memo draft .

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Please. I had bad experience before, so please if you dnot understand anything from my structures let me know.

In the attached my actual memo before i turned it in. I added pics of the actual draft that the professor wrote note in hand written. Please make sure to follow Career Memo Assignment its attached too

that the articles for my memo

memo draft .
memo draft .

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DATE: September 4, 2018 TO: Business and Professional Communications Class FROM: Barbara Mulligan SUBJECT: Assignment Sheet for Career-Issue Memo Project For this project, you will be writing a memo to Howard Wagner, your supervisor at Keystone Holdings, Inc., regarding an article you have selected and reviewed. (Keystone Holdings, Inc., can be any type of company you would like it to be—as it relates to your career and interests.) After locating three top journals (in the RMU stacks or RMU online database) in your major field of study, select and photocopy or download an article from one of them. The article should treat a topic in detail (2,000-3,000 words or so). Because you will be using this article for two assignments—a written memo and a brief oral presentation—you will want to select an article that truly interests you and relates to issues of the workplace. For your written article summary, please do the following: • • • Critically read and then summarize the article: Determine the article’s main points and briefly summarize these in the memo, showing how these points are important for your company. Enhance readability: Present information clearly in both content and form. In other words, in addition to looking at language issues, consider how you can visually present the information to make it easy to read by using sound principles of memorandum layout. Role play: Begin and conclude with role-playing moves to make this memo sound more natural. For instance, you should start by setting the context for the memo by reminding Mr. Wagner why you are writing it and how you think the information you have researched relates to Keystone. Here is the scenario: Howard Wagner, your supervisor at work, has recognized you as a motivated individual with special knowledge and interest in [article topic of your choice]. Mr. Wagner believes that this topic will be critical for Keystone Holdings, Inc., in the 21st century. He has asked you to uncover the latest information on your topic with hopes that the information can be used to the company’s benefit. He may ask you eventually to research the topic further, but currently he has asked you simply to consult one of the leading journals. (This implies that you might want to offer to research the topic further as you conclude your memo.) Here is how you might structure the content of your memo: • First, as stated above, set the context—that you are responding to the CEO's request. This may include that you are addressing a problem or concern or need at the business. • Then, state that in your research you came across a helpful article that can help meet that problem, concern or need; provide the title of the article, the author’s name, and a brief (1-2 sentence) summary of the article. • Next, point out the highlights of the article and how the information, again, more specifically can benefit the company or meet some business need. • In closing the memo, you may make a formal recommendation or propose a change in procedure and/or some new way of doing business. Also, tell the boss that you are available to do more research and would be glad to discuss the matter with him further. When submitting this assignment, include only up to five pages of the article with your memo— DO NOT HAND IN MORE THAN FIVE PAGES. For your brief (up to 5 minutes) oral presentation of the article’s key points and the connections to the company, you will create a PowerPoint presentation (5-10 slides). The slides may contain an outline of your discussion. Be sure and use images and make the presentation visually appealing. Project Deadlines – The first memo draft is due in class on _______(hard copy). We will have a peer review. Then, I will collect it and make further edits/comments. – The final memo draft is due in class on the day of your oral presentation/PP (TBA). Writing Guidelines – Memo should be two pages—NOT LONGER. – All papers must follow official memo format. – They must be typed and on white paper. – Single-space every line but double-space between paragraphs. – Use one-inch margins and 12-pt. type, with clear fonts (i.e., Calibri, Arial, Times Roman). – Thoroughly proofread your writing for spelling and grammatical errors. – Late papers will not be accepted. THE ORAL PRESENTATION The oral presentation (approximately five minutes) should include the following: • how you did your research • what article you used • what your main findings were • how you applied these findings to the benefit of your company • how you put the memo content together (content structure) • how you put the memo design together (design structure) • what you learned about business writing and/or writing in general THE POWERPOINT PRESENTATION The PowerPoint can be from five to ten slides based on what you feel is necessary. I recommend that you show your memo on a slide or slides. When talking about the main points of your memo (the information you gleaned from your article), you could do some sort of bulleted list on a slide or two. An important quotation (or two) could go on a slide. Just remember not to put too much copy on one slide. And every slide should have an image of some sort. Keep in mind that the PowerPoint is a visual complement to what you are saying—it is not the speech itself. All oral presentations must be done on the assigned due date. Point Scale: – Memo First Draft: – Memo Final Draft: – Memo Oral Presentation and PowerPoint: TOTAL POINTS 20 points 50 points 30 points 100 points Attached: Memo Project Rubric and Oral Presentation/PP Rubric RMU/Business and Professional Communication Career-Issue Memo Rubric Name: ______________________________________________ 45-50 A 40-44 B 35-39 C Below C Specific/compelling title Clear title Weak title Vague/Poor title Properly formatted and two pages long Mostly follows memo format and length Some formatting errors/ memo too long or short Many formatting errors/memo too long or short Audience focused— primary/secondary Audience focused— primary Audience focus lacks clarity Audience focus is unclear Sufficient, thorough research; content is well summarized, simplified Adequate research; content is summarized and fairly simplified Limited research/ content and not well summarized, simplified Poor research/ content and not well summarized, simplified Clear, concise writing, using plain language (conversational but professional); brief paragraphs Chiefly clear, concise writing, using plain language; mostly brief paragraphs Writing is unclear and vague in places; paragraphs too long Writing is unclear/ vague throughout entire memo; paragraphs too long Uses bolding, bulleting, underscoring to get biggest points across Uses some bolding, bulleting, and underscoring Uses little bolding, bulleting, and underscoring Uses no bolding, bulleting or underscoring Positive tone Mostly positive tone More neutral tone Negative tone Courteous Mostly courteous Hardly courteous Not courteous Bias-free language Has one example of biased language Has several examples of biased language Has many examples of biased language Clearly proofread—no spelling/grammar errors Proofread—a couple grammar/spelling errors More than three spelling/grammar errors Not proofread— multiple errors Accomplishes all assignment goals Accomplishes many assignment goals Accomplishes some assignment goals Accomplishes few, if any, assignment goals Comments: RMU/Business and Professional Communication Career-Issue Memo Oral Presentation/PP Rubric Name: ______________________________________________ Criteria Comments Points Memo Research and Application Discusses the source of the research (article) and explains main findings; information should be specific and clear (watch jargon, and be sure and simplify technicalities). Then, explains how information applies to/benefits Keystone. Summarizes structure of memo content. /5 Memo Design Discusses how memo is designed, including the use of formatting techniques—e.g., headings, bolding, bullets, numbers, spacing, paragraph length, etc. /5 Knowledge Gained Explains the challenge and process of condensing the article/research to a two-page memo. Shares what was learned about business writing, along with writing and editing in general. /5 Oral Delivery Speech is not read and obviously practiced; eye contact, volume and pace are good; speech is audience-centered and no more than 5 minutes. Attitude and demeanor are enthusiastic, positive and upbeat (start with a smile!). /5 PowerPoint Presentation Slides compliment speech and do not distract from it; speaker uses slides appropriately; slides are visually appealing with clear images—and not copy heavy. Slide of article title/front page and a slide of the memo are included. /10 Total Points Further Comments: /30 ...
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School: UIUC

Hi, i have completed the assignment. see the attached documents below.

Running head: MEMO DRAFT


Memo Draft
Institution Affiliation



TO: Howard Wagner, Supervisor
FROM: Mr. Michael Brown, Human Resource Assistant
DATE: September 25, 2018
SUBJECT: The Role of Human Resources in Performance Management

I embarked on the study on the role of human resource in performance management in
small and medium-sized enterprises as per your request. Keystone Inc. can be considered as a
medium size organization, but considering its growth, it will be a large-scale firm in
approximately the next five years. It is vital to ensure that all departments in our firm, are
running smoothly and meeting their obligations professionally. The Human resource department
is a crucial organ in Keystone Holdings and has been in existence since the formation of the
company. It has played a key role in managing human resources in the firm. Today, performance
management is the responsibility of the human resource department. During my research, I came
across an article that has content that will be beneficial to Keystone Holdings. The article; the
role of human resources in performance management of SMEs which focuses on a case study of
the Republic of Macedonia, and it can be used to reflect on our organization. The author of the
article is Selajdin...

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Thanks, good work

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