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  • I attached my previous work here and my topic is "International Tourism"
  • Select one specific business or region to focus on - you can use one that you profiled in section 5
  • Take a hard look at what is currently happening in the business landscape in this area
    • IE - how are wildfires in Sonoma affecting wine tourism? How is the tourism boom affecting life in Iceland? etc
  • Using this analysis, please explain the following:
    • Is business good or bad right now? Explain and support your answer in detail and provide statistics
    • Can the success (or failure) of your focus area be expanded to help the entire industry?
    • What makes this area truly unique to the visitor AND is the tourism community leveraging this uniqueness?
    • What lessons can be learned from this specific area of focus for the tourism industry?

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1. Introduce the topic and explain the motivation for selecting it “Preliminary arrival data from UNWTO for 2010 shows international tourism arrivals recovered strongly in 2010. Worldwide, the number of international tourist arrivals reached 935 million, up 58 million, almost 7 percent from 2009. Following the year of global recovery in 2010, tourism is expected to grow in 2011 at a 4 to 5 percent rate, slightly above the long term average.” (Mcintosh, Robert Woodrow) International tourism is visitors travel to another country. People are not satisfied with national travel and they want to explore more on different countries’ culture. In a result they travel to different country to enjoy food, art, music, heritage, history, architecture, etc. by plane, ship, car, train. As we discussed in the class, tourism is mainly about food and culture. International tourism gives a blend of culture experiences. People are learning from it. Travelling across countries also broaden their horizons. As students in tourism major, we are eager to dig more about different countries like connections, similarities, and uniques. It gives us an overview of what is international tourism looks like. Also, it is good to learn more tourism knowledge for our career. 2. Describe what specifically the industry is - answer the usual reporter questions of Who, What, When, Where, & Why were applicable As International Tourism is heated today, the travellers from all around the world are our target market. They travel anytime and anywhere. Several reasons like business, leisure are accepted. The most important reason we found travelers travel globally is the culture which includes food, art, music, architecture, handcraft, geography, and last but not least the local lifestyle. We are very happy to see that tourism becomes the biggest industry in the world(class powerpoint). when: international tourism travelers are the people who travel once a year to a location for any purpose of recreation, medical care, religious observations, international sport and culture events. When these domestic activities take place they directly support the location and what it stands for and can be done any time during the year. 3. Provide a brief history of the topic - When did it start all the way to present day International tourism is a primary source of growth for many countries. Tourism that brings people to these locations bring a large demand for these rich or poor countries. Travel has always been popular but not always affordable, but for more wealthier travelers international travel was always a must. This international travel was great for the economies back then and still to this day the international travel helps economies grow. Traveling back then did not have such a large impact as it does today, the current state of international tourism has grown very large making it more of a norm. International tourism for some countries is easier than others, grabbing the attention of future travels involves some sort of marketing and to attract the tourist but today with all the social media outlets it's much easier for a country to get travelers to look into their destination. The industry of tourism will continue to grow and international tourism will begin to sky rocket with all the new generations being so curious about new cultures, food, and more, being both positive and negative for these countries because the tourism industry does have a huge impact on their homeland. 4. Explain how current day travelers interact with this topic “The development of tourism is significant. From the World Tourism Organization’s data base, 2017 International tourism is the highest in seven years and will continue growing”(UNWTO). As more and more visitors travel around the world, they interact with International Tourism with a variety of ways. For example, many backpackers live in the local home and hitchhiking for the transportations. Also, visitors use “airbnb”such local home rentals to interact with the community and International Tourism. There are 150 million users in airbnb and it covers about 65000 cities based on 2017 databases. Also, many companies use it for work(Smith, Craig).The concept of “share” is popular and it is becoming a trend. Project Part 4: State of the Industry The travel industry is one of the world’s largest industries with global economic contribution of over 7.6 trillion dollars in 2016 alone. However, the impact economic impact from things such as transportation, accommodation, entertainment, and attractions was approximately 2.3 trillion dollars that same year. The United States and France continue to consistently be the most popular tourism destinations but smaller countries like Cambodia, Thailand, Peru, and India are quickly emerging. They are essentially obtaining some economic benefits from the industry. The travel and tourism industry has also produced 108,741,000 jobs directly in 2016. That number includes all jobs that came from hotels, travel agencies, airlines and other means of transportation services. According to the Travel and Tourism Council, travel and tourism will account for 138,086,000 jobs internationally, an increase of 2.2 principal amount over the next ten years. In 2017, 8.8 million American jobs were supported by domestic and international travelers in the United States. In 2017 alone, 1.24 billion people traveled internationally. The yearly number of travelers has been steady each year and only decreased during years of economic depression. The largest number of visitors per year, continues to be Europe. However, in recent years Asia is continuing to grow and become the second largest area to visit. Travel and tourism made 8.27 trillion dollars to the global economy in 2017. Countries with the largest spending include China, the United States and Germany. Dubai is actually the leading city in international visiting spending making it the fourth most popular destination in the world. The most popular tourist attraction in the world is the Las Vegas Strip with about 40 million visitors per year. Worldwide, the international travel industry has experienced a steady growth every year. According to the Statistics Portal, international tourist arrivals increased from 528 million in 2005 to 1.19 billion in 2015. Figures were forecasted to exceed 1.8 billion by 2030. Europe does receive the most international arrivals as well as producing the most travelers helping contribute to the growing industry. Industry growth International tourism is one of the largest growing segments in the hospitality industry. Recently the number of international tourist arrivals worldwide increased tremendously making developing regions a larger market for tourism. The numbers have grown from 684 million in 2000 to 880 million in the year of 2009 of the international tourist arrivals worldwide according to International Tourism in the OIC countries. Considering that international countries have their own issues these places still have a large tourism rate regardless of what is happening in the country. For instant regions such as the Middle East, Asia & Pacific and Africa do face negative factors that can reduce the amount of travelers but still remain above average for developing regions for tourism. Now that tourism is at its peak of growth there are always negative factors that can cause tourist to not travel internationally. Wars, one large reason why there’s a halt on traveling because it brings out the world’s weak economic conditions. Other reasons include natural disasters which are not permanent but does put a pause on traveling, but not enough of a pause to stop travelers from ever returning again. The international tourism sector reaches its all-time high and has a high potential for development. International tourism is growing it gives the world a rich and diverse natural, geographical, historical, and culture heritage that the world needs to see therefore, it is a very important and growing sector this will bring in more and more revenue each year. The contributions to international travel are endless from business to leisure travel it will be the largest growing market to target for future generations. What factors motivate travelers to engage with this industry? Business would be a good reason to travel. People who always work for their companies, especially overseas ones, need to plan the trips for themselves so they are engaging with this industry. According to the International Trade Forum Magazine, people travel for business accounts for nine percent for the whole International Tourism industry (International Trade Center). Leisure is one of other reasons motivates travelers to participate in International Tourism industry. Sometimes, people want to step out of the familiar environment and meet new friends to relax. They want to enjoy a good time or holidays from busy work. Study is a common reason for travelling abroad. As every country is building more and more colleges and universities, students want to have into a better education or study from different perspectives as they can travel to another country. Another side of travelling abroad, people could always travel to learn knowledge like culture, heritage, and history. Sometimes, people would like to improve themselves both in their body and their mind by being isolated from outside world. It is called “retreat”. Jack Ma retreats at least one a year especially before making important decision. “Bill Gates recently spent seven days at his hideaway cottage on a cedar forest waterfront, partaking in a twice-yearly ritual he calls his “Think Week.” (Muller) In the buddhist term, Retreat refers to the monk live alone, not interact with anyone, retreat the Dharma, and only go out for a certain time. To explain it simple, the practitioners shut themselves down in the closed house or area, avoid contacting anyone, meditation for a long time. What current travel trends or events are impacting your industry? Photography by phone or professional equipments are popular these years as International Tourism is heating. People always want to take photos for the moments they have emotional changes or discover something. Even myself bought a gopro to take pictures and videos these years I study in America before going back to China. “Sharing Economy” concept has raised the eyebrows in the world. Internet bar is an old one of sharing economy, but there are way more than that of sharing concept. For example, in China, Bicycle-sharing is popular from 2016, also like basketball-sharing, umbrella-sharing, ktv-sharing, laundry-sharing, bookstore-sharing, sleep module-sharing, fitness-sharing, dorm-sharing(always in the summer holiday), etc. Term Project Section 5 - Destination Profiles (France, Thialand & China) France The first destination chosen is France. According to Forbes, France is the top destination in terms of overall over all visitor numbers. In 2017, 86.9 million people visited France. France was also a top spender on tourism as well. They came in at 4th for top spending at $41.4 billion. They were behind China at $257.7 billion, the United States at $135 billion, Germany at $89.1 billion and the United Kingdom at $71.4 billion. Over half of these of these visits were for leisure and were traveled to by plane. Paris, the capitol, is one of the most visited cities in the world and international spending in the city alone is around 13 billion dollars. Paris in particular, has plenty to offer, from the Eiffel Tower to art museums and even some adventure in Disneyland Paris. It's these world class attractions that keep people coming back to Paris, France. There are so many popular destinations in France which is why so many people travel there. One of the most popular is the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel tower sees about 7 million people a year. It was made for the World’s Fair of 1889 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution. Today, it is a popular destination for families and couples alike. Another popular thing to do in France is to visit the Musee de Louvre. It is the world’s largest art museum and a historic monument in Paris. In 2017, it was the world's most visited museum. The museum features a wide variety of art including Egyptian mummies, Leonardo’s Mona Lisa, and the Venus de Milo. Disneyland is also a very popular destination for travelers when going to France. The park saw almost 10 million visitors last year alone. This is a very popular place for families to visit because of all the attractions this amusement park has to offer. France doesn't just offer popular attractions and landmarks but also a chance to relax on their pristine beaches. St. Tropez and Cannes on the French Riviera is a popular destination among the rich and famous to go and sunbathe but there is also more laid back places to relax like on the beaches of Brittany. The country does offer some history along with the beaches. Tourists can can take a tour of the D-Day beaches in Normandy or the town of St. Malo which was once a hideaway for the French Pirates. With all that France has to offer for tourists, it only accounts for about 9% of the GDP, which is actually the global average. It is a leading tourist market for the European travel industry. According to Statista, travel and tourism contributed to a total of 198.3 billion euros to GDP in France, while creating 2.8 billion jobs. France will continue to lead as a popular destination for international tourism. Thialand Next, Thailand is one of the most developed tourism markets in Asia. Known for its hospitality and beautiful beaches, historical attractions, cuisine, eco-lifestyle and affordable living. According to Tourism Industry in Thailand, 2016 records show a number of 32.6 million visitors and is expected to increase with years to come. Thailand has so many growth opportunities that by the year of 2020 Thailand is expected to reach 40 million visitors. Bringing in more tourism the capital city of Thailand, Bangkok ranked in the top 10 cities for the most attractive cities to visit. Being ranked in the top 10 brings growth to the country creating more hotels, airports, roads, railways, and ports. With more ways to get to Thailand the Thai government has made visa procedures easier, with the competition of neighboring country’s the Thai government made it less of a hassle for visitors to come into the country. For Chinese and Indiana tourist the Thai government came up with a six-month multiple month entry visa and reduced the visa-on-arrival charges. Also tourist from 19 countries has had their waived visa fees, and tourist from 52 countries, like the Netherlands can stay up to 30 days when coming from an international airport. Since Thailand is one of Asia’s prime tourist destinations the boarding land checkpoints from neighboring countries can stay a maximum of 15 days. These visa policies make Thailand more of an appealing country for long and short term visits. Tourism in Thailand is one if the main economic sectors accounting for 6-7%of its GDP (According to Tourism industry in Thailand). Thailand growing creates more revenue and in 2016 revenue reached was 2.5 trillion THB (71 billion USD). From the international markets 1.6 Trillion THB and 870 billion from domestic markets and expected increase in coming years. Thai government is now focusing on attracting more ‘quality’ tourist. Thailand’s hotel industry has been well-developed, neighboring countries bring a lot of tourist. Thailand has been known to be a popular weekend break destination therefore making the average time spent 3 nights, but with Thailand’s extreme growth it is expected to grow 6.2% and following that the total number of hotel rooms is to grow 5.4%. Now with new forms of hotel and lodging Airbnb becomes a factor because guest who stay at an Airbnb tend to stay for the 7 nights however, they do not pose a threat to the hotel business of Thailand. Now becoming the hub of Southeast Asia, Thailand aims to transfer into a country of value-based economy through innovation, knowledge, technology and creativity. With market plans to become a sustainable tourist destination where the prefer quality over quantity they aim to promote Thailand as a ‘Preferred Destination’ that will attract tourist from all over the world by incorporating Thai culture in the tourism campaign. Thailand wants to create new niche markets to highlight things such as medical, wellness, honeymoon and sports markets. Business tourism has been on a rise in Thailand, business travel spending is accounted for 23.4% of travel and tourism's industry’s contribution in 2015. Medical tourism is Thailand is growing at a very large rate known to be the world’s leading medical hubs. Now that Thailand is becoming more known and is creating ways to become a tourist destination and taking the time to make more roads, trains, air travel, and hotels. Thailand is one of the most developed countries in Asia and will continue to grow with years to come. China China is always doing a good job on spend money on overseas tourism. According to the picture [1], China is paying way more than any other country on International tourism. [1] It does not mean that Chinese has a lot of people and get more money, but also their educational level, the concepts of experiencing and enjoying different cultures. Let us see the change of China itself(pic.[2]). This is a tremendous change from 2000 to 2017 which is 134.5 million increase. Can you image that? We could definitely say that China is a leading country of International tourism. Why China has this big change? It is because the reform and opening. Not to be offensive, but it is not like the opening forced by “the Eight-Power Allied Forces”. It was Chinese leader Deng proposed. He was be demote and forced to be a farmer, but he resist his principle of inform and opening. He also suggested that China should focus on economic as other parts were developing. Because of this, China has an opportunity to increase the productivity and becoming so strong on economic comparing to the past. From current prices GDP, China made itself the second in the world in 2017(Смоленцев). China was dumping other countries behind with the United States. For the PPP valuation of GDP, China went to the number one(Смоленцев). It is a fact that China is being strong on economic, so it is one of the reasons why more Chinese visitors coming to the world to travel. China, as a developing country was always be questioned like “environment problem”, proved itself and is being a leader on environmental problems like global warming. (Cripps) (Gillis) China does not only travel around the world. This country is making itself better to attract people. China is an only existing independent ancient country in the word. It lives for about five thousand years, and there are always something we could explore and learn about. I have visited Metropolitan Museum of Art and I saw a lot of Chinese arts like paintings, writings, and even some windows. Chinese culture has a lot of disadvantages, but it is not the reason for us not to learn it. We can taking its essence and reject the dross. After you take step into this culture you will be surprised and love one at least. Because of this, China is trying hard to make its brand. The successful examples are like Shanghai and Beijing, two significant countries. Beijing contains traditional ways of living and Shanghai is more like capitalism province. Every area is worth going to. I could not even count how many scenic spots. China as a country which send a big amount of overseas visitors every year and keeps pace of the International Tourism, we could definitely say it is a leading country in the world. Works Cited Carson, Erin. "Top 10 Reasons to Go to Franc ...
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Tourism in France
Tourism is an important sector in the economies of many countries in the world.
Therefore, many countries are struggling to make themselves leading tourist destinations by
creating and preserving tourist attraction sites. France is not like most countries. The country is
the leading tourist destination and enjoys a significant number of visitations every year. Other
countries and areas in the tourist industry will gain by applying methods applied by France in
their sectors.
Business in the French tourism sector is currently excellent. Statistics support the claim
that France is performing better than most countries. According to Forbes, the country is the
most visited country in the whole world. Forbes estimated that ...

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