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Read the four PDF documents in the files below, and decide whether or not the investigators had enough evidence to request a search warrant. Your response should be either yes or no and then you are to write a one to two page report supporting your decision. As long as you support your decision you cannot be wrong but again your decision must be supported.

This should take a bit of research by you so do cite your sources, my book may be one source.

Here is the e-book link:

Write a paper 2 to 3 page paper using APA format (Search google for "APA Format)" supporting your decision for the above discussed scenario.

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SIMULATED  DETECTIVE  REPORT  –  EDUCATIONAL  USE  ONLY   City  of  Monterey,  CA  Police  Department   Detective  Investigation  Status  Report     Date   09  December  2009   Time   11:30  AM   Affiant   Detective  Joe  Friday   Case  Number   MT-­‐2009-­‐12-­‐015   Report  Number   001     Summary   Possible  cat  exploitation  possession  investigation.         Cause  for  Action   Received  a  call  from:   Aaron  Greene   123  Cloudy  Hill  Drive   Monterey,  CA  93940     Aaron  Greene  had  purchased  a  used  computer  from  a  seller  on  Craig’s  List,  a  web   site.  When  Aaron  Greene  started  this  computer,  she  found  that  the  previous  owner   had  not  erased  the  hard  disk  computer  drive.  She  claims  to  have  found  kitty   exploitation  movies  and  pictures  on  the  computer.     Action  Taken   Officers  were  sent  to  Aaron  Greene’s  house  to  take  possession  of  the  computer,   which  Greene  voluntarily  released.       Greene  also  gave  the  name  of  the  seller:   Terry  Johnson   Email:     No  other  information  was  available.     Outcome   Computer  has  been  recovered,  logged  as  evidence  (MT-­‐2009-­‐12-­‐015-­‐EV001)  and   sent  to  forensics  lab.     SIMULATED  DETECTIVE  REPORT  –  EDUCATIONAL  USE  ONLY   City  of  Monterey,  CA  Police  Department   Detective  Investigation  Status  Report     Date   10  December  2009   Time   09:30  AM   Affiant   Detective  Joe  Friday   Case  Number   MT-­‐2009-­‐12-­‐015   Report  Number   002     Summary   Kitty  exploitation  found  on  computer,  investigation  proceeding.     Cause  for  Action   Forensic  tech  identified  several  known  kitty  exploitation  videos  and  images  on  the   recovered  computer  (MT-­‐2009-­‐12-­‐015-­‐EV001),  and  a  possible  owner.  Based  on  the   data  recovered  from  the  computer,  we  believe  that  the  original  owner  of  the   computer  was  a  local  company,  called  M57  Patents.  The  user  of  the  computer  was   named  Jo  (no  last  name  available).     Action  Taken   Further  investigation  is  necessary  to  determine  if  Jo  was  the  owner  of  the  files,  and   to  determine  if  any  further  incriminating  evidence  is  available.  From  business   records,  we  have  determined  that  the  owner  of  the  company  is  Pat  McGoo.  We  are   considering  contacting  McGoo,  rather  than  pursuing  a  warrant.     Outcome   Discussion  with  Chief  of  Detectives  about  contacting  McGoo  and  pursuing  a   voluntary  search.     SIMULATED  DETECTIVE  REPORT  –  EDUCATIONAL  USE  ONLY   City  of  Monterey,  CA  Police  Department   Detective  Investigation  Status  Report     Date   10  December  2009   Time   4:30  PM   Affiant   Detective  Joe  Friday   Case  Number   MT-­‐2009-­‐12-­‐015   Report  Number   003     Summary   Contact  with  Pat  McGoo;  authorized  voluntary  search.     Cause  for  Action   After  evidence  of  kitty  exploitation  was  found  on  the  computer  referenced  in  prior   reports,  CoD  determined  that  the  best  course  of  action  would  be  to  meet  with   McGoo  and  pursue  a  voluntary  search  of  as  much  information  as  possible.  The   decision  was  made  to  pursue  a  warrant  only  if  required.     Action  Taken   Detectives  Friday  and  Gannon  met  with  McGoo  at  M57  Patents.  We  were  able  to   speak  to  him  privately.  McGoo  indicated  that  the  computer  was  probably  stolen,   having  been  told  it  was  non-­‐functional.  McGoo  confirmed  that  Jo  was  an  employee.   McGoo  was  cooperative,  but  wanted  to  speak  with  a  lawyer  before  authorizing   search.       Outcome   McGoo  has  contacted  a  lawyer,  and  seems  to  intend  to  authorize  a  search.  McGoo   has  promised  not  to  tell  employees,  and  will  contact  us  with  a  decision  tomorrow   morning.     SIMULATED  DETECTIVE  REPORT  –  EDUCATIONAL  USE  ONLY   City  of  Monterey,  CA  Police  Department   Detective  Investigation  Status  Report     Date   10  December  2009   Time   5:00  PM   Affiant   Detective  Joe  Friday   Case  Number   MT-­‐2009-­‐12-­‐015   Report  Number   004     Summary   Warrant  granted  for  USB  thumb  drive  owned  by  Jo.       Cause  for  Action   Forensic  technologists  were  able  to  determine  from  the  computer  that  a  USB  thumb   drive  possibly  owned  by  Jo  was  used  to  connect  to  the  computer,  and  possibly  used   to  transfer  kitty  exploitation  material.       Action  Taken   With  the  assumption  that  the  USB  thumb  drive  is  owned  by  Jo,  we  have  requested   and  been  granted  a  warrant  to  seize  the  USB  drive.  The  warrant  was  based  upon   data  found  on  the  computer  MT-­‐2009-­‐12-­‐015-­‐EV001.  The  warrant  has  been  logged   as  MT-­‐2009-­‐12-­‐015-­‐W001.     Outcome   If  we  are  granted  permission  to  search  computers  at  M57  Patents,  we  will  execute   the  warrant  and  seize  the  thumb  drive  (if  it  is  in  Jo’s  possession)  at  that  time.  If  not,   we  will  make  a  decision  about  when  to  execute  the  warrant.     ...
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