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attached u will find a reflection paper about a filmed musical play. I want you please to paraphrase the whole thing into other words but same ideas.

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Newsies I really enjoyed the movie the Newsies for many reasons, but the most important reason for me was because it was a play inside of a movie. I really enjoyed this aspect because it reminded me almost as an inception of some kind. I just thought to myself during the movie that this is an inception because they are filming a play, which was like a movie about a play. Most times it is either a movie or a play, but in this case, it is a movie about a play. I also really enjoyed the characters, especially Jack, he was an incredible actor. I also really enjoyed the story behind the play, it was very deep in understanding and in meaning. For the audience the understanding was how to understand how the newsies felt about the way they were being treated unfairly and the prices going low did not help. Also, in order to understand how they were being treated, the audience had to feel exactly the meaning of being mistreated. In order for the audience to feel mistreated, the newsies boys really displayed the brutality and unfairness of the newspaper industry. The meaning behind this was definitely seen in the play with all of mistreating and then the meaning went deeper into play when they started the union and strike. The audience was then able to feel and understand the meaning of family, especially after the strike when everyone was reunited. This leads me to my second opinion on the play which was what I disliked about the movie. I honestly did not dislike anything in this movie, the only thing I had a problem with was that all of the actors were extremely fit, which was really unrealistic. Every actor was almost blemishless. Other than that, everything was very smooth, including the plot, in which everything had a meaning to it when stated and it all flowed in chronological order. The music and danced enhanced the movie or production by adding an emphasis on how the audience should feel. Adding music and dancing adds another spectrum for the viewers to relate to the play. I really enjoyed both the music and dancing because it helped me articulate feelings and more meaning to the play. In regards to the stage this production was done on, it was done on a proscenium stage. The reason I state this was done on a proscenium stage is because the audience views the performance from one side. I believe that the pros to putting this on another stage for instance, putting the production on a thrust stage could give an easier way to view all the different angles and different cities. I noticed that in the movie, they would have to take the camera at a different angle in order to change the set but it was all done right next to each other. I also think that another pro would be that many actors could have the actor- audience relationship better. I regards to the cons, I believe that it could be a little confusing for the audience to see the dancing because it would be at a very weird angles for those sitting on the sides. I believe that the scenery of this movie was perfect for the production. The reason I think that is because the scenery really depicted what I thought brooklyn and all the other cities would look like. They especially did a really good job implementing the costumes to fit the scenery of the old days. I believe that the scenery conveyed the mood of the production perfectly. In the sadder moments you would see the scenery turn a darker blue but in the happier moments you would see the scenery change into a more pessimistic color, like yellow or bright white. Like I mentioned earlier, the actors and the costumes were extremely practical for the scenery. Both the actors and the scenery went hand in hand in making the play feel extremely understood and meaning for the audience. I could tell the difference between the indoor sets and outdoor sets very easily. I could tell it was outdoor because they would change the scenery into almost like you are outside in the old days and see newspaper stands and also having a lot of buildings with the metal ladders and canopies. If it was indoor, you could tell by the furniture or even the way the mood was presented differently from outdoor in color. I believe that all of the sets were symmetrical because if you split the set in half, both sides would be equal. For instance, the buildings and being outdoor was symmetrical on stage. If you split the outdoor scenes, they would be symmetrical with all of building details. I believe that the research of the newspaper industry in the old days would be what went into the play. We can also think that they researched how the actors would have to dress during that time period and how the economy and industry would treat newspaper people. I think that the hardest part of the scenic design would have to be definitely making sure that the actors played and dressed the role of what people in that era sounded and looked like. Also another hard part would have to be setting up the scenery to make that old era feeling, with colors and dramatic details. Overall, I really enjoyed this movie, probably the best movie I have seen in any class. ...
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‘The Newsies' is a movie that entices me for many reasons, although the main reason is
that the play was within a movie. As a matter of fact, this movie caught my aggression since it
appeared to be some kind of a thriller considering the fact that it was a play within a movie; the
filming activities of a play were displayed in the movie. Normally, we come across independent
movies and/ or plays which was not the case here. Further, I was thrilled by the storyline which
expressed comprehendible meaning and the characters especially Jack who was an incredible
On the other hand, the audience's concern about the Newsies was to understand how the
victims of the mistreatments felt regarding the fact that even the drop in prices did not calm the
situation (Weir & Robert, 539...

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