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Please develop the requested presentation slide deck for the criminal justice course. Review the attached details to ensure that the content within the assignment covers all bases in order to complete this.


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Law Enforcement and Legislative Powers Presentation

Tanesha A. Lockett

CRJ488-C714-FALL18-Criminal Procedure

Professor, Robert Roth

October 21, 2018

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Law Enforcement and Legislative Powers Presentation Create a 9-slide minimum Microsoft PowerPoint presentation in which you list the federal and state (state of your residence) law enforcement agencies, and describe the functions of each. Include a comparison of the legislature powers of Congress and the legislative powers of your state. Include a reference slide at the end of the presentation. Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.
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Tanesha A. Lockett
Professor, Robert Roth
CRJ488-C714-FALL18-Criminal Procedure
October 21, 2018

Laws in the United States of America can be
enacted by state legislatures, local governing bodies,
and even the Congress.
The laws are regulated by the Bill of Rights and the
Constitution which were written when the country
gained its independence from the English crown and
ceased to suffer from the tyranny of a monarchy.
Powers of the government are divided into the
executive, legislature and the judiciary.
This study highlights the federal and state court

The constitution vests express powers on the federal
Some of these agencies include:

Federal Bureau of Investigation.
United States Marshal Service.
Office o...

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