts on Marine Ecological Environment
Over the years, human beings have been relying on the oceans and other marine
resources for food and other economic benefits. However, there is much pressure on the marine
resources that has led to the degradation of marine life thus negatively affecting the ecosystem.
The impacts of human activities on land have also been evident in the marine ecological
environments in wastes from industries, and other land activities are discharged into the oceans,
lakes, and rivers recklessly (Qu, Tsai, Tang, Xu, & Dong, 2016). There a lot of human activities
that negatively impacted the marine life and if there are interventions put in place to curb the
activities, the situation will get worse. This paper will thus be focusing on the issue associated
with human activities and the ecological impact, the influence of morality and political aspects of
science among other areas relative to the topic.
Pollution of the Marine Ecological Environment
This has over the years been a matter of concern in which the human activities have
continuously been endangering the sea creatures. These activities take different forms and would
be directly associated with the marine ecosystem or indirectly associated. The causes of marine
pollution include sewage wastes, land runoff, chemical discharge from industries, large-scale oil
spills, ocean mining, and littering. Each of these causes of pollution will be discussed in details
in the following section.
Sewage wastes
The wastes from homes or industries are in most cases channelled to a water outlet like
rivers and drainage systems which are eventually discharged into oceans or large water bodies
(Qu et al., 2016). This, therefore, means that every other industry that is set up would be focusing



on the infrastructure that will channel its wastes to sea water or rivers witho...

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